What to wear than men. Rules of success in choosing wardrobe

You can buy the most expensive shoes, jacket and trousers, but whether you will achieve the desired effect? Moreover, in the absence of attention to the randomness of the colors in the ensemble, as well as the knowledge that what to wear for men, the risk to remain faceless or just push around her sense of style. Proper selection of clothes is an art, but not so difficult that an ordinary person could not seize them, a little effort.

We combine pants

Ease of trousers can be seen immediately - as soon as they dress up, felt fabric, which does not restrict the action. Pants let you feel freer. But here you need to know that what to wear to men when it comes to pants.

What to wear than men. Rules of success in choosing wardrobe

One of the most important qualities for which we value this piece wardrobe - convenience. Any pants are so adapt to the situation, as far as possible at all. From what to wear pants man, very easy to identify, as common pants, especially dark, suffer all the desired level of formality is very easy to achieve. And high-quality pants are the basis, supplementing and framing that you can create the right mood.

The combination of shoes

If the bottom refers to the style of "smart casual" or "casual" (which can be determined from the characteristic features of the arrows), should be appropriate footwear.

What to wear than men. Rules of success in choosing wardrobe

In other words, here approach has already established in the market everyday varieties of shoes every cut and quality. Since conventional sneakers and ending Laufer and Desert. One of the most win-win options can be called topsaydery. ONS will also look good. As for the winter, it would be advantageous to look like suede shoes.

What are worn with jeans, men?

It's time to talk about such things as jeans. In this case it is very easy to remember, that what to wear for men.

When put on a T-shirt with jeans summer, make sure that the lower part of her lower pockets on the jeans does not fall. In this shirt should not be too close to the movement is not hampered. The same applies to denim pants, they do not hang on to the man, but also much too swift. Do not buy do not fit in length denim pants: legs should not be short or fall under the heel.

What to wear than men. Rules of success in choosing wardrobe

is carefully chosen garments. For example, if you plan to mix jeans and summer jackets, then you need to think about the belt, which must be suitable to the color of the shoe. Men's denim trousers will look good with a classic jacket, only if you wear a tie. Jacket with jeans is best to choose one color range.

Now the hottest time of the year. The color scheme in these days should consist of blue, dark blue, black, white, pastel colors. Light jeans good "carry" the heat, and the office dress code allows such clothing. The main thing - to choose the appropriate shoes and top.

What you can wear men's jacket?

Most organizations have introduced a policy of strict dress code, in this case a man has no choice: the only option is a classic business suit. But in our country, such rules - a rarity. Most men have a lot more freedom at work, and in turn take all possible substitutes for the usual formal style.

What to wear than men. Rules of success in choosing wardrobe

Bottom, which is suitable for the jacket:

  • Dark denim with no abrasions and holes are preferable. But it refers to a more formal things, not ultrafashionable jacket, in which you can go to a nightclub.
  • The gray or black trousers of wool suitable in cold weather. It is an excellent replacement for jeans.
  • A further embodiment of what to wear with a jacket for men, is a T-shirt. It is important not to overreact, because not every shirt can be worn without risk. It will be the most secure monotonous, without prints and drawings. Emphasize on the invoice, which should both be close garments. This refers to the material: with an ordinary t-shirt will be optimal jacket made of cotton or knitted.

From what to wear shirt man?

If we talk about the shirts, that are suitable are those which correspond to the situation. Often wondered over the integrity of the image. What does it mean? Pick up a set of clothes so that each of its components are on the same level on the scale of "informal - formal." For example, if your choice has fallen on a shortened jacket in a cell, then the shirt then it is better to choose a soft collar and tie fit in horizontal stripes - all these things are similar in degree of informality, and as a result the clothes look harmonious.

What to wear than men. Rules of success in choosing wardrobe

If on the contrary, the more traditional cut jacket blends more with the classic shirt, tie and trousers with arrows. Not sure about what size and length should be in a shirt cuff.

The right combination of colors

Quite often, men are much less women care about the suitability of the person to the color of the clothes. Fashionista, it seems that a child trained to always apply in person to the store liked the dress. That what to wear men already understood, but the suitability of colors to the image?

It is very important to learn how to find and use in clothes degree of contrast that are present on your face. What is meant by the contrast? The difference between the eyebrows, the hair, for example, on the one hand, and the skin tone on the other. High-contrast type of dark hair - pale skin. Low-contrast blond hair - pale skin. Between them there is a contrast-medium type, and in fact much wider range of options for colors in clothes.