Summer hairstyles for medium hair with his hands

You do not want a sunny summer day to spend time creating a complicated hairstyles? To discover the easiest and fastest way of hair styling. These summer hairstyles for medium hair are universal. They complement how easy romantic and strict business image.

On the street beautiful weather - the sun shines brightly and want to quickly get not walk out of the house. The following placement will require from you a minimum of time and effort.

Summer hairstyles for medium hair with his hands

How to organize a beauty salon at home?

One can not but agree that the daily performance of complex pilings is quite tedious. Where better to learn the simple but original hairstyles. This can be done at home. To do this we need the following "assistant":

  • massazhka. With this, you can comb your hair gently put absolutely any structure.
  • Brashing. This round hairbrush perfectly lifts the hair of medium length at the roots and helps to curl your hair.
  • Comb with a separator. With it will not be difficult to make a perfectly smooth parted in the middle, and divide the hair into sections. Also, the comb used to create fleece.
  • comb with fine teeth thoroughly rascheshet hair that will provide smooth styling.
  • Comb with large sparse teeth easily cope with both the small curls and large curls, sorting them, and making it more accurate.
  • terminals allow to fix the strands in place.
  • gum. They can be used to fix the hair.
  • Invisible and pins fix the hair into place.
  • The rim - a tool for creating a "Greek" hairstyles or just for decoration flowing hair.

Also, summer hairstyles for medium hair will help to create the following styling tools:

  • Gel - a tool that makes it easy to separate the individual strands of hair.
  • Varnish, fixing her hair in the desired position.
  • The wax gives a shock of hair shine and simulates the strand.
  • Foam supports stacking.

ribbon in the queue

Well, who among us does not know how to weave braids? This "craft" we perfectly mastered as a child. Nothing is easier to turn the ordinary into the original pigtail hairstyle. To do this, you need only to decorate the hair brightly colored ribbons. Their number depends entirely on your preferences.

Summer hairstyles for medium hair with his hands

The end of the tape must be attached to the back of the head. To do this, use stealth, suitable for hair color. Further it is possible to transgress the braid directly to weaving. The end of the tape is too long? No problem! It can help you make even one hair cute accent - on the end of the spit to make a bow. To keep your hair lasted longer, it is recommended to use hairspray.


What other summer hairstyles for medium hair? Tail - great styling for hot seasons. That he was the most sleek, it is necessary to use a special wax for hair. Smoothing hair, you can get rid of sticking out in all directions, unruly hairs. Accuracy and originality of the tail will give a beautiful gum.

Stylish low beam

Neat and cute look hair of medium length, arranged in a bun. This simple summer hairstyle for medium hair - one of the most comfortable and beautiful, the girl that guarantees maximum comfort in the summer heat. This installation does not prevent sunburn and protect hair from the harmful effects of sunlight.

To make a bundle, you need to carefully comb the hair. On the crown of the head area it is recommended to make a light fleece. Then you need to collect most of the hair on one side. On the other side we need to highlight a few strands. Twist them into weak flagella. Hair should be removed towards the bottom of the occipital area. First, fold them in a spiral, and then secured in position using invisible.

Summer hairstyles for medium hair with his hands

slightly sloppy beam can be fixed with varnish. Also, it can be decorated with any accessory, such as a clip-flower. Some stylists to give her hair a complete form, it is recommended to release the person a few strands.

"Greek" haircut

To create this hairstyle will need bezel. Curls that fall below the accessory you need to twist evenly and lay on top of him in the direction of the person. We must try to make it as straight as possible. The entire perimeter of the hairstyle can be decorated with decorative ornaments. We continue to explore the beautiful summer hairstyles for medium hair.

The unusual tail

To do this hairstyle, you need to collect hair in a ponytail. Pre can be screwed. Then loosening gum, lower a little bit of it. Above the base of the tail hair is divided into two parts. After the resulting "hole" must thread the strand. Took another turn, you can get a broader styling that mimics the bow. With such a hairstyle you will look chic.

"French waterfall"

What other light summer hairstyles for medium hair? Hairstyle "French waterfall" excellent looks at a medium length hair. Kos, braided along the scalp, extending from one ear to the other. This charming styling looks very feminine and original.

Summer hairstyles for medium hair with his hands

To begin with, to highlight around the perimeter of the head a number of vertical strands. Now weave braid, taking the hair at his temple. Two horizontal strands dissociate in order to perform hybridization. Now the top curl superimpose on average, lower overlapping. Take the following strands and extending horizontally weaving. When the "waterfall" approach to the opposite side of the head, the scythe will need to go down to the ends of the hair. Secure the hair should either small hairpins or rubber band.

Spit side

Remove hair from the neck allows free braid, braided on one side. The unbearable heat this hairstyle to wear very comfortable. To make it, you need to throw all the hair on one side and weak braid pigtail. Fingers slightly dishevel it, giving the fashionable sloppy appearance. Kos will look more voluminous, if a bit before braiding hair comb with a comb with a few teeth or screwed.

Summer hairstyles for medium hair with his hands

Now consider the modern summer hairstyles for medium hair for girls.

Braid with nodules

Weaving hair is made of two strands. It's very easy to implement in the medium-length hair. On the left and right sides of the head you need to take one strand. We weave them together and tying a knot at the center. We continue weaving as long as the hair or are completely woven into a braid. Mainly summer hairstyles for medium hair with his own hands made, based on the original weaving. One of the most popular are the braids and flagella. These styling highlight the beauty of the children, their lightness and natural coquetry.

Summer hairstyles for medium hair with his hands


First, you need to make an ordinary tail and secure it with a rubber band. Hair is divided into two halves and screw each of them counter-clockwise. The resulting flagella are twisted with each other in a clockwise direction. The tip of the tie gum.

As you can see, to create a beautiful summer hairstyles for medium hair, the corresponding solar summer mood, very simple. To do this, it is sufficient to take advantage of professional advice and connect the imagination, if desired. Spending just a few minutes, you will add your image lightness and naturalness.