From what to wear breeches jeans?

Breeches - trousers is knee length and above. They mostly Tightly to the feet. It argued that breeches and Capri - they are one and the same, but this is not true. The thing is that Capri often have free cutting. Their length reaches mid-calf. Breeches can also be shorter, moreover, they are pretty tight to the body.


From what to wear breeches jeans?

The original bridges were considered the subject of a man's wardrobe. They were worn in combination with boots and shoes with a buckle and bow. But in the mid-twentieth century, this subject has attracted and the female half of humanity. Probably, it is not in vain, because the bridges - it's pretty versatile clothing.

The types and combination of different models

Breeches jeans came into fashion in the early 2000s. During this period, they are firmly rooted in the wardrobe of women of all ages and body type. Today, the most fashionable models is considered to be tight-fitting models, and, of course, breeches, breeches.

This article of clothing is equally suitable for both parties, and for walks. They can be worn, even going to work, of course, permitting the dress code of the organization. Summer breeches remain in vogue for quite a long period of time.

If you are the owner of a slim figure, long legs and beautiful calves, it is that these clothes will suit you, you can not even doubt. Nothing so well does not emphasize the beauty of your hips, waist and ankles.

Women's shorts breeches have a lot of varieties. In the first place, they vary in length. Short options typically have a length just above the knee, long before the middle. Breeches, jodhpurs are an indispensable tool for girls with a slim build. Hiding excessive thinness and adding volume to the hips, they are well adjusted figure of a woman. At the same time, young women of small stature, having excess weight, it is undesirable to wear denim breeches, jodhpurs. As they will add a couple of visually unwanted kilograms.

From what to wear breeches jeans?

From what to wear breeches?

Of course, it depends primarily on the image that you want to create. For this garment are available in almost any style - and sports, and business, and everyday.

From what to wear breeches jeans?

Denim breeches for women, complete with a T-shirt or vest-alcoholic, cardigan, sandals, and with summer boots will create a beautiful image of a daily. At the same time, if you put on, such as a blouse, court shoes and a shorter jacket with exaggerated waist, get a good business image. Chiffon blouse, women's denim breeches, stilettos and accessories - that make a great outfit for any party. Supplement it can be such a piece of clothing, like a bolero. With more than combine? A good option is a combination bridge with a plaid shirt. Complement such an image can be a denim vest.

From what to wear breeches jeans?

As mentioned above, breeches can be worn to work, but we must remember that women's denim breeches in this case is not entirely successful version. Quite a good substitute in this case are considered to cotton and linen. In combination with a blouse and short fitted jacket fabric breeches create a business image. combined with turtleneck jumper and perfect for everyday image.

Colors and breeches

Breeches jeans with shirts, sweatshirts and athletic shoes are good for trips into the countryside. Blonde model better socheyutsya, for example, with white, pink and light green shirts. Dark denim breeches women should wear a hoodie with red or black. If you want to create a vivid image, you can use the T-shirts with some original drawing. With gray top perfectly combined as dark denim breeches female and blonde. The same applies to white. And, for example, better to wear burgundy top with dark breeches. T-shirts and shirts with stripes awesome with any type.

From what to wear breeches jeans?

But you must remember that the breeches models have a much narrower range of compatibility. The thing is that these breeches rather peculiar cut, so the upper hand for the dress to be discreet. The most successful option considered plain shirts or blouses. It is appropriate to look to be shortened cardigan.

From what to wear breeches jeans?

Combinations with shoes

Breeches jeans are well combined with any shoes. As noted above, the choice must be respected one unbreakable rule. What? Shoes should match the overall style and image. In addition, we must remember that to the usual jeans breeches fit any model. To bridge breeches better to pick up shoes with a heel. However, if you are very tall girl with a perfect figure and model data, the flat-soled sandals will look pretty good. Another option for tall girls are moccasins and sandals wedges. It is also important to remember that bridges, not made of denim, it is better not to combine with sports shoes. Strict pattern of dark colors look good with high heels or pins, models with straps or without them. A good one for breeches are boots, half boots and ankle.

From what to wear breeches jeans?

A small conclusion,

Now that you know what there are denim breeches. As you can see, one article of clothing, and many of its models. Based on the type of breeches, should pick up the remaining parts of the image. In this case, as you realize you have to be very careful so as not to look ridiculous and absurd. We have considered different good combination. We hope that with our advice you will be able to create the perfect look for everyday wear as well as for an evening walk. We wish you good luck in choosing clothes and their combinations.