Dress for the summer as a symbol of the season

Summer time is unthinkable without the bright, light, charming Women's sundresses. More suitable and beautiful clothes for the summer heat is not found. Usually sundress for summer has a simple, unpretentious style, so in the new collections of fashion designers seek to impress their fans do not form a model, and its colors and finishes.

Dress for the summer as a symbol of the season

What models are fashionable in the summer 2013?

This season sundress length does not matter. It is important that it is made of light, preferably natural fabrics, which, even at the maximum length can make you feel easy and comfortable. Dress for summer 2013 may have an open back, deep and quite frank neckline and slits, ruffles and flounces are welcome. Very urgent trimming lace or braid. Again become fashionable and combining overestimated waist of tissues one color scheme, but with a different pattern.

Long sundresses this season

In 2013, it became especially popular long summer dresses for the summer. Moreover, regardless of the age of a beautiful stranger and her physique. Romantic and feminine, this model perfectly sit in the various figures. We can always choose such an option, which effectively emphasize the dignity of the figure and skillfully hide its flaws. For example, long flared model with spicy neckline accentuate the beautiful bust, and no one would ever think that his owner is not very beautiful legs. Presence is not very large breasts can be compensated by lush ruffles on sleeves, and a high cut will bring focus on the slender lower part of your figure. Furthermore Sarafanov the floor very popular length of the ankle. Also, pay attention to new, original prints - a huge orange and cocktail glasses.

Dress for the summer as a symbol of the season

Short summer sundresses

Dress for summer 2013 the concept of "short" includes mini and midi. In any case, it should not significantly fall below the knee. Perfectly complement the daily business wardrobe for the summer sundress muted colors and with a small bell-bottoms. It can be on the broad shoulder straps.

Original solutions

Fans of hand-made with great pleasure will wear this season are short, tight-fitting shape knit tunics. If they are made of white cotton thread, then look these decorations just amazing. They will not be deprived of the season and the fans of jeans style. Great maestro Karl Lagerfeld has created a denim collection for the summer, two thousand thirteenth year for the famous brand Chanel. Very short for the summer sundress trimmed with lace can be worn with wide belts, corsets few rough finish. And another novelty of the season - short sundresses from flowing shiny fabrics, with the effect of metallic. These models are, of course, difficult to attribute to the everyday clothes, but as a club or a cocktail option - it is quite possible.

Dress for the summer as a symbol of the season

The classic summer dress

For everyday wear the classic sundresses for summer (photos) can be made from any fabric: chiffon and denim, jersey and silk. This is exactly the clothes that emphasizes the beauty and youth, femininity and elegance.