What is man's tattoo on his shoulder?

Many men are hesitant to fill tattoo it on his shoulder. Some believe that this is the most appropriate part of the body for printing.

Male tattoo on his shoulder Man makes more brutal, especially if he has a relief muscles. Therefore, many of the stronger sex do a tattoo on this place.

Aesthetically there looks tattooed on the shoulder of the stars and other people?

What is man's tattoo on his shoulder?

Tattoo on the shoulder has a certain charm. Perhaps that is why many top people with good figure drawing impaled on it. David Beckham, Eminem, Timati - all these stars made themselves like a tattoo.

Sketches shoulder: male version of drawings for the application

Many representatives of the stronger sex prefer predatory beasts: lions, bears, dogs, wolves and tigers. Some men stop choice for strange animals, for example, dragons.

Due to the fact that the representatives of the stronger sex shoulder large and muscular, you can put on it a complete picture. In this area of ​​the body figure looks volume.

What is man's tattoo on his shoulder?

The three-dimensional abstraction also look very nice. Sometimes men do tattoos with symbols that represent the culture of distant countries, for example, Polynesia, as well as a variety of curls and Indian feathers.

Pros tattoos on his shoulder: what are they?

Now we list the advantages of this decoration:

  • While under clothing, tattoo on the man's shoulder is protected from direct sunlight. After all, as you know, the sun is not particularly beneficial for tattoos. Due to its exposure pattern may fade color painting will not be as bright. Hiding the tattoo you for a longer period will save its original appearance.
  • There are situations when you need to hide the tattoo. Male tattoo on the shoulder can easily hide a T-shirt or jacket. Due to this it is possible to get a job where there is a dress code and face control.
  • Due to the fact that the shoulder has a rounded shape, the image it turns convex and more realistic.

It hurts whether to fill a tattoo?

What is man's tattoo on his shoulder?

The skin on the forearm coarser than, for example, in the stomach, so the procedure of applying tattoos on this area of ​​the body is almost painless. The only thing that you can feel - a slight tingling sensation.

A small conclusion,

Now you know what a man's tattoo on his shoulder. We have considered the pros of such drawings, sample images for the application. Also found out how painful stuff picture in this area of ​​the body. We hope that our recommendations will help you in choosing the design.