Simple ways to protect yourself from the cold

• Simple ways to protect yourself from colds

It is known that during the cold season viruses "roam" from one person to another, along with coughing and sneezing. But you can reduce the possibility of disease if you follow a few rules. By the way, they are not a mystery, but many of them there and then forget!

Simple ways to protect yourself from the cold

1. Wash your hands more often

Doctors recommend doing this for at least 20 seconds: during this time you can manage to double to sing "Happy birthday to you!" Make sure my palm, fingers and hands. If there is no soap, please use sanitayzerom or damp cloth.

2. Do not touch her hands

Many microorganisms do not cause harm if they are on the skin of hands, but getting into the nose or mouth, contribute to the spread of disease. Do not prop your hands do not touch the chin and face, without first washing their hands.

3. More sleep

This universal advice is very helpful, and the immunity of the organism as a whole. sleep preferably at least 7 hours a day.

4. Less meet people

If you have the opportunity to work not in a huge open office, visit the shopping malls, where there are few people who do it. In addition, it is recommended to replace kisses and handshakes arms.

5. Do not touch things in common

Under this recommendation refers to eating nuts and cookies from the same plate, the use of door handles and elevator (keep in readiness a napkin) and other little things that usually no one pays attention, but in the season of colds still stands.

6. Eat vitamin D

It is usually said about vitamin C, it is also useful, but the lack of it makes the body more susceptible to viral infections.

7. change clothes at home

And change clothes of children who come from the garden and school. See that backpacks and shopping bags are not strewn on the floor or on the kitchen table: they are a lot of bacteria.