Nail Design "Space": manicure at home

Routine bothers many. This applies to clothes, hair, nails and much more. Change your image, you can use the original manicure. Suppose space nail design can be accentuated by the original style of its owner, just need to figure out how to make it at home.

Nail Design

Space manicure Features

This type of nail design is a fairly popular among older women and young people. This is not surprising, since it will suit any style of clothing, and it is relevant in everyday life and on special occasions. The clothes this design is best combined with all shades of blue, purple and black.

.. "Space" - manicure, involving applying ground dark color, which are drawn various space elements: Milky Way, stars, planets, comets, star dust, etc. To create such patterns using gel ink, glitter, fine brush, toothpick and much more.

Nail Design

Materials and tools

Many people think nothing that is quite difficult to draw space, a manicure can be performed at home, but you need to prepare some materials and tools. For the image of the galaxy will need:

  • Lucky or gel coatings of different colors. Most often, to perform space manicure used as the base black and dark shades of blue. In addition, the need varnish blue, purple, yellow and white colors.
  • "Space" - manicure, which can not be imagined without sparkles. They can be used to image stars or just to give extra shine.
  • As auxiliary tools need DOTS thin brush for drawing on your nails, orange sticks or toothpicks. Nail Design

The phased application of

Getting started, the first thing you need to prepare the nail plate, cuticle to process and apply the base. Next to follow the beautiful manicure "space" gel nail, apply varnish on the nails background. For this fit the black color, however, that the design did not look too gloomy, it is better to use a noble dark-blue hue.

To create the effect of space using the same technique as for the performance of the gradient. The use of sponges and a gradual application of different tones and provide a beautiful effect on the nails. In sponge deposited different hues: blue, purple, etc., and then gently blotted nail chaotic movements...

When the main work will be done, you need to add some details. To draw stars and mysterious reflections should use a white gel paint or varnish. In this case, if desired, you can use a toothpick or DOTS. With glitter on your nails need to represent additional highlights.

Nail Design

Helpful Hints

To manicure "space" gel-polish it looked nice and finished, experts recommend to adhere to certain rules:

  • to simulate galactic nebula more believable, it is best to use a kitchen sponge, rather than the usual sponge. And all because the sponge has a greater porosity, which ensures the implementation of a more accurate and uniform prints;
  • working with a sponge, it is best to make small spots, as a great spot can ruin a manicure, but the elements of a smaller size, you can always add a little more polish;
  • If a manicure done using conventional paints, then nail it is best to initially cover the base, which will provide a longer toe nail space;
  • to drawing on the nails kept as long as possible, at the end of the nail plate is recommended to cover a fixer. Moreover, a similar technique provides an additional gloss marigolds;
  • to draw small stars and distant planets best use of DOTS;
  • to make a bright milky way, you can use a transparent varnish with sparkles;
  • performing a "space" (manicure), it is best for each claw to make a separate figure, because the same design on each finger will not match the dynamics and randomness of the cosmos,
  • selecting appropriate colors to create a design, it is best to stay on the cooler shades. Nail Design

manicure Benefits

Even if you first perform a manicure "space" in the home, and it may seem that the result is not ideal, it does not matter, all the errors can be corrected. Especially, there is always the opportunity to say that it has been conceived. The combination of a wide variety of shades allows this stylish nail-art look harmonious with in any way. Galactic manicure looks great even in the office dress code.

Using popular today gel lacquer, with space manicure can take quite a long time. However, in this case it is better to train on conventional varnishes or to see a specialist, because correcting mistakes on gel coating materials is difficult.

This design is attractive due to:

  • variety of visual solutions;
  • each nail originality;
  • the beautiful view on short nails.

With full confidence we can say that the design of nails in outer style for many seasons remains popular. Specialists each time coming up with new techniques to perform such a manicure, surprising fashionistas with new pictures, which if desired can be performed at home.