Tattoo "Lotus": implications for girls

Bright and attractive character, bestowed upon the world of Buddhist culture, is a lotus. The subconscious mind of man and always stirred up and the flower itself, and its symbolic image. The tattoo culture is one of the most popular and versatile designs. Many fans are interested in the value of a lotus tattoo for girls. The image of this flower has gained a lot of popularity among the youth. We suggest you follow the secret of such an incredible interest in sophisticated plant.


Features an image of gentle water flower on the body

To learn more about the value of a lotus flower tattoo, you need to imagine it. The plant makes its way through yl swamps and dirt, becoming anxious and gentle creature with refined and clearest petals. After pictures of flowers fit gentle ladies. They do not just decorate the body and give it a sexuality and seductiveness.

If a girl knocks on the wrist pink lotus bud, it is not just for beauty or aesthetic image. This pattern she tries to open his soul. The young lady then tries all their actions directed on track to be worthy of such symbols.

Often choose a tattoo water flower people associating themselves with him. This bright, sunny, creative personalities inherent self-knowledge and self-improvement. Blossoming flower on the body indicates the unity of the cosmos, a strong will and ability to overcome difficulties on the way.

Girls - gentle creatures. They often opt for drawings on the body clean and soft image, pointing the way of life. Many are interested in the value of a lotus tattoo on her arm, where most of it is made. Transcripts of these pictures very much. Basic values ​​are associated with fragility, tenderness, firmness of spirit and strong energy.


Honoring flower different people

Many peoples with respect for the lotus, use it in their religious teachings and cultural traditions. Regal nature of the flower is used in Buddhism in India. There, he symbolizes the universe that resembles a lotus floating in the ocean. Hindu mythology is a paradise, filled with delicate pink buds of this plant. Hindus believe that the water flower returns to its former beauty and youth.

In China, the lotus is associated with spiritual change and help the three stages of human development: ignorance, to overcome misconceptions and understanding of life. Associated with buds past flowering - the real, the seeds - the future. Not only Chinese, but also Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Mongolians, Nepalese, Sri Lankans, Thailand lotus tie with the great Buddha. It is thought that he has appeared in the guise of a fiery flower of this plant. Monks, do yoga, using compulsory posture (asana) lotus.

The image of this flower adorned the throne of the Egyptian goddess Isis. It was believed that during the Pharaonic lotus appeared their marine waters and presented the world in their golden petals baby.

Through deserts, seas and oceans water flower has penetrated into Europe. Lotus symbol commonly found in Greek and Roman culture. The shape of this flower used Hercules to build his canoe. Plant admired Aphrodite and Hera. Often, people held his buds to the statue of the goddess. The Greeks regarded him as the prototype of the sun, can work wonders.

Flower nobility was seen in Russia. Here revere the beauty and nobility of the gentle creatures of nature. Here it is also called water lily.


Value and feminine purity

Many are in the form of a lotus bowl of beautiful petals. This makes it very feminine and sensual. Sometimes girls can not admit the guy in love, so the use of a flower pattern. Men often react to this sensual hint. After all, in the eastern myths using lotus attracted the attention of the opposite sex, if they wanted to please. Surprisingly gentle form of lotus buds looks very harmonious. Some religions symbolize it with purity. After evening flower hiding under the muddy water of lakes and rivers, and at dawn smells divine freshness. lily is often portrayed as a symbol of purity in the church altar.



symbol of wisdom and spiritual awakening

Man know wisdom can be called happy. This is the opinion of a young scholar and sage Galileo Galilei. The "Little Prince" Exupery showed a constant search for the meaning of life people. Not everyone succeeds. Anyone who sees and think about how water from the depths appears a lotus can understand the truth.

The basic element of human evolution is considered spirituality. Energy lotus is able to touch up each to fight for the immortality of the soul. Greek philosophers believed that people understand and have attained immortality, have a divine origin, like a water flower. It should list the basic values ​​with lotus tattoos:

  • feminine and seductive nature;
  • harmonious and pure soul;
  • the beginning of spiritual awakening and immortality;
  • the search for truth and wisdom creation;
  • the origin of life and love.

Value lotus tattoo on his back for girls

The most luxurious and expressive lily looks at the back. That's where you can clearly draw the petals, stamens and pistil. On a flat surface back tattoo is not distorted, it does not change for a long time. If you do not want to show his sign, it can be easily concealed under clothing. Here are the values ​​has the tattoo:

  1. Amorous feelings. This is especially expressed pink or red lotus. This refers to love in all its forms: charity, compassion, caring, understanding, passion, forgiveness, self-sacrifice and suffering.
  2. The manifestation of wisdom. Most often displays a blue water lily. This is a victory of the spiritual over the corporal, the mind over the emotions, mental elevated position above the mundane needs.
  3. God's character. It helps to approach the owner of the divine beginning to grasp the essence of being.
  4. The sign of perfection. Most often symbolized by the white lotus. His chosen people with great fortitude in order to permanent protection.

Tattoo various sizes and their location on the body of

The hostess tattoos lilies should think in advance the location of the flower and its dimensions. Many opt for large drawings, and others like miniature. This tattoo can be arranged on the chest, shoulder blade, the forearm, the outer side of the thigh, abdomen, neck. Some girls make themselves small tattoos on his finger.

Particularly worthy looks delicate flower on the forearm or neck. He describes the romantic and uninhibited lady. Neck - a place associated with communication, harmony, creative beginning. Also looks great flower pattern on the back.

To express the commitment, hard attitudes make a tattoo on the hand, wrist, ankle. In this case, the acquired beauty can be admired all around. Subtle, elegant wrist can also decorate the original lily. Since the hands are always in motion, and a flower on them looks alive. Most often, the value of a lotus tattoo on her arm - a gentle nature.


The classic image of a lotus and the mandala tattoo

Lotus portrayed in a variety of styles. The most commonly used black and white tattoos, but the color is very popular. Of the classic images of water lilies are the following:

  1. Ethnic motives of different countries. Used labels, characters.
  2. The realistic image. It emphasizes the natural beauty of the flower.
  3. Figure with imitation Polynesian tribes ( "tribal").
  4. pattern in the style of "Oriental". They are characterized by their complexity.

Lotus prick is often in the form of a mandala. It's not just a picture, but a complex image with a deep sacral meaning. The value of the mandala, lotus tattoo - to protect man and his soul in any reality.


with a modern Lotus

Every year there are new styles and methods of applying tattoos. Popular today considered lilies tattoo graphics with shading. This pattern looks bold and original. Many revered style drawing of a flower dotvork. This figure stuffed plurality of small dots.

The most striking image is considered a color tattoo watercolor style. To create a master petals use the smallest transitions bud colors. Sometimes the method is similar to the random splashes of paint.