6 street workout that you can do with a guy

Exercise, may not stand at the head of the list of important things that you're planning to do by the end of the week. But if you want to fit exercise into your busy schedule and make time for the partner, joint training can be a good way to achieve a balance. We decided to share with you a simple exercise that will not only enhance the motivation to employment, improve their health and fitness, but also to strengthen your relationship.

1. Lekie jumping with a deep squat

6 street workout that you can do with a guy

This is a good option for a couple of warm-up with a partner. Exercise is working calves and buttocks.

How to: 4 light make the jump, alternately throwing straightened knee legs. Followed by a deep squat and jump on two straight legs. Remember to keep your back straight. Perform 20 repetitions.

2. Push-ups with cross-cotton in the palm of

6 street workout that you can do with a guy

We can often evade the push-ups, but it's one of the best exercises for strengthening the basic posture, the press, pectoral muscles and accelerate metabolism.

Tip: to ease the task of doing exercises on the floor with his knees.

How to: Get on your knees and straighten hands at shoulder width.

Straighten the body and dropped down. Raise your body, leaning on his hands and knees straightened. If you are located on the left, raise your left hand and let your partner raises his. Stretch free hands to each other and touch the palms. Return to starting position and do 10 sets.

3. Lead legs to the side, holding hands

6 street workout that you can do with a guy

The couple, who are balanced together, stay together. Exercise helps to improve balance and coordination, working muscles of the legs and buttocks.

How to: join hands and start to take one straight leg to the side. Make sure that the leg is slightly bent standing on the floor to make you feel the tension in the legs and buttocks. Perform each exercise at a moderate pace.

4. Twisting to the side standing

Exercise works out abdominal muscles, improves balance and posture. For its implementation you will not need a weighting agent

How to: stand backs to each other at a distance of half-step. Take a dumbbell in your hands, keep it on the level of the stomach. Take a breath and exhale turn around, give dumbbell partner and return to starting position. Let him repeat the same thing. Make 20 approaches.

For this exercise, ideal weights BowflexSelectTech.

They do not take up much space and are made of environmentally friendly, durable materials. Have more than 15 different weight settings, weight change occurs in a matter of seconds, allowing you to quickly switch c one exercise to another - this is exactly what you need in functional training.

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5. jumping squats and claps

6 street workout that you can do with a guy

In this exercise Keep an accelerated pace to keep up. Exercise increases the body's stamina and improves coordination, trains abdominal muscles and hamstrings.

How to: do jumps with a turn in the opposite direction so that one of them did you meet face to face and slapped each other's hands.

6. Raising the legs to bend in the shape of a heart

6 street workout that you can do with a guy

Exercise Workout and leg muscles.

Tip:, the lower you lower your legs, the more will be on the press.

How to: Sit on the floor side by side. Lean on forearm and lower back. Tighten your stomach and move your feet from side to side, skirting the form of half of heart. Do 10 sets.