Style of Coco Chanel: the basic rules and features of the original model

Style of Coco Chanel has long been very popular all over the world. The name of the designer is considered a symbol of luxury and glamor. Woman in such attire looks elegant, romantic and attractive.

Coco Chanel and her view on women's fashion

At the beginning of the last century in the wardrobe of many fashionistas were outfits that offer the famous Coco Chanel. The designer was very fond of black, because they consider it a versatile and compatible with all. It recommended that girls wear a black dress, which can be supplemented with a small handbag, elegant hat and sunglasses.

Style of Coco Chanel: the basic rules and features of the original model

style of Coco Chanel is simply mesmerizing. She believes that women should remain attractive in any outfit, and it is not necessary to wear for this tight corsets and skirts, which were then in vogue. The designer create their clothes so that it was possible to feel a certain freedom of movement, but without losing the charm.

Immediately became popular:

  • flannel jackets;
  • skirt free cut;
  • form-fitting sweaters;
  • formal suit;
  • a little black dress.

Coco believed that all elements must be correctly selected, including flavor. Therefore, it became the most famous spirits of the present revolution and caused a sensation, since they consisted of 80 components in harmony.

Guidelines for creating an image

To repeat the style of Coco Chanel clothes, you need to follow certain rules by which you can create a unique image. In particular, it is necessary to allocate these among the main recommendations:

  • image must not have anything extra;
  • the clothes should sit perfectly;
  • should be comfortable and convenient;
  • when leaving one decoration must be removed from the home;
  • outfit should contain features crudity.

To give some discretion to help pants. Coco Chanel herself was the first to wear pants with luxurious sweaters. The skirt should cover the knees slightly (fashion felt female knees somewhat ugly).

Style of Coco Chanel: the basic rules and features of the original model

The suit should combine feminine and masculine, and shoes can be a two-tone, so you can visually reduce the size of the foot and leg to make more elegant and attractive. Be sure to wear jewelry and perfume to use to create a complete image.

Features style wardrobe Chanel

For a long time remained a popular style of Coco Chanel. Basic style rules imply the creation of a harmonious and complete the image, which will cause the admiration of men and envy women. When choosing clothes, it is worth remembering that it should be done only with quality natural fabrics.

Style of Coco Chanel: the basic rules and features of the original model

When creating the image, you need to choose only those things, colors that will be perfect for the type of skin. Silhouette should be slightly adjacent or directly. Clothes can be left open only the hands, neck, and legs below the knees.

To create an image of ideal simple shoes with low heels, complemented with contrast toe straps.

The choice of accessories

Coco Chanel style involves compulsory and proper use of various accessories that will complement and emphasize the created image. You need to have at least one pearl necklace and use it as an everyday decoration. Complement the outfit will help small caps that are perfectly in tune with the rest of clothes. Do not be afraid to wear jewelery as these accessories look very attractive, often much better than the jewelry. It is advisable to wear a few types of jewelry at once. In the wardrobe of every woman must have at least one pair of quality shoes with high heels.

How to make a wardrobe

To create your own wardrobe in the style of Coco Chanel, it is advisable to purchase:

  • short black dress;
  • knitted jerseys;
  • slacks;
  • tweed suit;
  • accessories;
  • high-heeled shoes;
  • small cap;
  • branded perfume.

Carefully selected clothing will allow in any situation look elegant and unique. It helps to give a woman confidence.

How to choose a jacket

In the 30's the first time there were jackets in the style of Coco Chanel, who still has not lost its relevance. We changed only a few individual parts, but the main features of the article of clothing remained the same. For jackets are characterized by:

  • natural material;
  • semilying silhouette;
  • contrasting trim;
  • no lapels.

Interestingly enough knitted jacket in the style of Coco Chanel, which can be done independently, most importantly, to be able to knit. This product in the style of casual will go well with pants, made in classic style. Very beautiful classic Knit jacket in the style of Coco Chanel, a little fitted with a three-quarter sleeves. While maintaining its shape and silhouette it will gently encircle the figure.

Style of Coco Chanel: the basic rules and features of the original model

In addition, you can crochet jackets in the style of Coco Chanel. Schemes to help make a reality completely any interesting and original idea. Such a warm product ideally suited for work and everyday wear.

Universal embodiments are considered white, black and beige jackets made in different styles. Blue or light pink are ideal for a romantic rendezvous.

How do I choose the right skirt

Often in images of Coco Chanel met straight skirts and pencils, but there may be many other options (for example, with large folds, or in the form of a trapezoid). Most importantly, its length is below the knee.

You may want to move away from these conventions, but if you strictly adhere to the style of Chanel, it is desirable to give preference to an average length (MIDI). It will be combined with a variety of blouses, jackets, and sweaters.

Features costume

Dress in the style of Coco Chanel is the epitome of elegance and comfort. Famous actress, first ladies, students and housewives are widely used these versatile items in a basic wardrobe things.

The most popular combinations are the specialty of the jacket and pencil skirt. Triplets and convenient embodiments which are complemented by top, made of the same fabric. Furthermore, among the suits can also see models with trousers that can be broad or more narrowed the arrow.

Style of Coco Chanel: the basic rules and features of the original model

In recent years, there are more original and different styles of dresses. Very unusual and stylish look jackets with shorts, skirts or pleated short trousers. It remains unchanged only the material from which they are made, and finishing. There is a special rule for young people in which the usual materials are combined with original and bold ideas (for example, overestimated waist, buckle with the smell, short sleeves, short skirts).

How do I choose the right dress

It looks stylish and original dress in the style of Coco Chanel. At the beginning of its inception, it has been long about the middle of the knee, with large and long sleeves. Now these dresses can be made in the mini version, but the choice of this dress special attention should be paid to cover the quality of the material and styles.

Style of Coco Chanel: the basic rules and features of the original model

The choice of dresses in the style of Chanel is quite wide, but it is worth remembering that it should be concise and discreet design, a simple form of sleeves or no, rounded neckline, long before the middle of the knee or lower.

Undesirable to have an abundance of decorative elements, as well-known designer favored elegant simplicity. Chanel dresses are not limited to black restrained models for each season there are trendy styles that are ideal for lovers of the classics, and for young girls. Recently, they have increasingly attracted the attention of the original decoration and unusual texture.

How to choose a coat

Strict restrictions and regulations for clothing in the style of Chanel does not exist, but it is worth remembering that there are certain features that you should consider. These include the following:

  • reserved tones;
  • straight or slightly fitted cut;
  • a small collar or lack thereof;
  • lack of decor;
  • large buttons;
  • natural quality fabrics.

Coats in the style of Chanel may not be just for the fall, there are options for the summer. Such products fit just fine in creating a business image and suitable for evening dresses. With proper combination of parts are easy to write on the casual ensemble.

How to avoid mistakes in creating the image of

By following the simple rules, you can avoid a lot of mistakes in creating their own image, which is in the style of Chanel. It is forbidden to wear tights with imitation seams, bright patterns and fishnet. Should be excluded from his wardrobe corsets, platform shoes, skinny pants and other clothing, in which it is difficult to breathe or move. When creating an image is highly undesirable wear:

  • is too narrow or flared clothing;
  • with a variety of prints and crystals;
  • bright flashy colors.
Style of Coco Chanel: the basic rules and features of the original model

If all these rules, you can create an original and vivid image. Despite the fairly strict rules in the selection of clothes, style of Chanel helps to give a certain femininity and sexuality.