Tattoo design - ancient style tattoos

Ornaments have become known to people since ancient times. Therefore tattoo ornament is one of the first areas and styles of tattoos. After all, such an image in the hands of an experienced master carries a secret value that is only clear favorites. It is believed that the style of tattoo ornament combines areas such as Linework and Dotwork, which create such a fascinating and sometimes fantastic, image, directly depend on the professionalism and talent of the master.

Types tattoo ornament

Many people compare the style of tattoo ornament with carving on wood. During its operation, the master of tattoo in the form of drawing depicts real objects, adding to its clever design, twisted curves and patterns. Most often tattoo image is different symmetry, but if sometimes observed asymmetry, it does not spoil the overall impression of the ornament.

Modern tattoo styles do not have this semantic meaning, as in ancient times, so the image carriers themselves determine the meaning applied to the skin of the ornament. Also today there is no difference between male and female tattoo ornaments.

The most common types of patterns:

  1. Slavic - this is one of the most popular types of tattoos, which is based on the runes, interconnected complex patterns.
  2. Celtic - it is based on a spiral, loop, runes nodes. Male pattern applied to the chest, shoulders and back, and female - on the hand, lower leg, forearm.
  3. The Scandinavian - this style is very reminiscent of Celtic ornament, but in addition to the patterns in the pattern can be seen images of animals, Viking battle boat. The main difference is that instead of runes image bBogov used here.

There is also a type of tattoo patterns are other styles, each of which is distinguished by its uniqueness, they are used in different styles of tattoos.

Celtic ornament - who should choose his

As mentioned above, one of the most popular styles is the Celtic tattoo pattern, but it is often applied carelessly. So before you apply it, it is necessary to find out who suited Celtic tattoos.

Tattoo design - ancient style tattoos

The Celts - is very strong, brave and mysterious people, which is still remembered. And all the images that are used in Celtic tattoos have special meaning.

Basically Celtic ornament suitable strong, brave and independent men who are confident and always have an opinion. Female representatives who choose Celtic tattoo pattern, also has a strong personality.

How to choose the pattern and place for its application to

Before applying the tattoo, you need to think about what meaning has the selected image. Also, be sure to consult with an experienced Master, because of poor quality caused by a Celtic pattern has a homely feel.

If the tattoo is large, it is best to place it on the back or shoulder, while the small size of the image would look good on a calf, wrist or forearm.

Tattoo design - ancient style tattoos

All Celtic images printed on the body, characterized by a deep sense in which the following main points are:

  • unity of body and soul of man;
  • difficult way of life, which are reflected in the maze, and the weave pattern;
  • the interconnectedness of all phenomena occurring in the Universe;
  • intersection of earthly life and existence in heaven.

Quite often Celtic tattoo patterns is not the beginning and the end, which represents the infinity of human existence, it is the continuation of his life after death.