Smart Casual style for women

Smart Casual for women - it's casual elegance, is designed primarily for business women. This style is good because it is perfect for the office, and for a business lunch, and for a walk with her friends, and in some cases to date. It combines the concepts seemingly incompatible: cold restraint business image, carefree ease and no incomparable comfort. The combination of these features allows you to more fully express their individuality, ignoring rules classical boring office dress code.

Style Concept

This fashion trend first appeared in Italy, and it is based on the dry business style, consisting of prim suits, tights, studs and a limited set of colors. The concept of "smart casual" almost imperceptible, not subject to a clearly defined and boundaries. It is important not strict canons of good taste and balance, moderation and tact. Smart Casual for women combines the best elements of business style, comfort and casual clothes for a feminine coquetry. This popular and continually developing direction certain principles can be distinguished, observing that can easily create harmonious composition.

silhouettes and materials

A significant part of the Smart Casual clothing for women made from nemnuschihsya fabrics, moderately soft and elastic. The texture of the materials should be resilient enough to keep the shape and curves of the body-fitting correctly: no tight, and repeat continuously. Often used silk matt, natural wool, cashmere soft, luxurious tweed, cotton, viscose, which are generally added to the synthetic fiber to impart the fabric strength. The most delightful images are created on the basis of high-quality textured jersey. "Smart casual" girls provides freedom of movement and elegant appearance. The cut is characterized semiadherent and adjoining silhouette sufficiently clear and neat. Things have to sit in the figure, rather than hang out casually, but allows you to freely make uninhibited movement. Such comfort combined with a perfectly stitched details and ironed pleats provides a lightweight, but at the same time, strict silhouette.

Smart Casual style for women

The colors and patterns

Business style has a very limited set of allowed colors: Only self-restraint and rigor neutral. Smart Casual for women is not far from the rule, but allows greater freedom: it is allowed to purple, emerald green, red, sunny yellow. The main thing that bright colors were used only as an accent, and the first violin will certainly have to play basic colors such as black, gray, beige, dark blue.

Play an important role patterns on clothing. Among the variety of prints especially popular strips and cells, geometric patterns, as well as flower and large eye-catching image. Image-based make-colored outfits and patterns only soften the austerity. It is not recommended to wear more than one item of clothing with a pattern.

shirts in the style of "smart casual"

It is a versatile and almost indispensable element of the wardrobe, successfully borrowed from classic men's business. But unlike her "smart casual" shirts are made not only of cotton and silk in neutral tones. Casual style is characterized by a large range of women's shirts: black and white, bright and expressive, plain, striped, with a floral pattern, or with a conventional collar stand. These garments fit perfectly in any situation in life and can be easily combined with other elements. In summer time encouraged tucking arms to elbow level.

Smart Casual style for women



Looking at photos of women in Smart Casual style, it is clear that the right pants should ideally be based on women's hips. Low waist in any case not permitted. The most suitable material - dense and nemnuschiysya. These decorative elements such as pockets, studs, embroidery, appliques, beads and sequins and sparkling rhinestones are completely eliminated. Unique decor, which fits into the "smart casual" - a small crease, lapels cuffs, neat tucks. Ideal - trousers straight cut with arrows, as well as the ever-fashionable pants cigarettes. Choose a clear concise silhouettes, tight, but not tight.

Smart Casual style for women

Along with trousers popular jeans. This element of the wardrobe should be selected strictly on the figure, the belt should be positioned at waist level or below 2-3 cm. Wide and flared model, as well as aged, with holes and fringe does not fit into the dress code is Smart Casual for women, so is strictly prohibited. You can wear skinny or other options narrowed. Choose only the classic colors: blue, black, gray, light blue or white.

Base wardrobe in "Smart" style

In addition to pants and shirts, to the basic wardrobe also includes:

  • semifitted jackets of costume fabric and denim;
  • pencil skirts knee-length, a few centimeters above or MIDI;
  • Dress concise slim silhouette similar length;
  • sweaters and svitshoty restrained shades moderately tight or loose;
  • solid-color T-shirts with long or short sleeves.

To Smart Casual attire for women does not look dull, to the basic wardrobe should add some colored shirts with a pattern, for example, a flower and a cage. Also relevant are T-shirts with large prints that are beautifully in tune with business suits and soften excessively strict way.

Smart Casual style for women


Shoes in the style of "Smart" remarkable diversity. The most suitable option - a classic pumps or similar model at a high steady heel. You can also complement the outfit and ballet flats in Lofer, look beautiful and stylish oxfords - shoes with lacing, borrowed from the male wardrobe. Neat and concise loafers without much decoration may also occur. There are no restrictions on the height of the heel, it may be high, medium or low. In summer you can wear open sandals, the rules on the closed toe and heel on the "Smart casual" does not apply.

Smart Casual style for women


Just look at the photos in Smart Casual style women to understand that welcome restrained, subtle, minimalist accessories. Bags can be both large and miniature, it all depends on the specific situation. However, the colors have to be muted and neutral: beige, red, black, dark blue and white. Fine jewelry as bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings complement the image and make it personal. A special place is occupied by sunglasses - this accessory is almost indispensable element of this style.

Smart Casual style for women

It is also possible to diversify a wardrobe using scarves and shawls. They are required to be restrained colors. Ideal brand model, which makes outfit visually more expensive and solid.

To properly implement the image in the style of "smart casual", it is necessary to pay attention not only to the clothes. The important role played by hairstyle if you wear short hair, hairstyle has to be perfect, and can be worn long or loose laid in different hairstyles. The main thing - to prevent the negligence or immaturity. Also, the appearance should be supplemented with a neat makeup and manicure reserved. Each of these components is a necessary component of the "smart casual" style.