Linen trousers - stylish and comfortable!

The modern concept of fashion trends of the summer is a combination of design imagination and ordinary wear comfort. Therefore, linen trousers firmly consolidated its position and proven themselves as a stylish and comfortable item of clothing at the same time.

The linen products are interesting?

The fabric is made from flax, a plant that is characterized as a low-maintenance and does not require any special care. Although the material production process is complex and takes place in several stages. The high price of the garment proves the complexity of manufacturing technology. Despite the optimal cost, linen trousers have the following advantages:

Linen trousers - stylish and comfortable!
  • The unique fabric having composed exclusively of natural fibers, allows to give a pleasant feeling of coolness in summer and warmth in winter or autumn.
  • The strength and durability will give the ability to create multiple different images at the same time save money. With proper care clothes will last more than one year, while maintaining the original appearance.
  • The fabric does not cause allergy, suitable for everybody, except for a idiosyncrasy flax.

Linen trousers - a great choice for business and long pastime in the office in the summer. They also are ideal for walking and shopping. Do not be afraid of bruising characteristic of linen fabric. It is this feature allows to distinguish the really high-quality thing, made of natural material, from a fake.

selection rules linen trousers

Impressive looking white pants, sand, beige, gray, light brown. Although this does not mean that bright saturated colors are irrelevant. Red, black, blue, green, or blue pants are not suitable for the creation of a strict classical image. But they would be appropriate for special events, parties. Before buying this clothes should be familiar with specific recommendations for the selection:

Linen trousers - stylish and comfortable!
  1. Things soothing pastel tones appropriate for the business style, will give respectability and elegance.
  2. Excessive saturated fabric color visually reduce the cost of trousers.
  3. model definition should pick up, taking into account the proportions of the figure, including its flaws to trousers emphasized only dignity.
  4. For high growth people fit versions with flared cover the bottom.
  5. If a woman or a man, slender, they need short-cut to the ankle or straight narrow trousers.
  6. All the representatives of both sexes are far from perfect and ideal shape parameters, it is necessary to look at the universal models free cut or concise cargo with numerous pockets and inserts.

Tips for women

From what to wear linen trousers? This question bothers the fair half of mankind, his answer is simple and clear, because in her wardrobe of every girl will be able to choose the ideal options, combined with trousers.

Linen trousers - stylish and comfortable!

The successful combination - shirts, blouses, tunics loose fitting and made of natural materials and trousers. When creating an image it is recommended to focus on the similarity of tissue or contrast the color palette. Wonderful tandem - light romantic blouses with lace elements of cotton or muslin, this addition to the pants will be able to display elegance and reveal all the faces and colors of the ensemble.

Women's linen trousers combined with:

  • creative striped shirt or denim jacket with the usual - these elements will create a dramatic image of a maritime theme;
  • a monochromatic light-colored blouse;
  • tunic or blouse free cut and extraordinary colorful loafers or ballet flats;
  • shirt or blouse, decorated with embroidery or unusual ornaments and sandals on a flat sole;
  • a classic jacket or the jacket and the shoes the shuttles or ballet flats.

White pants

White linen pants for women are worthy of special attention. They are a versatile addition to the top of the clothes of any color. But one of the most successful combinations - is: the top bright colors - burgundy, purple, orange and blue-green. Perfectly suited as a solid-color shirts or blouses and decorated with interesting prints or embroidery. A white accessories to match the pants and create a unique win-win way.

Linen trousers - stylish and comfortable!

The stylists advise to complement women's linen trousers with bright and original accents in the form of a belt, bag or even lipstick. It is worth paying attention to the identity of the color palette pants and accessories.

Tips for men

Men's linen pants are perfectly combined with T-shirts or shirts that are required to be a little lighter than the bottom of the garment. Well, if the top is in the form of jackets or shirts. Pants is permissible to combine the following elements, colors ranging:

Linen trousers - stylish and comfortable!
  • saturated bright shirts and original moccasins made from textiles, and men's linen pants dark color - it's an ensemble that is appropriate for a business setting or office work;
  • Monochrome blazers and shoes denim;
  • contrast T-shirts or shirts with sliponami or dark sleepers will create a unique and creative way.


Linen trousers - and a good win-win situation for both women and men. They will be an integral and his favorite part of any wardrobe. This clothing can emphasize the exquisite taste of the owner, give the image of style, elegance and at the same time pleasant to wear, given the proper care products.