Jeans shortened: the types and what to wear

As you know, earlier trousers were considered exclusively male clothing. Now they have become the most popular element of the female wardrobe. For several years, a huge popular long pants to the ankle. Jeans are a versatile short-cut dress: they are perfect for work, shopping, visits and other activities. In general, they are appropriate for any occasion, one has only to choose the right top and shoes. You need to seriously consider the creation of the image: some girls cropped pants will help to demonstrate her figure, and some, on the contrary, can add a few kilograms or visually reduce their growth.

Jeans shortened: the types and what to wear

A brief excursion into the history of

Fashion for cropped pants appeared in the post-war years. At that time, the society most in need of femininity, tenderness and vulnerability and fragile, looking out from under the trouser leg female successfully emphasizes elegance and adds charm to the image.

Jeans shortened: the types and what to wear

To say exactly who the author of the idea to create a short-cut jeans, you can not. Some believe that the author of this style is a German fashion designer Sonja de Lennart. Others attribute the Italian Emilio Pucci. Many believe that this style of pants is named after the island where it was - Capri.

The varieties cropped jeans

There are some kinds of short pants:

  • Skinny-Jeans are very popular. They narrowed down, tight, emphasize the shape, but at the same time immediately draw attention to the shortcomings of the figures, if they are available. These pants do not fit girls who have an apple body type, as will further increase the upper torso.
  • Flared pants down. In vogue recently. They do not fit all the girls: they visually shorten the leg, so worn they should be girls with slim and long legs.
  • Classic - straight, but slightly narrowed down. These pants are suitable and advantageous to look at all the girls.
  • The truncated ripped jeans. They look very stylish, suitable for all the girls.
  • Now gaining popularity jeans, decorated with different decor: strings, embroidery or lace.
  • Pants with a high waist - are retro-style and are popular with many girls. Visually lengthen legs and emphasize the waist. Fit girl whose figure - hourglass.

As you can see, there are different cropped jeans. Picture styles, you can find the article to before purchasing advance determine which will be beneficial to emphasize the shape.

From what to wear cropped jeans

As already mentioned, cropped jeans are one of the most versatile items in a woman's wardrobe and you can wear them with anything. The final image depends on the chosen top shoes and accessories.

Any image should be in harmony, so when choosing a fitting trousers need to pay attention to the tops, shirts or jackets cut free. However, if the choice fell on the classic straight trousers or jeans-boyfriends, the top can be form-fitting. Cropped jeans can be worn not only in summer. In winter, they blend perfectly with any jacket, parks and even coat.

Jeans shortened: the types and what to wear

The color scheme must also be combined with each other. Top, you can choose a bright, if the jeans are chosen plain, without bright accessories. If the pants decorated with embroidery, stasis, lace and something like that, it is better to choose solid color top, otherwise the image will be too bright and flashy.

Cropped jeans can be worn for an evening stroll or a date. Trousers can be worn with a sweater or T-shirt, depending on the temperature outside. In general, short pants can be worn on any occasion. If at work or school there is no set dress code, you can wear a classic jeans or slightly flared. They will perfectly blend in monochrome blouse or shirt in pastel colors. Complemented by way of a short-cut jacket with three-quarter length sleeves.

What kind of shoes to choose the

Many girls like cropped jeans due to the fact that for them suitable for almost any shoe. The choice of shoes, as well as the choice of clothing depends on where you want to go in this way. The color of shoes should be neutral and not to attract attention. A good choice would be beige, gray or black shoes.

In the office or for a romantic dinner need a stylish and elegant image, so the ideal choice would be sandals or stiletto court shoes.

Suitable for evening walks sporty footwear - sneakers, slipony, sneakers, loafers, etc. For the study would be appropriate as the shoes with heels, and low fly...

Jeans shortened: the types and what to wear

In winter, cropped jeans can be worn with high boots, ankle boots. It is better to wear jeans narrowed, so they do not bristled when they were tucked into boots.

As a self shorten jeans

To be shortened jeans, not necessarily buy new. You can choose to make a fashionable cropped pants in several ways.

The easiest way - just tuck pants. in such a way to shorten the jeans need to wear them and tuck a few times. This would be sufficient. To tuck jeans looked more carefully, they can be ironed utjuzhkom below. However, this method is only tapered or straight jeans. Flared model tucked form will look ridiculous.

Jeans shortened: the types and what to wear

The second method requires a little more effort. Pants can be cut to shorten them. To do this, you need to put on pants, to determine the desired length, tuck and fasten them with pins. Then you need to try on jeans. If everything turned out as it should, then the folded fabric should be cut to 1 cm. More than the required length. After that you need to bend the excess tissue inside, to iron and sew it. Thus, the short-cut Denim Jeans women ready.

Why choose cropped jeans

In conclusion, I would like to summarize and clarify why it is worth still choose exactly cropped jeans:

  1. They can be worn both in winter and summer, so the girls do not need to buy many pairs of pants.
  2. Since the cropped jeans in themselves are neutral element of clothes, they are perfectly in tune with different shoes and clothing. Having one or more pairs of cropped jeans, you can create a lot of stylish images.
  3. 7/8 length jeans fit like a slender girls and girls with forms. With them, you can visually adjust the shape. Depending on the cut of pants, they can be used to hide bulky hips and highlight the lower part of the legs. Girls, who put on jeans shortened, will be able to demonstrate the beauty of their feet.