Liquid gems on your nails. unique manicure

The beauty of the hands can not be overemphasized. Every woman watches a condition of their nails and makes the manicure. This is in addition to the overall image. In this article we will focus on engineering design called Liquid gems on your nails. You find out what it is and whether it is possible to make such a manicure at home.

Liquid gems on your nails. unique manicure

The unique manicure

What can be called a unique nail design? One that no one has any other woman. If you want to get just such a coating, the liquid stones (nail design) will be the best option.

Such a unique manicure can be done in the salon, but this procedure is quite costly. You can also buy all the necessary tools and to create beauty in the home. Manicure "liquid stone on the nails" (technology) was invented in 2013. The author was Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. Currently around the world masters use this technique marigold decoration.

Liquid gems on your nails look very nice and impressive. They are reminiscent of precious materials, which are fixed in gold, silver or any other frame. Draw a work of art is quite simple. Consider the steps how to create drawings on the nails "liquid stone".

Liquid gems on your nails. unique manicure

First step: preparation of the nail plate

If you decide to do the design "liquid stone", nails need to hold necessarily. Manicure will hold well only on the gel coat. From marigold natural stones will disappear very quickly. If you do not want to do the extension, you can simply cover the plate with a thin layer of gel. However, sawdust is pre native topsheet claw. When everything is ready, and you apply a finishing (final) layer of gel, you can begin to design. To do this you will need the following tools: a foil nail gel sculpture, paint of different colors, brushes, and an ultraviolet lamp.

The second step: drawing lines and creating boundaries

Liquid gems on your nails should be cut. To create it, you will need a thin brush and any kind of sculptural gel. Also you can use paint or colored materials. However, remember that the cut line should be quite convex. Otherwise, just do not foil imprint on it.

Draw a stone border. It can be round, square, or any other. It all depends on your imagination. Also from the cut can go curlicues of various kinds. All this must be drawn quickly and accurately.

Next you will need a piece of foil manicure. Attach it to a glossy layer of the nail, and press firmly. After this sharp movement of the hand tear element. You have to stay the colored drawing. They can be black, white, gold, silver or any other.

Liquid gems on your nails. unique manicure

The third step: Fill Color

You've probably already figured out what shade will be liquid gems on your nails. It is better if you make a few flowers. For example, silver is in harmony with the red, green, black and other shades.

Put a couple of drops of colored paint in the place where will be your rock. With the help of DOTS or fine brush, combine range, but do not need to bring to a complete dissolution of the colors into each other. Leave the effect of abstraction.

The fourth stage: the formation of stones

After the fill color you need stained glass gel. Apply a thin layer of material on a region of the future stone and put his hand into the lamp. Treating nails need for three minutes. After that, remove the fingers and continue.

It was the turn of the sculptural gel. Remember that this material is quite dense and thick. That is why it needs to be applied not to smear the movements, and one drop. Dial a little structure on the brush or DOTS, and place in a facet for future jewelry. Next, you need to put a hand into the lamp immediately. Keep nails in the machine is from three to seven minutes. It all depends on the power of your device. If you are not sure that the material is dried out completely, it is best to play it safe and overexposing the gel under the lamp. The worst of it will not, but the result will not disappoint you.

Liquid gems on your nails. unique manicure

The fifth stage: finishing touches

When you dry stone created, you must do the finishing steps. Look at your design carefully. Perhaps it something is missing?

If desired, you can add glitter, tiny rhinestones, to finish curls and give additional color manicure. You can lay the stone faceting any decorative elements to your liking. Also some craftsmen created cover stone topcoat. To do this, you can use an ordinary final gel or transparent varnish.

How do I remove the nail design?

When you get bored of such a coating or correction time will need to be removed carefully crafted masterpiece. This can be done using a conventional machine for manicure. Pick a suitable attachment and just a pebble Spila. If you do not have the necessary equipment, it can take just a tough sawing of extension for nails. Make a saw cut stone, and then change the tool on softer and continue.

Some sources say that the liquid to remove the stones from the nails can be by conventional liquid lacquer with foil. They recommend to moisten a cotton swab in acetone and attach it to the claw. Then you have to wrap the finger foil wrap and leave for 10 minutes. It is worth noting that not every gel succumb to such exposure. In most cases, this manipulation would be useless, and you still have to file down design.

Liquid gems on your nails are kept for a long time: an average of one to two months. When this does not spoil the manicure different homework.

Liquid gems on your nails. unique manicure

Summary of

So, you now know how to create a unique manicure with elements of liquid rock. Salon work will cost you between $ 800 to 2000 rubles. It all depends on the skill of the master and material prices. That is why many of the fairer sex prefer to independently create such a manicure. I wish you success in your endeavors!