Hairstyle on long hair: manual. Hairstyles evening and every day

Every girl knows that if you have long hair, you can make beautiful and very complicated hairstyles. Owners of the long head of hair not only know all the secrets of hair styling hair, but also share all their species into two large groups: the evening and every day. Unlike one of the other categories it is just that the hairstyles for each day on long strands made quickly and are uncomplicated shapes that can realize every girl a couple of minutes.

Hairstyle on long hair: manual. Hairstyles evening and every day

Evening hairstyles, of course, best left to professionals: long hair require special care in creating a complex styling, but if there is no time or opportunity to go to the hairdresser to do something can be their own hands, the main thing - to choose a suitable form and to know the detailed instruction on its implementation.

Hairstyles with braids: and at work, and on the feast of

Highly relevant form of packing can rightly be considered kosopletenie in all its manifestations. This hairstyle has long been considered the standard of femininity and beauty, especially on long hair. Today, the classical concept of pigtails already collapsed: it is now not just the three strands intertwined and complex compositions, which combine several techniques and can be made even on the hair, which has a long bob haircut.

If we consider the braids on each day, the actual use "ear of the opposite." Done fairly quickly this hairstyle on long hair. Instructions is only a couple of points that are easy to remember.

Hairstyle on long hair: manual. Hairstyles evening and every day
  1. To get started you want to comb your hair thoroughly, as for any tangles need nesputannye strands.
  2. Weave "external spikelets" the most important, because in this case it is necessary to separate the temple on one strand and divide it into three parts.
  3. Of these three pryadok need to do a cover, shifting the hair is not from the top down, and vice versa.
  4. Then each new intertwined provide designated to be provided later in the middle part of the need to add hair to the head.
  5. Gradually braiding "spike the contrary," we get a bulk braid.
  6. When to take your hair will not be possible (they will be woven into a braid), you need to doplesti tail in a normal braid of three strands and the end secure eraser.

The festive variant kosopleteniya

If we talk about the evening laying the kosopletenie much harder, especially if done hairstyle on long hair. Instructions for the implementation of these pilings will contain a number of other necessary details. For example, very often combined with kosopletenie curls, but she bookbinding technique is very different.

My favorite hairstyle of brides: Spit with overlap

Especially popular are the "Crossover Spit" brides. How to do it?

Hairstyle on long hair: manual. Hairstyles evening and every day
  1. The hair are wound using curlers or curling irons.
  2. Since long hair is better to lay on one side, the Crossover weaving is done only on one side.
  3. Hair shifted to the right side, and separated from each region on one strand.
  4. So they twisted into curls, then the spit is a good amount, but need to fix the selected lock exactly on the opposite side. For fixing you must use stealth, hairpins.
  5. Also, on the side where she was stabbed today strand must be separated another part of the hair and attach to the opposite side. All "hanging balances" must carefully straightening between the "chinks" in the strands. Large amount in this case is guaranteed.
  6. Kos turns out very voluminous, it is easy to decorate various accessories, down to flowers.

Scythe - favored option due to its convenience and practicality of

Hairstyles with braids especially popular among brides. Why? The answer is quite clear and logical. Long hair, even twisted into a tight curlers, are bound to be straightened under its own weight, and thus leave them in a state of laxity impractical: laying simply will not live till evening. Kos perfectly keeps its shape, it can be made any size and magnitude, it is perfectly attached veil, because this time laying is most commonly used for many celebrations and events.

Hairstyle on long hair: manual. Hairstyles evening and every day

French waterfalls - perfect for long-haired girls

Long braid - it is certainly the pride of women, but this styling too quickly bored. If you want to have in the arsenal of a universal hairstyle for long strands to be able to make packing and go to university, and to date, it is necessary to consider the "French waterfall". This is really very feminine and neat hairstyle on long hair. Instructions on its creation is quite simple:

  • Carefully comb the hair.
  • Take the outermost lock on the temple and divided into three parts.
  • Do binder, and an average strand of let down and in its place to make new hair color according to the "ear of corn".
  • So braiding "French waterfall", you need to make a smooth rim from one temple to another.
  • End of weaving can be fixed bow or some hairpin.
  • All the straightened strands need to tighten curling without stretching kosopletenie. twist the rest of the hair if desired.

Such a long braid along the well head rests and allows girls to feel free: hair pulled, but not rastreplyutsya even with high activity, tilt and swivel head.

Curly - the most popular option festive styling

When you want to make a spectacular hairstyle, volume and even pompous, gathered in some form, it is better to do the curls on long hair. When the curls will be made, preferably small and elastic, they can be collected in bundles and shells, which allows to make packing unusually feminine and beautiful. Curls on long hair can be done for a variety of roles, but if you want to wear a long evening dress and look like a star of show business, you can try to Hollywood styling. Its peculiarity is that in order to achieve the hair perfectly smooth waves. How to make sure to get a stylish and neat haircut on long hair? Instructions embodiment of Hollywood waves rather short:

Hairstyle on long hair: manual. Hairstyles evening and every day
  1. With the wind the curlers hair all in one direction, after having washed them thoroughly and pat dry.
  2. Put all the curls on one side and with a comb with large teeth comb the hair sparse.
  3. Make a neat and smooth waves.
  4. Secure hair hairspray to hair does not disheveled and looked smooth.

"Ladder" and "cascade" is not a reason to abandon the stylish hairstyles for long hair,

Since there are different women's haircuts for long hair, the hair and the shape it is very diverse. Many girls, wanting to change yourself, do for long hair hairstyle "ladder" or "cascade". This form of hair is different in that there are very different hair lengths, from a couple of centimeters to a maxi on the perimeter the whole head. Do on such hair hairstyle is extremely difficult, but if you are interested in a holiday option, perfect bouffant curls on. In such a laying all hair is exposed to abundant fleece: the greater the volume, the better.

Hairstyle on long hair: manual. Hairstyles evening and every day

Pre hair is better to wind on large hair curlers, as small curls only create chaos, but especially for a haircut "ladder." In this case, you can use only the large curling iron or curlers.

Tails - comfortable and beautiful

All women's haircuts for long hair, even in the "ladder", you can make the tails. In such a case it is important to have a strand longer than the ear line. You need to carefully comb your hair, put them on top and secure with a rubber band. To styling does not look boring, you do surround bouffant at the base of the tail or 3/4 of its length.

Hairstyle on long hair: manual. Hairstyles evening and every day

In this case, the hair tucked into the tail should not hang or "take off", it should be smooth and neat.

Hairstyles with bangs or without her long hair,

Very often women leave themselves bangs: oblique, torn, straight, flat, depending on the type of entity. Sometimes it is uncomfortable, especially the girls with wavy hair structure, since it is necessary to regularly straighten exposing-heat. This damages the hair structure. But if you have nowhere to go and need to find a hairstyle on long hair with no bangs or her so that you can easily implement it? Girls who often have to straighten your hair, especially like the Greek hairstyles. To create them, you need to use a special bandage. It is worn along the forehead and tied at the back at the bottom. All hair are twisted in a spiral in this tape, forming a voluminous and very nice shape. Such stacking and used every day, and for some more festive event than a date. Greek hairstyles are perfect girls with or without bangs.