Pink hair: how to achieve a desired color?

Who only the fair sex are not experimenting on their appearance in search of a creative way? The desire to stand out, be unique and exclusive at times so strong that pushes the most daring deeds. Pink hair - one with such bold decisions. How to achieve the desired color? This will be discussed.

Pink hair: how to achieve a desired color?

How to choose your tone pink hair color

Correctly and a nice selection of original and even exclusive shades of pink color on the hair can turn any, even the most ordinary, hair style in an artistic masterpiece. The fair sex, whose bright pink, or, conversely, light-pink hair, instantly becomes the object of attention from the male half of humanity. The correct choice of pink color will necessarily depend on the selection to him not only the style and color of clothing, but also the right makeup.

When choosing your pink hair color need to consider factors such as the type and appearance, natural and native color shade, the courage for such a radical change in appearance. Very bright, hot pink hue curls optimally suitable for those girls who have white skin and clear eyes and gray shade. It is in this contrasting combination of pale color and bright, saturated pink hairstyles, looks to be very spectacular. On the other hand, bright and active pink hair color is not suitable for those who have dark skin color, as the overall impression of such an image can be vulgar.

On the other hand, is not very bright pink hair fit to virtually any color type. But it sure is worth remembering that when painting will be underlined and visible defects of the skin pale pink, and tooth enamel becomes visually with a yellowish tinge.

Pink hair: how to achieve a desired color?

What you need to know in order to get a pink hair color?

Firstly, it is best to give in pink color your hair if you do it the first time, as in this case, paint pigments will work more efficiently, especially if it is light-colored hair.

Secondly, under the condition that hair blonde by nature, or discolored, then get the desired result in the form of a pink color will not make much effort.

Third, if the hair is dark, especially painted in a dark color, coloring process in pink becomes a multi-stage. Pink hair dye is applied after hair bleaching treatments or the use of special washup means for dry hair, which neutralizes the previously dark pigments The applied paint. All this must be done to avoid unexpected and unwanted effects in the color pink.

Pink hair: how to achieve a desired color?

How to dye her hair pink?

The initial phase of the color pink for the owners of the natural dark hair color - is lightening or bleaching. At this stage, you should determine what dyeing agent in the desired color will be used in the future: ink, toner, or surface means. Naturally, the hair dye, as compared to the tonic, which is quickly washed out and colors the hair for a short period of time, will be able to paint the hair for a long time.

After clarification and directly in front of the hair coloring in shades of pink we should take a few days. This is to ensure that the hair a rest, and coloring or bleaching pigments completely absorbed into the hair surface. Further it is possible to proceed to the next step - direct staining. When staining procedure should fully comply with all that is written in the application of paint or tonic instructions.

Pink hair: how to achieve a desired color?


General Terms and advice on hair coloring

With regard to the general rules and color tips, they are as follows:

  • The ink should be applied to dry hair washed;
  • As with any other hair dyes, holding time after its application will be proportional to influence the outcome in terms of getting the right shade of pink; the longer the time the paint will be on the hair, the more intense will be the desired color;
  • also worth remembering that the active color shades, including pink, fairly quickly and easily washed away from the hair, so special care products to be used for color-treated hair, which fix the color, apply professional masks and balms, especially if they It was painted after the clarification.
Pink hair: how to achieve a desired color?

How to choose a paint color pink hair?

At the current market, many leading cosmetic brand companies produce the tonic with lots of pink shades. First of all you should pay attention when choosing and buying a tonic for the hair to the following points:

  • to tonic composition, optimally if it is not ammonia or ammonia derivatives;
  • on the appearance of a tonic, it should be thick;
  • to the smell, it should be an enjoyable, no pungent smell of chemistry;
  • when choosing a tonic for painting should pay their attention to such popular shades of pink as the "Bordeaux" and "Rosewood".

For a long time the effect should choose a hair dye different shades of pink. Since pink hair in modern fashion trends are very popular, almost all the leading manufacturers of hair dyes offer a huge number of colors lines pink shades. Among the permanent colors should pay special attention to such shades of pink as the "Shocking Fuchsia", "Night Violet", "purple orchid" and "Pink and pearl."

How to give your hair a shade of pink, not coloring their hair dye

In addition to tonics and hair dyes leading cosmetic companies have developed and released a new type of colorants. They do not penetrate deep into the curls as pink hair dye or a tonic, as it were, envelop it. As an example, for shallow or superficial hair tonics.

Crayons hair in a short time can dye her hair pink. When using this achievement of modern cosmetics is possible without changing its natural natural hair color, to achieve the original coloring of pink or shades of pink.