How to tie the jig correctly

Many people love fishing and can not imagine their life without it fun. Man is not only rest the body and soul, but also gets pleasure from the process. But in practice, quite often there are small gear failure, such as breakage, and the fisherman must know how to tie the jig alone, without the help of outsiders. Indeed, the inability to inevitably lead to spoiled rest and threatens to leave the fisherman-loser without a catch. So, we need to examine in advance all the details of the fisheries science. Skillful hands will come in handy here.

How to tie the jig correctly

If the wrong tie jig

To be confident in their abilities, you must be able to tie knots, loops, fasten hooks and know how to tie fishing tackle to the line and attach a leash. Incorrectly tied jig may lead to the fact that at the most inopportune moment, unleash unit, and the fish will go along with the hook. Without this necessary minimum of outdoor recreation with a rod in his hand threatens to turn into a huge problem, and spoiled the mood.


How to tie the jig correctly

If you are just starting to get involved in winter fishing, a few tips will help to master this task.

The first thing you should pay attention - this is the bait. It should be a few different kinds of fish.

Secondly, you should buy a good tackle, which will save you from unpleasant damage and breakages.

Third, every fisherman must know exactly how to tie fishing tackle, or it may simply come loose during podsekaniya fish.

Fourth, just need to get a good drill. Otherwise, where you will catch a fish? Finally, the clothes should be warm and comfortable, as ice fishing means being in one position near the wells. Experienced fishermen carved himself gear boxes for the storage of spare accessories and tools that are also stools. Another good idea to get a small tent that unfolds on a hole, it will protect from penetrating wind. Also fishing should bring some food and water.

How to tie the jig correctly

Tips angler

To ensure good and efficient fishing, you need to carefully prepare for it. Perhaps the most important attributes are fishing line, jig and rod.

The line should be solid, depending on the location and size of the fish, otherwise it can easily break. You need to know how to tie fishing tackle to the line, how to knit loops as drilling wells. Without these basic skills of fishing can turn into a painful pastime.

nodes that knit jig

Tying mormyshkas virtually no different from the tying hooks, as a basis in both cases is the hook. two units can be used for the process - with an eye and without ear.

How to tie the jig correctly

How to tie fishing tackle? It must be attached so that the hook is facing up and located in relation to the line at an angle of 145 degrees. This will reduce the likelihood of abrasion and breakage of line.

If the jig has a hole, it is necessary to thread the fishing line and tie a puncture-proof assembly is fine Canadian eight. When tying is not recommended to use simple components. This would lead to their rapid unleash, and how to tie jig - can be learned from the drawings.

The first method

This method involves fixing jig loop using braided fishing line. The cord must be threaded through the hole jig together with the usual fishing line 1-2 millimeters. Protruding ends of the braids need to wrap around the hook shank hook at one end - in a clockwise direction, the second - counter clockwise to form a double or a normal node. When this monofilament is knitted in the main assembly, both for conventional hooks with an eye.

How to tie the jig correctly

The second option

Unlike the first, it is more complicated. These types of units are mainly used by experienced fishermen and those involved in sport fishing.

This method assumes that a fisherman already knows and knows how to tie the jig and how to tie knots. Binding is done by threading the hole jig soft cambric. The selection should be individualized for each type of jig. The lower jig, the smaller opening and tend tubing should be even thinner and more elastic.

Quite difficult to find the right tubing size and diameter, so it can be dipped in boiling water and then stretch to the desired size.

For fixing it is necessary that its ends protrude slightly from the edges that need to be singed in the fire, thus protecting the line from abrasion and breakage.

How to tie the jig correctly

Types mormyshkas

These devices are used in ice fishing instead of hooks. The fisherman must know how to tie the jig. Usually jig consists of a hook that is securely soldered to the small size fraction. This fraction may be a tungsten, tin or lead. Some species mormyshkas covered with fluorescent materials. Mormyshka usually shiny on one side or coated with paint, a variety of forms. It can be triangular or circular, semi-circular or diamond-shaped, it often does not matter. But whatever the color and configuration as it was, the fisherman must know exactly how to tie a winter jig.

For different species of fish use different jig, such as "lenticels", "drop", "ant", "rabbit", "ovsinka" and others.

Tie two jig

Too often fishermen use fishing line to a two jig, which are arranged one behind the other. "Steam" as they say experienced. And how to tie two jig, they know very well. Let us learn, and we are with you these tricks.

Lower jig fit tightly on the end of the line, whereas the upper can be either mobile or stationary. If the top to make a mobile, you will need to pre-record on the line locking beads, between which it will slide. The most optimal distance between them - from twenty-five to thirty centimeters.