4 Tips to training after a holiday dinner

In winter, we all want to have more, and this creates a serious risk to overdo it with the amount of food consumed. But a large meal does not mean that you should lose your fitness and terminate sessions. Easy workout with stretching can help to relieve tension in the shoulders, reduce inflammation and promote blood flow to the digestive organs. Even if you feel that you can not move a stuffed belly, wait 15 minutes after lunch and try these simple exercises. Bonus: get up from a lying position is not necessary.

The side slopes

4 Tips to training after a holiday dinner

Choose a comfortable position: Lie down on the floor, legs spread shoulder-width apart. Put your left hand behind your head and missed 5 slow bend to the right, feeling a stretch side muscles all over the body. Repeat the slopes to the left - 5 times.

Breathe slowly and deeply, and then made two more approaches on both sides.

turn of the body

4 Tips to training after a holiday dinner

Sit on the buttocks, putting the foot on the floor. Establishments hands behind his head and rotates the body, trying to keep his elbows were divorced. Takes a deep breath on each twisting, squeezing out a breath. Pay attention to the oblique abdominal muscles, which will be involved in this exercise.

Stretching the quadriceps

4 Tips to training after a holiday dinner

Your quadriceps - one of the largest muscle groups in the body, so it is important to encourage them further circulation, especially if you have spent a lot of time on their feet. Lie on your side, slightly bending your knees. Reach your left hand and left leg as hard as you try, you can bend it at the knee back foot to touch the buttocks.

Performs exercises 30 seconds, and then reverses direction. Repeat another 2-3 sets on both feet.

The rise of the pelvis

4 Tips to training after a holiday dinner

Lying on your back, bend your knees, and then slowly lift the pelvis, creating a straight line from the knee to the chest. Repeat 10 times.

Then put your hands on your hips and gently raise your hips up until your knees bent does not come close to the armpits. Follow so that the back is not created pressure, holding hands feet. Return to the starting position, take a deep breath and perform the exercises for 5 approaches.

What do you do to cope with overeating?