Simple exercises for perfect glutes

Exercises on the buttocks - it's a great way to not only strengthen your muscles and become healthier and slimmer, but also to correct the natural shape of the buttocks, making it a coveted. It should be understood that the muscles of the buttocks, as well as any other muscle to grow over time if you do certain exercises, so the result is guaranteed. We picked up a simple and useful exercises for the 6 most common forms of the buttocks and told how quickly and in a healthy way to rectify the situation.

1. V-shaped

Simple exercises for perfect glutes

V-shaped buttocks, the total at the bottom and wide at the sides, but significantly tapered towards the bottom. To align and round off this form, it is necessary to involve all groups of the gluteal muscles. The best exercise that you can try in this situation is called "Step Up". For him, you'll need a high enough ladder or any platform that you can climb it, bending the knee at an angle of 45 degrees.

Stand in front of the platform legs apart at shoulder width, and then climb on it, first placing the left foot forward and then pulling right. Go down the same way: first on one leg, this time on the right, and then lower the left. Repeat the exercise 10 times, then change the order of lifting the legs and repeat 10 more times. Make three sunset on each leg.

2. saggy

Simple exercises for perfect glutes

Models such as Heidi Klum and Liv Tyler have a similar shape of the buttocks. This does not mean that your buttocks do not differ elasticity, on the contrary, they can be very hard at the base, but to fall down, forming the shape of a drop. In this case, you must do exercises that strengthen the muscles of the thighs to burn excess fat on the sides and bottom.

Stand up straight, legs, spread wide, open shoulders and spread socks in hand. Lift the right leg up, make an imaginary circle in the air, keeping an eye out for the fact that the waist does not bend, and the back is hunched. If you can not lift his leg high, do not make the extra effort, do not threaten. Omitting the foot on the floor, put it more than it was originally, and sit down, widely spreading hips. Align, I repeat the same with the left foot. Do 12 sets on each leg.

3. With the fold

Simple exercises for perfect glutes

If you are familiar with the concept of "double chin", you can imagine what it means to have the buttocks with the same fold. To get rid of it, you need to combine cardio and strength training.

Lie on the mat face down, straighten brought together legs. Elbows dissolve and fold his hands under the forehead. Strain thigh, and then lift the legs upwards, taking the whole surface of the floor leg of the foot to the thigh. Secure the legs, hold for 10 seconds. Then lightly legs apart, draw circles in the air for 8 seconds. Lower the leg, repeat three more times, and then let the lower back relax, lying in a fetal position for 30 seconds.

4. Large

Simple exercises for perfect glutes

Large buttocks - it is certainly sexy, but when they are tight and strong, and are not the consequences of obesity. Strength training and diet - a solution to this problem. So you can burn excess fat not only from the buttocks.

Stand evenly with wide spread in the thigh. Legs keep straight, then bend over and touch your hands to your toes. Bend as low as possible, but do not bend your knees. If this is so far unattainable, lean as much as possible. If you bend your knees, efficiency exercises disappears. Climb, lunge right foot back, crossing his legs as if you are doing a curtsey. Return to the starting position. Repeat with the left leg. In one approach, you need to make 16 slopes and 8 reverence.

5. The flat

Simple exercises for perfect glutes

Wearing skinny, you feel like that's left an empty seat in the buttocks? So, you are the owner of flat buttocks. They are different: elastic and small, or frankly flat. In any case, to correct this problem, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks.

Stand on your left leg straight and right take aside, while also keeping a level. Bend forward, touching the floor with a straight right hand, left hand lift up above the body. Retaining position, jump on the right foot, placing in the direction of the left. During a jump, make sure that relying on both feet simultaneously. Now raise your right arm up and lower the left on the floor. Repeat the exercise for a minute. Do three sets with a pause of 30 seconds.

6. The bulge

Simple exercises for perfect glutes

Such buttocks are generally circular, and high elastic bulging relative to the back if the bubble inflated. For such exercises are necessary buttocks with stairs, squats and lunges, as well as walking and running.

Stand with your hands on your hips. Make ledge right foot forward and then slowly lower your left knee. Push down on the heel of the right foot, to go back to the starting position. Immediately do the same exercise on the other foot. Change legs 10 times, then rest and repeat three more times.