Evening green dress on the floor

Any girl dreams of, that her wardrobe was bursting with an abundance of dresses of different styles and colors. Even more she wants to find a dress that will accentuate her figure and give the skin radiance. That such properties has miracle dress floor green.

Like it or not, but really a woman can feel like a lady only in long evening dress. Only this outfit is able to make it more straight posture, look seductive and elegant and feminine mannerisms.

Evening green dress on the floor

Unfortunately, in our time, we used to watch the girls who wear clothes for her boyfriend, while forgetting that a sign of femininity - dress.

Among them, of course, there are exceptions which still prefer to wear dresses, but their clothes are often packed with models of mini or cocktail style. In this article you will learn the benefits of a truly long dress.

Styles and models of

This color in many is associated with the warm spring breeze, fresh grass, which shines the morning dew. He is always relevant and never goes out of fashion. Perhaps the green dress on the floor is ideal to any girl, as his palette of colors varied. And if you choose the right style, which will emphasize the dignity of appearance only, then you will create a luxurious and rich, the ability for a long time remain in the memory of others.

Long green dress in a floor put not only on the evening of the event. For example, a dress, a large pattern and complexity; crosslinked chiffon or knitted fabric will be appropriate to return to the city in summer trip or during a visit to the beach. Change the image of the evening on a daily, you can even use the shoes. It's enough to replace the shuttles heels or sandals. But if you have to hike to the ceremonial event, you must wear a green dress on the floor, made of lace fabric, velvet, silk or satin. This luxurious and rich outfit ensures you admiring glances of representatives of both male and female.

Evening green dress on the floor

An incredibly sexy will look green evening dress to the floor without straps, or with an open back and long train give the image of glamor and elegance.

Due to the generosity of all its colors and shades of this outfit has no standards when choosing a style or cut. The key is that green dress to the floor must be skillfully emphasize all the advantages of a figure and hide the disadvantages (if any).

Pick up shoes

Question selection Shine arises in the mind of women after the acquisition of any outfit. Once filled up your wardrobe a green dress on the floor, it is necessary to do a choice of accessories. In fact, they are the logical conclusion of any image.

Let's start with the shoe. Shoes can either pick up the tone dress, either to find a shade that would be a good addition to this color. For example, gold will look good shoes thin hairpin. If the classic colors (black and white) are present in a dress, you can wear shoes the same colors.

Go to ornaments

Green Dress floor can beat any suspension, chain, necklace, bracelet or ring. But it all depends on where you plan to go.

Lace dress this dial tone can be decorated in the form of golden rings, bracelets and earrings. So that the image does not become heavy chosen jewelry should not be massive but gentle. In addition to gold, green dress on the floor can be supplemented and jewelry with an animal print (for example, the leopard).

How to choose the right

Here we must take into account the color of hair. As previously mentioned, green replete with a variety of shades. For example, one may be perfectly fine brunette, but would not be combined with hair color blonde. To avoid this, we listen to the opinions of make-up artists and stylists.

For redheads beauties recommended the purchase of this dress to the presence of red-brown shades. Also considered the option grass-green dress.

For the preferred cold blonde shades of green. Optionally, you can create a warmer tone image, diluting accessories pink. Mint, jade and aquamarine shade for blondes will be the most advantageous option.

Evening green dress on the floor

Emerald dress adorn brunettes and brown-haired women, but for a stunning effect to these girls have to first acquire a bronze tan.


The most common mistake when creating a make-up - is the use of green shades. Nothing terrible can not be. Since your eyes are fully merge with the dress, and in the event you become the living embodiment of the Christmas tree.

In the selection of shades need to build on those shades that will complement the dress, well, or, at least, will contrast with it.

The ideal would be 3 color shades: beige, brown and gold. To create an evening make-up, you can supplement them with plum and purple.

As for blush, there is a need to take into account skin tone. Dark-complexioned girls preferred to use shades of peach and svetlenkie better emphasize the cheekbones, pale red. Lipstick should be combined with all the makeup. Beauty with tanned skin can safely paint the lips red or plum, and holders porcelain skin should use only delicate shades. For example, pink or peach. And, you can use the normal luster.


As for nails, their decor depends not only on the hue dress, but also from his style. If you are a youth style, then go ahead and make manicure with green paint and decorate it with glitter.

Miss Originality can make up Ombre nails in style. In this case all the color should be shades of green, ranging from the pale and ending with the most intense.

If there is no varnish to match the dress on hand, you can turn to good old classic French manicure, which fits well in any way. Try to experiment with beige and pink colors, but forget about the decoration of the nail designs, stickers or glitter.

The stars are choosing

This dress Angelina Jolie wore to the ceremony Golden Globe Awards. Emerald dress to the floor with long sleeves and a small loop thin waist emphasized the actress and made her irresistible.

Evening green dress on the floor

looked great and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the lush dark green dress on the floor. Massive shuttlecocks successfully emphasized the chest and shoulders of the actress.

Evening green dress on the floor

What nature selected dark green in Gown floor

This color is often the choice of confident and self-sufficient women. He is the best shows around the harmony prevailing between the owner of the dress and around her world. The woman who wears this color, will never enter into a conflict situation, while remaining a bystander. Also from it should not expect ill-considered actions and decisions. For all it is open, calm and has a wonderful generosity. This woman is always sensible, and if it be asked, will assume the role of peacemaker. Finally, it is always striving to create around itself of luxury and wealth.

Evening green dress on the floor

We hope that after reading this article, some of the girls to add to their outfits, for example, everyday black-and-green dress in a floor or evening gown of emerald color. I agree that for women there is nothing more pleasant than the pleasure of admiring glances from the male. And believe me, this can create only dresses, but not any mini-skirts or jeans boyfriend.