Beautiful wedding hairstyle "bump" with his own hands. Hairstyle "bump" for each day

Girls who have long or medium hair, just know that depending on the hairstyle is sometimes difficult to find a suitable hairstyle. And the problem is not the ability to do and the opportunity, because some hairstyles do not just allow, for example, plait braids, as the tips trimmed "ladder" in which case all will stick.

The best option for all occasions hairstyles are considered "bump" that very variation in their variety and are suitable for any hair structure (straight or curly). Hair gathered in the "cone", kept well and create a neat appearance. Even with intensive physical activity, movement form styling does not change, and you can look all too great. But what hairstyles "bump" can be done on a week day, and on any special celebration or a holiday? How to make them yourself? Step by step instructions and advice from professionals.

Beautiful wedding hairstyle

Hairstyles "bump": species and forms of

As has been previously noted by such placement can be festive and everyday. "Cones" otherwise called the beam - very convenient for girls haircut. Tucking her hair in a bun, you can not worry about anything: not a single strand falls out of the "bumps", and laying even under extreme weather conditions will remain intact. Though in appearance, there are only two types of beams, the shape, structure and technology - much more. Hairstyles "bump" is made on the basis of:

  • braids;
  • "rope";
  • loops;
  • Hairdressing roller;
  • the world. Beautiful wedding hairstyle

These are the most popular options beams, because it is they should be considered carefully.

The beam-based braids

Today you can use kosopletenie in different styling, and all this is due to the fact that there are a lot of techniques of weaving braids and their applications. If a girl wants to make a strong styling that will last all day and will not require much attention to itself, it is based on a bunch of spit. Classic French braid of three strands - is therefore a very convenient option, and if it still lay in a bundle, the hair will be different special durability. Because it belongs to the list hairstyle for every day. "Bump" on the basis of braids done differently. Consider the most popular of all possible options.

Step by step instructions hairstyles "bump" on the basis of braids

To self-confidence make a bundle based on the need to spit:

  1. Carefully comb your hair and put them on top in the "horse" tail.
  2. Split tail into two parts: one must be very large and the other small, to make a small pigtail, covering the gum base and the beam.
  3. On a large part of the tail braid French braid classic look.
  4. In a small part, too, need to braid pigtail, but it can be any shape (eg, 4 or 5 strands), since it already appears as an accessory and can be a highlight of installation.
  5. Taking a large scythe, it is necessary to tighten the base of the tail and near the gum so that it does not rasplelas, not pulling the scalp, but steadily held.
  6. Securing invisible scythe or another elastic band for hair, it is to spin on top of a small braid using barrettes, hairpins.

This is a very convenient option hairstyles. "Bump" with their own hands is a couple of minutes, but it is universal and for special occasions, and for regular walks in the park. This hairstyle is suitable for a romantic date.

The beam-based harness

When there is no time even for braiding, suitable "bump", made on the basis of hair twisted into a plait. This procedure takes just a couple of minutes. How is she doing? The circuit is quite simple and consists of several items:

  • hair carefully combed.
  • into a ponytail, but not zakalyvaya his band.
  • Spin the tail over the entire length in one direction (in a spiral).
  • When the tourniquet tight to get enough, there is still time to spin it so that it is placed around the base of the tail.
  • Tighten the "lump", it remains only to fix the result of a special mesh for beam or elastic band. Invisible or clips are not suitable because they do not withstand such twisted strands. Beautiful wedding hairstyle

The advantage of this hairstyle is that it can be done in a couple of minutes and without too much effort. If all of a sudden there was a situation of force majeure (did not have time in the morning wash your hair or suddenly cut off water), then this beam is easy to hide this nuance and dirty hair no one would notice.

"Bump" with hairdresser roller

More recently, it became fashionable to do especially beams with a special foam rubber donut. The peculiarity of this bundle is that it gets very voluminous and often used for festivities. This form of hair looks very bold and original. How to do it?

Firstly, this would require a foam donut. Secondly, if you are the owner haircut "ladder" or "cascade", it is better to abandon this hairstyle. So, to start the hair need to carefully comb and fix on top in the "ponytail". Then again comb the tail and stick it into a bagel. The tip of the hair should be in the middle of a donut. After that, pressing the hair to the bottom of a foam insert, you need to turn it - to turn out to hair twisted in a bagel. After the beam will be pressed against the base of the tail, there is only carefully collect all the hairs sticking out and fix this form to the head, using stealth. To hide the "chaos" under the beam, it is possible to use a ribbon or bows, well or other interesting accessories.

Beautiful wedding hairstyle

Favored embodiments brides

Presented above "bump" is especially popular in hairstyles brides, however, the scheme of its creation is the same, but the additional features (or bouffant curls) are done differently. Any beams, particularly the solemn, have their own characteristics and details to implement, and often on the basis of the ball do the rest of the wedding hairstyle "bump." Photos of examples clearly demonstrate that the technique see "tow" or "Spit" is impossible. Most often taken as the basis of the ball loops of hair. At the same time locks make the most curly to even individual loops it was impossible to discern. Hairstyles "bump" the wedding is also distinguished by its size. They are always much larger and can be placed anywhere (bottom side down on top of her head, and so on).

Beautiful wedding hairstyle

"Bump" hairstyle really like brides. And all because such styling is very convenient, it does not require special attention, and this is combined with a veil, which can be mounted anywhere. Also, with such packings easy to combine accessories, big and small. Therefore, choosing a hairstyle for the wedding, the bride is first necessary to evaluate the external characteristics of it "bumps".