Light diet for weight loss. Light diet for gastritis

Every woman is at heart wants to be beautiful and slender, but often this prevents misuse and abundant food. To eliminate many extra kilos torment themselves radical diets unintentionally harming your body. It is important to understand that to get rid of excess weight in a few days is not as if the person your diet or limit. The best option for adults and children is a light diet, which also helps with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The benefits of sparing the

The main advantage of such a diet is balanced. The diet should include only those products that are essential for normal functioning of the body. Light diet not only helps to eliminate excess weight, but also improve the metabolism. Sticking to such a diet can be as much as your heart desires.

Light diet for weight loss. Light diet for gastritis

Lose weight fast does not succeed by this method, but the person is able to sit on a balanced menu of up to one year, while the excess kilos will quietly evaporate. Plus the fact that force yourself to starve already useless. Light diet for weight loss involves the use of almost all the products that were previously in use.

Balanced nutrition technique allows the body to get much-needed minerals and vitamins complete list, so the decline of the forces can not worry. This person will be able to safely maintain his usual way of life and even play sports.

Indications for sparing diet

Before you restrict your diet, it is recommended to visit the doctor. There is a possibility of full contraindications to any diet, but it happens very rarely.

Light diet for weight loss. Light diet for gastritis

The majority of methods for weight loss requires a limited menu, which can negatively impact on the kidneys, and stomach, and liver. In contrast, light diet often prescribed by doctors to patients for the prophylaxis and treatment of various diseases. This technique has fewer contraindications than everyone else, so it is so popular among the people.

The rules of a balanced diet

The most important thing - to give up fried foods. Light diet for weight loss involves braising, baking and cooking. The menu is limited to excluding roasted. In addition, it is important to eat often, but portions should be significantly smaller than in the usual diet. This is the guarantee of the success of the diet. Proved that the frying - the most harmful for the body's way of cooking. About it should be forgotten, at least temporarily prevention.

The optimal method of weight loss for people who love to eat and at the same time adhere to a sparing diet is split meals when you can eat from 5 to 8 times per day in small portions.

Light diet for weight loss. Light diet for gastritis

Refuse salt and various spices is better in the initial stage, as after a few days you may receive a strong appetite. If there is an urgent need for refueling of dishes, you can use lemon juice or herbs. Good help drop those extra kilos parsley.

When sparing diet is important that the food was well cooked and the liquid, so it will be better absorbed in the stomach.

The technique of fractional power

The essence of this diet is that food should be taken as often as possible, but in small portions. With this method of weight loss food will have to wait a long time, but at the end of the course the result is very convincing. In the preparation for the fractional diet menu is not necessary, since it has long been known and is painted, so only strictly adhere to it. Total technique is designed for ten days, but the full course lasts up to six months. The fact is that between the periods of diet should be a slight pause: 10 days of fractional power, then 5 days break, and again return to a balanced menu. This course may be repeated 8-10 times.

Light diet for weight loss. Light diet for gastritis

a light diet based on a diet of crushing provides the following menu:

  1. At 8.00 o'clock in the morning should drink green tea. Sugar and sweets excluded. Two hours later, you can eat a light carrot salad without dressing.
  2. On the first dinner only allowed one small piece of fruit, such as peach.
  3. After two hours, you are ready for the second dinner, for which the best low-calorie slice of bread and boiled fish (150 grams).
  4. Later in the afternoon allowed 100 grams of fat-free yogurt. For dinner suit beet salad.
  5. Before going to bed, you can eat up to 80 grams of dried apricots and drink a glass of 1 percent of yogurt.

The saturation of this menu will be felt in full, as it should be only two hours between meals.

Protein-vitamin diet

This technique is an ideal way to lose weight, what have already seen a lot of women. In addition, it is suitable even for children. Light diet for a child to be not only useful but also delicious.

The advantages of this diet:

  • guaranteed weight reduction of up to 5 kg per week;
  • does not require much effort to comply with, as the menu is extremely diverse;
  • Health brings only benefits.
Light diet for weight loss. Light diet for gastritis

Throughout the course, you must eat only those foods that contain protein and vitamins. It is important to eliminate from the diet all kinds of fats as well as carbohydrates. Many hazardous substances found in ketchup, spices and even sour cream. Permission is granted once a day eating a moderate amount of salt. In addition, it is recommended to separate vitamin and protein components at various times meal. This will help to quickly get close to a slim figure.

During the diet you can drink only warm water or mineral, and herbal teas and infusions, but without sugar. Other drinks technique prohibits, especially alcohol. As for the food, then it should be taken strictly every two and a half hours. The daily diet consists of a diet: two boiled eggs, grapefruit, 200 grams of boiled meat and fish, a couple of apples and oranges. Breakfast is best to start early in the morning.

Fruit diet

This technique is often used for preventing gastrointestinal diseases. Its meaning is to strengthen the immune system with natural vitamin complex. Light diet for the stomach is also good for weight loss. It is recommended to start a course in the summer, when in the market a lot of different fruits at a low price.

The diet involves eating large quantities of juice (2 liters daily). If they are heavily concentrated, you can dilute them with boiled water. It is also permitted to add citrus diet, but one unit per day. All other products are prohibited.

Duration of the course - 10 days.

Diet for gastritis

At the acute stage of the disease when a person suffers from nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, it is especially important to choose the right diet that is extremely difficult to do. Light diet for gastritis excludes from the permanent menu and food products such as fresh bread, fatty meats, marinades, soups, pickles, beans, soups and soup, garlic, spices, tomato, onions, chocolate, carbonated water. It is important that on the day of a person consumed about 3,000 calories.

Light diet for weight loss. Light diet for gastritis

In chronic gastritis diet is more loyal. It is limited only exception to the diet of coffee, carbonated drinks, fatty foods and egg yolk.

Diet for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

This technique has a wide range of products which are permitted for use. Light diet at diseases of the gastrointestinal tract into account the characteristics of each organism and is suitable for all, without exception. However, it is important to follow some tips:

  1. Fried dishes must be removed from the diet.
  2. The meat should be lean.
  3. Sausage has prohibited, even boiled.
  4. Do not often eat solid food.
  5. Drinks should not be too hot or cold.
  6. From spices are permitted only bay leaf and parsley.