How to make a hairstyle with a Greek dressing? Versions

Every woman at least once in his life wanted to be a Greek goddess. Even if very briefly. Perfect appearance, respect, worship, and power ... How to achieve all this in the modern world? It is very easy - you just know how to do her hair with Greek dressing, which will be the basis for the creation of the divine image. There are many different options for hairstyles in the Greek style, but with a bandage for hair - the most common of them.

How to make a hairstyle with a Greek dressing? Versions

Options hairstyles with the Greek patch

Remove hair in the Greek style is a snap. In addition, this option laying suitable for almost any occasion. That versatility is considered the main advantage of hairstyle in the Greek style. Photo equipment ease of execution points to a similar installation. He kept it for a long time, and even if the hair slightly beat out of the hair, it will only add to her charm. Especially negligence is now in vogue.

Now, before I tell you how to do her hair with Greek dressing, it is worth noting its features. This splendor, spontaneity and lightness. Variants are many and they are very diverse. This is just a bandage on top of the hair, and a complex weave braid.

How to make a hairstyle with a Greek dressing? Versions

How to make laying of a Greek-style

This hairstyle is as follows: you must gently tousle hair and highlight using wax few wavy strands. Then taken a Greek band and worn in such a way that it passes through the middle of the forehead. Please note that the bandage should be worn on top of the head, and not to hide the hair. Hair can be straight or wavy, this point is not particularly important. Most importantly, to make it look natural. That is styling is better to use the minimum amount.

Kos with a bandage

To braid a braid in the Greek style, it is necessary to begin to comb her hair and put on a bandage. Followed weave bundles on both sides of the back and wrap the bandage. Of the remaining hair weave braid and straighten the strands. You can consider the option of an evening performance of hairstyles with a bandage. First you need to make a big "horse" tail and divide it into two equal strands. Then screwed into the lower volume roller and fix invisible. Upper strand must also be divided into two parts and wrap them shaped cushion. And in the end on the roller base is put on a bandage or tape so that it is completely wrapping the head.

How to make a hairstyle with a Greek dressing? Versions


Hairstyles retro stored in fashion for many years, and this installation is also possible to use all sorts of Greek dressing. This embodiment is recommended for owners of hairstyles curly bob and lush hair. Create such a creature can be just a few minutes. If you have straight hair, long time to understand how to do her hair with Greek dressing in retro style, you do not have. Enough to put tape on the hair and slide it to the middle of the forehead. It looks great openwork weaving, which necessarily must be present side flower, bow or exotic feather.

The Greek dressing long hair

To create an image of the Greek goddess, you can choose one of the options for installation: Greek node "flames" or Greek tail. In contrast to classical assembly embodiment, Greek performed by dividing the hair parted. It can be placed both in the middle and with a bias towards. Divided evenly hair gather at the base of the head or at the top in the tapered beam. The most difficult part of the embodiment of laying in the Greek style is the option "flames". The difficulty lies in the fact that forming a strand, which will be applied to all the others, it is necessary to fix firmly and correctly. Greek tail - the most common variation of the hair in this style. You can make the tail on the top or back of the head, curls it can freely fall down or be curled into tight bundles. It looks very nice styling, when the tail is placed on its side, and hair framed an oval face and neck line.

Style "getter"

In ancient Greece, hair in this style were mostly ladies specific profession. But now this option is the most modest of all varieties pilings with Greek dressing. To put the hair in this style, you need to collect hair in a bun at random, and around facial contours fix tape. You can first secure the rim on the head, and then screwed into his hair, collecting them at the end of the base of the neck. This image is perfect very young girls.

How to make a hairstyle with a Greek dressing? Versions

Before doing hairstyle with Greek dressing, should be carefully examine the shape of the face. Such styling looks great, if a girl clearly defined cheekbones. If nature did not gave her such appearance, it is necessary to correct this deficiency with the help of cosmetics. Choosing a hairstyle resembling a variant in the Greek style, do not be afraid of bold experiments. This style combines perfectly with any make-up and clothes, so you will look harmonious and attractive. Greek dressing - is a versatile accessory with which you can always be in fashion. This has become an essential element in the style of boho and casual. Ribbon, ring, lace and so on - any of these variations will fit perfectly in the summer, and in the demi-season image.

How to make a hairstyle with a Greek dressing? Versions

The most common Greek style is reflected in the performance of stacking, when the hair freely dissolved and interspersed with several narrow plaits. Also very popular Greek braids due to the ease of creating a hair style and femininity, they attach to the exterior of the fair sex.