Dietary menu for the week

To date, there are many methods and techniques as much as to reduce excess weight. The most popular of these are the diet. Adhering to them, you can lose weight really, but the results to save is not always possible. Diet menu for one week is found in different variations, we offer the most popular ones.

The basic rules of any diet

Dietary menu for the week

In order to weight loss process went smoothly and no harm to your body, you need to fulfill several conditions:

  1. Strictly follow diet menus for the week, which you have chosen.
  2. To use the fluid in large quantities.
  3. Forget about the salt, sugar and alcohol!
  4. To eat 5 hours before bedtime.
  5. In no event do not go hungry!
  6. Meals should be frequent but small doses.
  7. Do a gradual exit from the diet and neat.
  8. To accompany the process of weight loss exercise.

If you give yourself breaks and change the proposed diet diet, the difference in a week will not be too noticeable. Also, after a sharp getting rid of extra kilograms can not immediately return to the familiar to you diet. For longer store the result will learn to eat properly and lead an active lifestyle!

The protein or carbohydrate-free diet

One of the most popular weight loss methods today. It works on the principle of exclusion from the diet of foods high in carbohydrates and saturated body's proteins. Thus, subcutaneous fat is burned quickly and muscle mass increases.

Protein diet menu allows you to eat fish, poultry, meat, low-fat varieties, all vegetables (except potatoes), fruit (better fat burning, such as grapefruit, pineapple and so on. N.). Permitted milk products, cheese and eggs.

Dietary menu for the week

meal of the day should be at least 5, but in small doses. Because liquid can be consumed green tea, coffee and pure water. You need to cook steamed, boiled or baked. Do not eat greasy and fried. After 7 days of restriction to enter carbohydrate foods should be gradually adding them slowly to a well-established diet.

"-5 kg ​​per week"

This menu dietary 5 kg for 7 days to reset. It involves the use of buckwheat for the specified period. And no need to cook grits and zaparivat boiling water and give it brew. It is desirable to eat vegetables or low-fat fermented milk products.

Dietary menu for the week

diet menu on buckwheat may vary according to your preference. Let the will of fantasy. Buckwheat diet can achieve a good result (-5 kg) in the short term (7 days). As a result, you get a beautiful body without any harm to health.

"-7 kg for 7 days"

The people called "kefir diet." Throughout the week you need to consume a variety of foods. Each day corresponds to your diet and always used yogurt. Remember the benefits of boiled and baked food. So:

  1. On the first day we eat only chicken.
  2. On the second day eat vegetables, baked potato is allowed.
  3. Fruit Day. Everything is possible, except grapes and bananas.
  4. Vegetables.
  5. Fruits.
  6. The whole day drinking the liquid, except yogurt.
  7. Fruits.
Dietary menu for the week

Kefir for this diet is better to choose a small percentage of fat. Drink it is possible in unlimited quantities, but without the addition of sugar, honey, jam, and so on. N., Not forget water. Kefir diet promises weight loss of up to 7 kg per week, that is. E. Kg -1 daily. Mindful of the careful return to the usual way of eating.

"-10 kg for 7 days"

This extreme diet, which is known as "Favorite". It is better to use in extreme cases, because a significant weight loss (-10 kg) requires not only your endurance and willpower, but also good health. Dietary menu is aimed at cleaning the body. To respect the need to diet with high precision. Each point corresponds to the day of the diet, let's start:

  1. Throughout the day, we eat only liquid, the emphasis is on the water. As an added bonus and a pleasant additions are allowed to drink broths, juices, yogurt and so on.
  2. In this day only vegetables! All sorts of salads - with greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc. are encouraged cabbage is an excellent fat burner...
  3. Drinking day.
  4. Fruit Day. Particularly well eat more grapefruit and pineapple.
  5. Protein day. Can meat, poultry, fish, eggs, yogurt, and so on. P.
  6. Again, drink all day.
  7. Prepare the body to a normal diet. We leave from the diet. Breakfast boiled eggs and tea without sugar, a snack in mid-morning snack of fruit. On "zhidenkoe" lunch (soup or broth), vegetable salad dinner, you can with a small piece of meat.
Dietary menu for the week

In addition to water, for any day diet menu a "favorite" does not exclude the use of green tea. Restrictions, of course, hard, but also a great result. Ideally, a "favorite" you can lose up to 10 kg of excess weight.


Its meaning lies in the repetition of the diet products every 3 days, and one day the final. Use a dietary menu can be both the main power supply. Absolutely safe and very "tasty" way to lose weight. The first and fourth days

  • Breakfast - tea with steamed milk or rice cereal.
  • Lunch - rice with corn and tomatoes. Several pieces of black bread.
  • Dinner - seafood and yogurt.

The second and fifth days

Meals are adjustable independently, choosing the allowed foods on this day. These include fish, vegetables, chicken breast, brown rice, corn, herbs and fruits. Drink herbal tea or juice. Combinations and combinations of products - at your discretion.

The third and sixth days

  • Breakfast - scrambled eggs with vegetables and a slice of black bread, a cup of tea, you can add cookies.
  • Lunch - boiled meat with mushrooms and greens.
  • We have supper yogurt.

Seventh Day - the final

  • We eat muesli with nuts for breakfast, lunch - soup or ear. Dinner fruit.

The rules are not too strict, and the choice of varieties of products. In addition, you can independently develop day diet menu. Recipes can also be different: boiled, baked, steamed, grilled, all but frying is permitted.

Separate food as a diet version of

To get rid of excess weight, it is not necessary to torture your body diets. You can try to learn how to use match products. It is called a separate power supply.

Dietary menu for the week

It's simple: meat or fish need to eat separately from other products permitted combination of vegetables. The same applies to milk. The golden rule of a separate food - at a time you must use homogeneous products. To try to follow the scheme: + fat carbohydrates, proteins, fats +. Do not mix protein with carbohydrate foods. Such food is different from the traditional, familiar to us from childhood. First, the combination of flavors may even seem a little strange, but at the end of 2, maximum of 3 weeks you get used. Separate meals - this is not the only benefit for your body, but also a good way to get rid of excess weight.

The goal set!

Gathered in spirit, and selecting a suitable diet, start building your healthy and ideal body. It's not hard. Of course, the first time, especially a few days, you will have to overcome the feeling of hunger and desire to quit. But do not rush! After all, healthy food and really helpful, and very tasty, it remains only to retrain your body.

Dietary menu for the week, the recipes for which are very diverse, you will help bring your body into shape quickly and permanently. And additional physical education classes will help you cheer up and will teach you to live "full"! Next to the beauty!