Slipony black with white and black outsole: what to wear

Modern fashion you can wear clothes and shoes, you can look stylish, but it does not feel uncomfortable. For years, its popularity does not lose these shoes as slipony. Externally they are similar to moccasins, but they can be successfully combined with both pants and skirts and dresses. So, what is the combined black slipony and whether they are suitable for any outfit? Let's investigate.


Slipony when compared with other variants of classical shoes, then their main advantage is convenience. The lack of laces - another plus of this model. They do not squeeze the foot, well lets air and allow the skin to breathe.

Slipony black with white and black outsole: what to wear

For those who prefer a stylish shoes, slipony can be a real boon because they can be combined with any clothes and always look fashionable.

Nepokorimy hit of the season

Black slipony - classic footwear that can be made of thick Cotton, denim, leather or imitation leather. Some models can be decorated with stones, lace, fur pompoms. Due to the rubber soles of shoes of such a plan has good stability, and side panels at the sides allow without passing even a grand scale.

Slipony black with white and black outsole: what to wear

Shoes monochrome color does not lose its popularity. So, black female slipony can rightly be described as a leader in the fashion world. These shoes are so loved by designers that in every season fashionistas offer updated models with decorative elements.



Those who prefer a high heel, can breathe a sigh of relief, because the change is not quite so comfortable shoes came slipony on a high platform. The advantages of this model are many: it is visually slim and advantageous to look with different outfits.

With Rhinestones

Fans of decorative elements in the form of a paste, designers offer black slipony decorated with iridescent loose stones or thorns. Such a model - the best solution for a party or an evening of gentle bow.

Slipony black with white and black outsole: what to wear

Leather and fabric

Slipony leather especially pleased with the fact that they can afford to girls who have to comply with the dress code, and their wardrobe occupy most of the things in business style. Slipony black leather suit for casual style. It all depends on what they are wearing.

Slipony black with white and black outsole: what to wear

Tissue slipony also look stylish. They can opt for daily wear, because they will be able to easily take more than one kilometer in the city.

Black with black soles of

Slipony with black soles are good because for them you can pick up a lot of interesting things. In choosing clothes virtually no restrictions. Furthermore, the shoes with the soles looks stylish and never out of fashion.

Slipony black with white and black outsole: what to wear

It is best to combine the plain model with narrowed trousers, tight leggings all colors, leather skirt, jeans in the style of "boyfriend". With regard to the top, it is appropriate for such a bright image of a shirt or svitshot. For business style things in bright colors have to be replaced by quieter. Classic - a black and white palette, so shoes with black soles are just perfect for the business lady.

Slipony and jeans - a win-win

To black and white slipony harmonize with trendy bow, they need to skillfully combine with other clothes and accessories to choose wisely. Win-win situation - it is, of course, jeans, especially skinny or boyfriend. Slightly shorter model will also look good with sliponami in black and white color scheme.

Slipony black with white and black outsole: what to wear

As for the color of denim, there are no restrictions are observed. It is safe to wear jeans in blue, blue and black colors. Bold and daring can experiment with the image and prefer classical models dzhegginsy jeans or bright colors.

Sport and active women are always on the shelves of his wardrobe interesting things that they look stylish, but it is the first place they have is convenience and comfort. Such clothes are considered denim overalls, which are also suitable for slipony both black and white sole.

Slipony with a skirt or dress

Wardrobe girl is hard to imagine without the dresses and skirts. How can that be, if you want to wear such clothes often? It is not necessary to expose your feet daily torment, shoes heels. You can leave them for more celebrations and favorite dresses and skirts worn with black sliponami. Ideal - a black skirt, but it will not be less interesting to look skirt in black-and-white checkered or striped.

Slipony black with white and black outsole: what to wear

Slipony socks: In some cases, you can say "Yes"?

It is best to wear slipony without socks, but on hot days when it is difficult to avoid sweating of the feet, can afford socks in the same color scheme.

Socks stealth will escape if the shoe rubs. But on the bright and high socks have to give up because they look a bit ridiculous in a pair with sliponami.

Can I wear with tights slipony?

These shoes, like black slipony with white soles, perfect not only for the warmer days. It will be most comfortable when colder outside. In such weather have to wear pants, not only, but also skirts and dresses, which must be worn under tight tights. To supplement this outfit sliponami quite possible, but it is necessary to consider: if an upper garment leather jacket is selected, then the shoe should be made of the same material.

The choice of accessories

Fashionable image must necessarily be complemented by accessories. Under the black-and-white suit slipony leather handbags, cross body, backpacks. Hat can be a cap or hat, light Bini.