8 simple and effective exercises for the press

When it comes to abdominal exercises, many think of the squat and endless slopes. But actually strengthening media depends not only on the local muscles, but also on the strengthening of the entire body: shoulders, back, buttocks. In other words, a set of exercises that will involve all major muscle and alternated burden on them. These are the exercises we decided to pick up for the next training session.

1. Bear

8 simple and effective exercises for the press

This exercise is perfect for simultaneous load on the body muscles and connective ligaments, as the main function of the body - is to coordinate movement. Namely the transfer of the main weight on the four limbs will help strengthen the spine, glutes and abs.

How to do: Lean from a standing position, keep the weight on straight legs and arms at an angle to the floor. Slowly begin to move the limb, moving forward, then back.

2. Cross ligament

8 simple and effective exercises for the press

The muscles of the body are also responsible for fast response, running, walking and general body mobility, so the next exercise will include cross connections, lateral muscle strengthening and improving coordination.

How to do: Stand with your arms bent at the elbows, get behind your head. In turn lift your knees to your chest, touching the elbow of the opposite arm.

3. A bird and a dog

8 simple and effective exercises for the press

A bit of yoga to your workout, you can add through exercise "Bird and dog", as they are more likely to help engage all the muscles at once body. But do not think that they are simple.

How to do: Get on all fours. To begin with rounded back, pulling the stomach to himself, his shoulders upward drag, translating the weight only on the feet and hands. Then relax and return to starting position. Now that the back straight, pull your right leg straight back, straight ahead and left hand. Legs should be straight, and the thrust arm and a leg to support the weight. The back should remain straight.

4. The bridge

8 simple and effective exercises for the press

The bridges are very useful, as they include the stimulation of the muscles that support the spine, and the muscles responsible for the upper torso.

How to do: Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees. Lifting your buttocks off the floor, lift the chassis at an angle to the floor, keeping the neck and shoulders off the floor. Thighs should reach up to the ceiling. Then falls down. To complicate this exercise, the next rise straighten one leg and pull it up, too, and then repeat it with the other leg.

5. The Russian twist

8 simple and effective exercises for the press

In this exercise you will not only strengthen the body muscles and the press, but also stimulate the muscles of the abdominal cavity and its walls, which is very useful for blood circulation and a better functioning of the organs.

How to do: Take the buttocks, slightly bending your knees. Hands - to the castle. Expand housing relative to the hips, leaving the last fixed. Hands touch the floor on the opposite side to ensure that the body twisting.

6. Janitors

8 simple and effective exercises for the press

This exercise strengthens your abdominal muscles like no other, as the maximum load transfers at the expense of coordination of limbs. Despite the fact that in this situation your body will tend to braid, you need to keep it in an upright position.

These exercises may seem daunting to newcomers, but each time you will be all the easier because the muscles will become stronger.

How to do: Lie on your back, arms apart. Lift straight legs at an angle of 90 degrees to the body. Alternately allot two straight legs to the side, trying to touch the thigh sex. Do not bend your legs, twist the torso. Then you will feel your abs working. Repeat the exercise on both sides.

7. Simplified abdominal exercises

8 simple and effective exercises for the press

If the previous exercise proved too difficult for you, you can try a simpler, but no less effective option, for which performance you need chairs. With this exercise, you can pump not only the abdominal muscles, but also strengthen the hips.

How to do: Place the chairs in a line and lay down on his stomach so that your thighs hung to the floor. Now raise your legs up so that your body consists of a straight line. Remember that the stomach should be pulled to the load is not passed on the lower back. To do this, monitor her back muscles. Raise the legs due to the load on the hips, not the waist muscles.

8. A climber

8 simple and effective exercises for the press

abdominal exercises and the body can be very moving, since the movement of the body includes a permanent reduction, stretch marks and other aerobics.

How to do: Start with ordinary stop lying. Bend one knee, pulling him to her through the hard thighs, and then return the leg to the starting position. Now do the exercise with the other leg. After returning to stop lying.