Fashion business suits for women: description and photos

Every year more and more women prefer the soup and household chores to engage in their own career development. Selecting this is quite logical, because the feature of the present time - the equality of male and female. And, of course, a lady occupying a high position, tends to look to match its status. Today, you'll learn about the most fashionable business suits for women this season.

Classic timeless

Perhaps there is nothing more practical and versatile than monochrome black pantsuit. Straight lines and brevity, no doubt, are women of any build. A black color, in turn, allows you to add colorful accessories in the image and to top it off any shoes. However, even a classic black suit is modified slightly from season to season.

For example, this year the most fashion model is considered to be a shortened and narrowed down trousers. This length has a number of advantages. Firstly, cropped pants can visually lengthen legs. And in combination with a heel this effect is enhanced significantly. But even with flat shoes silhouette woman as if pulled. Secondly, such a length and the slim narrowed, making the hips and legs thinner. These two items make short trousers the ideal choice for business style.

Fashion business suits for women: description and photos

As for the coat, then this season, preference is given extended version. In contrast, short trousers, a black jacket to cover up the thigh, it looks very impressive. In general, if you just think what a business pantsuit for women to choose, it makes sense to focus on the present embodiment. After correctly selected basic things, as a rule, are in good stead to her mistress.

An unconventional approach

If the black color can not be combined with your world view, we suggest to pay attention to powdery pantsuit. Pink-gray-beige shade is one of the most trendy in recent years. So why not choose it as the color business style?

Fashion business suits for women: description and photos

However, in this case it is better to forget about the bright accessories and other shades. After powdery tolerates no duets, except with white, gray and black. But watch, scarf, handbag or brooch will add zest to your office as well.

Original and bold looks powdery business attire for women in conjunction with sports shoes. It would seem that one thing is incompatibility with the other. But the stylists decided otherwise and suggested everyone to have the courage to be free from the clichés and prejudices of the past. So, choose white sneakers in addition to the soft pink business suit and forth to conquer the peaks!

fresh and delicate

Lover of bright colors can be advised to opt for a light pistachio pantsuit. However, this choice will only fit Emergency akkuratistki who do not have the habit to sit on the surface is not completely clean, lean against the wall in the elevator or accidentally smudge ink gel pens.

Fashion business suits for women: description and photos

A bit short trousers and jacket cut free not allow a woman to feel constrained in office clothes. Complete pistachio trouser suit recommended white line blouse fabric made of fine contrast and footwear.

For true lady

If you belong to the category of women who prefer pants skirt, your choice will fall on a business suit with a variation of the bottom. But a strict jacket in combination with the pencil skirt is quite banal and mediocre. That's why renowned stylists suggest to us to choose a jacket with Basques.

Fashion business suits for women: description and photos

Baska able to make any type of feminine figure, as well as to emphasize the roundness of the hips and narrow waist ladies. Short jacket with Basques must be of the same fabric as the skirt. Dilute the image can be webbed shoes in vintage style, bright lipstick and a mop of loose curls chic.

Business tomboy

And what do the ladies who can not and, above all, not seeking to wear skirts and bright feminine undertones? That's right, to acquire a stylish business suit for women, which will correspond to the selected image once.

Fashion business suits for women: description and photos

For example, the gray-black suit pants and jacket is quite suitable for active women who are not afraid to appear firm and principled wherever required.

In this case, the straight gray slacks as well as possible complementary black classic jacket. A black shoes in men's style, made of patent leather, just perfect complete package.

This image is particularly popular with women with a touch of feminism and mischief in character. A such a tomboy in a skirt. A similar suit, you can add decoration minimalist and geometric style. And bright spots-accents such as red neckerchief, light green rectangular bag with strap, bright yellow watches and so on. It is important to remember the rule, which says that there must be no more than two of bright colors in a single image. So do not desperately indulge in "prettification" boring suit.

Trouser suit the color of salmon

Business suit for larger women is somewhat different from the sets for ladies slim build. As incorrectly selected a jacket and trousers are able to "kill" all the way, making a woman with appetizing forms into something immense.

If you also have a few extra kilos, it is recommended to choose business suits nepritalennogo silhouette. For example, the perfect solution would be a pantsuit salmon color free cut.

Fashion business suits for women: description and photos

jacket to cover up a butt, is able to hide problem areas. A straight trousers combined with a heel lengthen legs and make them slimmer.

However, choosing a free cut suit, you need to be as attentive. Give preference only to its size. But not suits for one or even two sizes bigger than the right. Otherwise you run the risk of his own to turn himself in rather shapeless lady.

trouser suit for ladies full of

When choosing a business suit large size women need to pay attention to several factors. Ideal selected outfit able to modify the shape recognition. In the photo - a business suit for women in the body.

Fashion business suits for women: description and photos

For example, a strict top of the dense fabric can be replaced by a cross between a cardigan and jacket. It is advisable to choose an extended model with long sleeves, covering the hips. Pants at the same time should be only direct. Since even a small flare is absolutely contraindicated in women with excess weight.

As for shoes, then try to trim heeled shoes on a stable, suitable for the color of his pants. A desirable repeating it. Advantageously, choose shoes or boots with a closed toe. Because shoes serve as a visual continuation of the leg, and thus lengthen the legs.

In addition to the business style

Gentle hair, manicure and bright lipstick will also do the trick and will complete office onions. Although many women with overweight are embarrassed to look bright and generally do not like to attract attention, stylists advise to avoid this. And even on the contrary, in spite of the weight in every possible way to adorn themselves with jewelry and cosmetics. More importantly, when to stop and not pass that same line between beauty and vulgarity.

Dilute business suits for women interesting and non-standard decorations. Then the gray everyday work and the type of many similar suits against each other will go into oblivion. And you will certainly cheer up every time you look at a bright yellow or turquoise beads boots. Experiment for the joy yourself and others!