Hairstyles on one side with curls and without

On what color girl hairstyle will depend on all of its image, appearance. That's why stylish ladies so much time paying their packing in the morning. There are different activities such as holidays, and everyday shopping trips, but on every occasion the girl should be in the mind a plan of action or a rough image of what she would go to the park or to the wedding of her friend. If the garment is pre-selected, the hair can not be bought and set aside - it must be done before the exit, and to dress perfectly in harmony with the makeup and styling, it is necessary to consider the feminine hairstyles on one side. Boxes of this type have now become ultrapopulyarnymi, especially for long and medium hair. But what kind of hairstyles you can do?

Hairstyles on one side with curls and without

Hairstyles on one side - delicious options for any occasion and celebration

The peculiarity of this form of pilings just that they are diverse, and they can choose individually for each shape of the face, bangs, length and so on. All hairstyles on one side can be divided into several groups:

  • to kosopleteniem;
  • with curls;
  • beams;
  • mixed technique.

Of course, the last option is universal, but it is worth a closer look at each of these options and select among this group the most current hairstyle.

Hairstyles on one side with curls and without

Kosopletenie - a favorite option of brides

Brides prefer luxury options hairstyles that really made for a special occasion. For example, a popular option today hairstyles on one side - it kosopletenie of curly tresses. Of course, at the heart of this hairstyle will fleece, and perms and straightening, but the basis is weaving braids. Due to the volume of curls curly hairstyles will be a lot more and not notice such a person would be extremely difficult. Thus, the most popular version of hairstyles - this braid to the side. How is she doing?

Hairstyles on one side with curls and without

To start curl curls (preferably elastic and tight). Then, at the roots is voluminous bouffant. Particular attention is paid to bang if it is, then the bulk of the fleece will be concentrated at the top, if absent, in the area of ​​the forehead and top of the head. When the volume is made, the volume remains the braid braid. Techniques such kosopleteniya weight, because you can try all options. In conclusion, in the hair of brides often inserted hairpin with flowers. Look such styling is unique feminine and romantic.

Curly Curls

If the planned conventional holiday or even a romantic date, there is excessive pomposity to anything. It is better to try a more modest, but at the same time stylish option, such as curly hair to one side. Boxes of this type are popular and the stars, and ordinary girls. The structure of the placement is simple: first the hair thoroughly washed, dried and combed, and then are wound curls and immediately stacked on one side. This hairstyle looks very feminine. The main thing to note one more thing: if you want to have all the hair on one side, the back or the flagellum is attached hairpin, which holds the stranded strands on one side. When you just want to give volume to hide the forehead under the strands, it is not necessary to produce all the hair strictly to one side, some part may remain on the back.

The Hollywood styling

Set above a classic haircut option preferred by women because of its speed and ease of implementation. But there are other hairstyles on one side with the curls, and one of them - "Hollywood". It differs in that the locks are not pronounced, but at the expense of smooth zachesyvaniya have a smooth wave. This styling is done perfectly and on short and long hair, for which he was rewarded with a very popular and sought after by women.

Hairstyles on one side with curls and without

Make this hairstyle is very simple. All hair is shifted to one side and curl. It is advisable to tighten the locks in curlers in the same hand - so get more izgibistoy wave and volume. When all locks are curled, it is required to take a comb with a few teeth and gently comb the hair. It turns out very feminine and chic appearance. The main thing is that the wave was as smooth as possible - it uses a lot of fixing varnish.

Smooth packing

Hairstyles on one side with the curly hair, of course, very popular with the girls, but they are not the only modification of the hair. Shape of the hairstyle, which is located on one side, may be perfectly smooth. For example, the very popular women's hairstyles collected. In this case, it can be a smooth beam, tail and even spit.

Consider a smooth surround beam on its side. To begin the hair thoroughly washed and smoothed to avoid forming waves. Then all the strands are collected on one side of the ear level and gather in the tail. At this time, you can use a hair sponge or the so-called donut, and which need to twist the hair. It turns out very voluminous ball that is easily complemented by some decoration. Look hairstyle with tufts of very feminine, and therefore are used for special romantic celebrations.

Mixed hairstyle

Each female laying - a number some techniques for its creation, and that's a favorite kind of hair to one side is just the mixing of one statement to another. For example, the girls love to do three-dimensional bundles, but taken as a basis is not always smooth hair, but on the contrary, the curls. Besides such female hairstyle may have kosopletenie top and bottom laterally collected beam. Version of such a placement is popular with brides, as looks very neat and feminine this hairstyle. Hair on one side of the pack can be different, and with some styling easy to do yourself, but some worth to trust the professionals.

Hairstyles on one side with curls and without

Accessories for hair styling on one side of

Why form of hair on one side attracts more attention than the symmetrical head of hair? The answer is simple, because the hair "locks on one side" has a certain imbalance, therefore, stands out among the rest of the pilings. When the hair, whether it is of medium length or maxi, passed on one side, there is a certain lack of harmony, and to somehow normalize form (so that the image does not outweigh), only need to add accessories. Decorations for all hairstyles should use different. If it is "Hollywood" stacking, here a pair of jaws may be used in combination and Irons kosopleteniya better positioning studs with flowers or pearls with the tip of the spit, to the parallel angle to balance visual appearance. In this hairstyle on one side for medium hair can really do without accessories, but there is need to make a generous amount on top, especially if you get a long plait.

Hairstyles on one side with curls and without

A wide variety of hair to one side allows the girls to look perfect in any event, it suffices to choose a beautiful shape in advance under the shape of the face, mood and outfit, and then from the resulting image will tear admiring looks impossible.