Making the perfect wedding nails design

Is there a more important day in the life of a girl than her wedding? Girls are preparing for this day since childhood fantasies about the dress, wedding cake, decorated the hall, making long lists of invited guests ... Groom? Well, that's not the point! But everything else should be at a height ranging from hairstyles and ending with such an important attribute as a wedding nail design. It is about the right manicure and we'll talk in this article.

Making the perfect wedding nails design

The "right" manicure

What is it, right manicure for a wedding ceremony?

It is clear that no-one advice about what kind of wedding nail design is better to choose, and can not be. It all depends on your style of furniture and decoration, as well as the condition of your nails and hands. But there are some general guidelines that, when complying with them will not allow you to regret during the celebration of such a failed element of the image, as a wedding design nails. In the end, it is women who are thinking about all the little things, and that is why always look stunning. Well, do it!

Tip One: do not know how - do not touch!

Any girl can and hair myself to do, and make-up and manicure, and take in a dress or even sew. We use their superpowers in real life, but you must admit that the wedding - is another matter. On this day, and the week before that you'll think of a thousand things at once.

Making the perfect wedding nails design

Do not create yourself unnecessary problems in the form of choice and independent creation of decent manicure. When you do something in a hurry, this is something that can not succeed, and why do we need extra experience and nerves? In the end, it is your hands with a beautiful ringlet zasnimet close-up of a professional photographer, and that you will have decades later explained to the children about who exactly you nakrasili uneven nails. Even if you ace in the creation of a thin and delicate things like nail design, wedding jacket, or barely noticeable manicure nude-charge master. Make an appointment for a day or two before the event. During this time you will not have time to spoil the beauty. However, if you want to marigolds adorned placer strazikov, then it is better to bring your visit to the date of the wedding master. In addition, consider the "fallback" if your master will not be able to do its job (sick, cork - can not come, etc...).

Tip Two: to pay tribute to the tradition, if you want to

In the yard in 21-th century, but the wedding - it's a kind of a tradition. It is for this reason that the bride still choose long curvy dresses to the floor, a thin veil, white tights. If you want to get married in that style, even a manicure must be appropriate. Discard the modern fashion and choose a classic motifs. French - the most popular wedding nail design. You can decorate your nails with crystals or light pattern, but do not flirt. Let it be abstract pattern on the ring finger or the same color. Modern acid colors and bright patterns will spoil your innocent and airy look.

Tip Three: and if the wedding modern

Making the perfect wedding nails design

If you have chosen for your wedding an unusual scenario, the unusual bright dress, and your manicure may be far from a classic. Remember the British noticed that a bride should have something blue? Let it be your marigolds. Not necessarily be bright manicure, if your dress is striking, on the contrary, do it in a tone along or accessories. Also a good idea is the French manicure, but not normal, and the so-called fan-jacket. This means that normally white "French" rim of the nail can be bright colors, not the usual white. Another interesting option to consider - moon manicure. It can be used even on short nails and perform in any color as pastel and bright.

Making the perfect wedding nails design

Tip Four: to increase the nails or not?

Even if you're not a fan of all unnatural, evaluate realistically your nails before the wedding. Can I leave it in its natural form or it is better to build up?

After all, the bride's hands are exposed to the wedding day special attention, and therefore should be just perfect. If your nails are not those, then the best way out would be a visit to the master and nail. Wedding design can be anything up to you, because the easiest way of extension nails to create a three-dimensional picture as a beautiful and traditional French manicure in marble and beige.

Tip Five: the use of volumetric design of nails

By and large, it does not matter, you have your nails or Naroscheny, if you want to use this "glamorous" thing in manicure, as the volume design. How does it look? Master molds manually ornate flowers or ornaments, which then attaches to the nail plate. This wedding design of extension nails or its looks very luxurious, but that's kept very short time, no more than three or four days. If you decide to use three-dimensional design, it is better to be engaged in its creation just before the day of the celebration.

Making the perfect wedding nails design

Tip Six: Wedding nail design gel

Nails design gel varnish - is another fairly widespread and fashionable trend for today. What it represents? On naroshchennyh nail by gel lacquer is a drawing that after drying under UV lamp and thus securely fixed. Meanwhile, remember that the most beautiful ornament of your hands will be a ring, and not brightly colored nails, so do not "overdo it" with the vividness of colors. Ask the master to choose light and pastel colors for drawing and shading.