Collected hair. Options pilings on celebrations

For any woman it is important to create a stylish image was finished and looked harmoniously. For this we have to combine the outfit, hairstyle and make-up with each other. If we select the clothes in advance, then laying in the least, although from its style and appearance will depend on many things. For example, popular hairstyles, collected in complex composition on the head - this is an option for special celebrations and events, for evening, wedding or prom. Such stacking is very complicated in its execution, because their owner do gorgeous head of hair is not often, after all, a hike to a professional stylist - it's expensive. But if there is somewhere to go with a chic hairdo, then choose what kind of stacking?

Collected hair. Options pilings on celebrations

Hair gathered in a bun - refined and elegant option

Among the huge variety of the most popular hair styling remains beam. Due to the large number of variations make a neat styling that will last all day and night, everyone can. For beautiful beam will require long strands of hair or medium length. Owners of short hair do not worry, because for these girls are provided overhead locks that are indistinguishable from natural hair.

Beams themselves can take many forms, depending on the desires of the girl. For example, popular today with a big bunch of hairdressing roller - a trend of the season. Professionals manage to make a bunch of very large, but it is perfectly smooth. Ground beam decorate ribbons kosopleteniem, pins with various colorful flowers or pearls.

Collected hair. Options pilings on celebrations

braids and braiding of hair

Hairstyles, collected in various compositions are not just beautiful, but also convenient, especially if taken in the framework of the spit. Weaving hair today at the peak of its popularity. Of course, this is not a trivial braids of three strands, and an exquisite options. For example, among girls, especially brides, it became very popular surround "spike" with flowers woven into it. In this case, the hair strands are wound into elastic curls, and then start to weave a complex braid, where the strands are not intertwined with each other, and are attached with pins to the base of the hair. Generally, two strands are used for each coil, each of which is taken from the side. It is wound, give the three-dimensional shape and is fixed to the parallel side of the head. In the same place chosen a strand, also make it voluminous, slightly twisted and is applied to the parallel side. Thus weaving is done. All hanging tails tucked under the scythe, and the top between the strands of a variety of accessories, flowers, beads and so on.

Collected hair. Options pilings on celebrations

There are other hairstyles, collected on the basis of the spit, which also looks elegant, neat and feminine. Therefore, choosing the installation for special celebrations on the hairstyles with kosopleteniem need to pay special attention.

Sophisticated hairstyles using several techniques

This category of women's hair styling can be attributed hairstyles, collected back of curls. No less popular option than kosopletenie. Its difference is that this is suitable styling for short, medium and long hair. Trend of the season is considered to be the hair style, in which there are bouffant curls and collected in a complex shape (beam) at the rear. In this case, tightens curls, while the strands on top of the head a big bouffant. The tail is assembled on the back of the head curls woven so as to obtain a volume balloon. Base on this installation features a large accessory. Particularly suitable such hairstyles owners of blond hair, because that is the color of blonde hair easily make out individual strands.

Collected hair. Options pilings on celebrations


Complicated Tails

If the beams and braids for some - is just mediocre, and it is necessary to choose a hairstyle gathered back in a ponytail. They are a huge number of variations, allowing the use of this type of packing in ordinary day, and an important event, a special celebration. Stylish and elegant look three-dimensional "ponytails". In such a case it is bouffant closer to the forehead in front of the tail, which is covered from top to smooth and thoroughly combed strands. Then all the hair collected in a ponytail at the crown. Then choose a strand out of the middle of the tail and it is voluminous bouffant throughout. Superimposed on top of the smooth and carefully combed locks and lock varnish.

How to choose a hairstyle gathered?

Every girl has a lot of different options for hairstyles for prom. The collected hair in a bun or braid into a complex popular and elegant, but the choice of hair styling should take into account one thing: whether its shape is suitable for oval face.

Girls with circular or oval square is used stacking, in which part covers pryadok face (issued curls) softens line and assembled form itself must be above the level of the crown. If the owner of chic hair has an elongated oval face, she can afford her hair completely pulled back, where the whole figure of the hair will be focused on the back of the head at the bottom.

Every girl can look in detail for various hairstyles. Gathered hair, photo examples of pilings on the bride or alumna will allow to understand which form is right for precisely conceived under the dress and makeup.