Men's tattoo on his back: pros, cons and options sketches.

Tattoo is now rarely surprise anyone. Tattoo artists are different, therefore, an important aspect of the decision to decorate your body pattern of a lifetime will be the choice of professional craftsmen. It is also worth carefully choose the location, which will show off the tattoo. In this case, consider a tattoo on the back, male (photo shown below).

Selection of masculinity

Tattoos for men - it is already familiar and frequent phenomenon. Paint the hands, forearms, chest, legs, but why the stronger sex often choose it for men tattoos on his back? Well, at least these tattoos look original, stylish and elegant. But more important, perhaps, it is that it looks very bravely. After all, high-quality and interesting tattoo on the man's back relief looks very cool. On the beach certainly attracts attention, especially the opposite sex. Well, if needed, for example at work, men's tattoo on her back perfectly hidden under clothing.

Men's tattoo on his back: pros, cons and options sketches.

Convenient wizard

If you ask any tattoo artist, what part of the body is most convenient to work, he would answer unequivocally that it is back, especially for men. Why? Well, at least because of the fact that the work area allows you to turn imagination and possibilities. You can choose an image of any shape and size, play with colors, shades and undertones. Extensive and smooth surface of the skin makes it possible to thoroughly study and detail drawing, and thanks to the presence of the spine is possible to achieve perfect symmetry, if it is needed for the tattoo. The back is one of the few places that age slower susceptible strain, and it means that the tattoo will remain longer in its original form.

Men's tattoo on his back: pros, cons and options sketches.

Small cons

For all its advantages, the tattoo on the back, male and female, are very difficult to access for the first time for treatment and care. It is better if the help in this matter would be someone from relatives and friends. Also, if the image is large and full-color, tattooing is a long and likely staged, and the cost is very high, because the work will require the master of a great effort. Ribs, shoulder blades and spine - quite painful area should take this into account when choosing a place for the tattoo. Well, another important factor - male tattoos on his back will entertain the views of others, while the owner of the underwear masterpiece of art can admire it only in the mirror.

Men's tattoo on his back: pros, cons and options sketches.

space for the

When a picture is selected, you must first determine the area of ​​the back, which is bred to be a tattoo.

The compositions on the whole back is very impressive, as well as the cost and duration of the work, but they are worth it, because in this case, you can create an entire picture. Often depict animals and birds, mostly predators: eagles, hawks, tigers, lions, wolves, and dragons. But the most favorite type of pattern in the whole back are wings of all shapes, colors and sizes: angelic, demonic, birds and any others that you can imagine. Another popular sorts of different fonts and writing in any language. You can also select a single pattern on the blade or the guy on both. These tattoos are also very popular. In these places it is possible to create absolutely any image. An interesting option is the continuation of the blade along the tattoo hand and until the brush.

At the base of the neck are preferred small figures such as crosses, characters, runes and other things.

Very elegant look long tattoo spine. Often, they are tall and narrow, such as characters, built by a column, a snake, an abstraction.

Men's tattoo on his back near the waist do not enjoy popularity.