Spit "fish tail" - the original and simple hairstyle

Here is the hair in order of

Shampoos, conditioners, masks, conditioners - it's all clear, but that well-groomed hair - it is also beautifully arranged in her hair, not dangling icicles in cloudy and wet weather. In this article we will explain what hairstyles are suitable for women of all ages - the young student or business woman - and for all occasions: in the movie, or you go to work.


The original solution

The first one is the original hairstyle braid "pike tail". It is suitable for both smooth hair and for curly - it gives hair flavor. Before weaving a better wash your hair and blow dry, then the spit is magnificent. You need to comb your hair back, and from the temples to take two strands. Enter them on the back of his head, as if crossing over each other, one hand holding the twisted strands of hair, and the others by the same on the other side and attach it to the opposite side, weave around the hair growth, fasten a rubber band.

Beauty on your hair

Second stylish hairdo - a spit in a circle, or "basket". This beautiful, fashionable hairstyle will suit not only the owners of long hair, but also to those who have an average length. Itself a scythe right may not be able to braid, so this case is better to bring mom or girlfriends. First you need to moisten the hair a little water. There are two weaving. The first time you need to comb your hair back, and from the center to begin to weave braid, driving in a circle. Strands of hair you must take the same width from the outside, so the braid to obtain a flat and smooth. Basket weave need until you run out of loose hair, then finish the usual oblique and fixed to the head. In a second embodiment of weaving divide the hair on the back of his head into two equal parts, above the forehead begin to weave a French braid on the contrary, securing it to the ear, then the other side do the same, and the result is that the end of each braid entrenched at the base of the previous one. If you are the owner of thick hair, get more laps.


Beauty, which goes each

Spit "fishtail" got its name from an undeniable resemblance to the tail of the family of waterfowl. At first it was called the French braid, then spikelets. It looks braid "fishtail" excellent and braid it the most will not be easy. Consider weaving technology in detail. Best of all, this hairstyle looks for long hair. First, you need a well-combed hair parted in the middle and make a smooth all over the head, before weaving can be a little wet hair, then the strands will be more obedient and braid "fishtail" will be smooth and beautiful. Then, divide the hair into two equal strands, take a thin strand from the left side and carefully attach it to the right, then Do the same with the other hand until the braid "fishtail" will not be ready.



We have considered a simple elegant hairstyle, suitable for women of any age in any situation. You can come up with even a lot of different hairstyles. Depending on where to go with it, weave hair ribbons, decorations, flowers. This is the - is your imagination!