How to braid "spike" the most?

Hairstyles on the basis of various kinds of weaving are now trendy. They are good for its versatility. Having mastered the artless technique, you can easily create both casual styling, and evening options. Most of the hair is done on the basis of a French braid that Russian girls are called "spikelet" for its external similarity with ears of cereal plants. To learn how to braid "spike", and we'll talk in our article.

How to braid

Hairstyle for all occasions

This option is suitable for packing trips to work, leisure time with friends and walks with the family. Its main value - the simplicity and the ability to tightly hold the hair. Now consider in detail the technique of creating a French braid, which will be held in the middle of the head.

How to braid "spike"

  1. Good hair comb. Any means can be applied for placing locks or simply moisten with water to facilitate their task. This is especially true for owners of unruly hair.
  2. zacheshite hair back, avoiding the formation of partings.
  3. Take a lock near the forehead or in the base line of bangs, if you have, and divide it into three parts.
  4. The essence of the most common weave braids is that the side strands alternately throws in the center. In the case of the creation of "spikelets" principle is the same, but in each loop, we drag locks on the sides of the head.
  5. Try to braid "spike", adding a thin neat locks, and you will be surprised the beauty of their creations.
  6. When all the hair will be involved, continue to create the most common braids.
  7. Then braid can be attached to a rubber band or a tuck loop. How to braid How to braid

How to braid "spike" zigzag

If you want the original packing, try to make a French braid along a curved path. Weave start with a temple, a pre-designating a side parting separating the upper third of the head, the rest of the hair clip can be removed for convenience. Make horizontal "spike" to the end of the parting. Next, you need to separate the next third of the hair on the horizontal or oblique parting. Teaming up with the free strands, "spike" will take the first turn. Again dopletaem plait until the end of the parting and bending zigzag, weaving strands of the past. Hairstyle can complete the oblique, which will be free to fall on his shoulder. Also try to fix the pigtail pins.

How to braid

Combining multiple "ears" in one packing

Master hairdresser's art are constantly inventing new hairstyles. "KOLOSOK" is an integral part of most of them. Create a masterpiece of their own hair, worthy of the red carpet, under the force of each. Here is one of three holiday hairstyles "ears". weaving technique

  1. Divide all the hair into three equal parts. Will look stylish oblique parting angle.
  2. Begin to weave "ears" formed in each of the head area.
  3. You can experiment and make bulk braid. Creating such a "spikelets" no more difficult than usual. The only difference is that the strands are intertwined from below and not from above, as in the usual French braid. Before braid "spike", you can slightly wet hair.
  4. When all the hair will be inside the hair, you can finish laying the three braids.
  5. Each braid twist volute and tighten bolts.
  6. Give laying solemnity help pins with beads and barrettes in the shape of flowers. How to braid How to braid

There are a myriad of options for weaving "spikelets". Do not be afraid to try new types of hairstyles. Technique create complex braid mastered not the first time, but constant practice will make even the novice from a professional.