Push-ups: the use and recommendation of the Implementation

Push-ups - this is an excellent exercise, which involved almost all the muscles of the body. In addition, its implementation does not require special conditions - meter two free area - and you get the desired result. Great exercise - push-ups, benefit from it incredible: developing the triceps, deltoid and pectoral muscles front. That is, in principle, all those muscles, as in the bench press at the gym.

Push-ups: the use and recommendation of the Implementation

The correct performance technique

It is worth noting that the correct technique is very important, otherwise the use of push-ups will not be so great. The first thing to keep an eye on the position of the back and buttocks - the body must be in an upright position, when viewed from the side, the head - looking at the floor. In the starting position - arms straight. Then lower your body down by bending arms at the elbows. Go down as long as the breasts do not touch the floor. Pay attention to your breath: the downward movement - on the breath, body lifting - exhale.

Proper hand position and body with push-ups

The position of the hand directly load balancing and weight depends. If you put your hands in the standard position - on the width of the shoulders, the load is distributed evenly. If your hands wider than shoulder width to install, it will increase the benefits of push-ups on the outer part of the chest and deltoids. If the distance between the arms is reduced, the load will shift toward the inside of the chest muscles and triceps. The load distribution is also changed by changing the position of the body. There are two options: the legs above his head, and his head above the legs. In the first case, you load the top of the chest, and the second load is shifted to the lower part of the chest muscles.

Push-ups: the use and recommendation of the Implementation

Train muscles

Of course, the base will never be pushups. the use of them is somewhat different - body shaping, body conditioning and maintenance of the entire body in excellent physical shape. Pushup trains and strengthens the back muscles, shoulder girdle, the press and even legs. In addition, this exercise helps to normalize the activity of the major systems of the body.

Respiratory system

If properly perform pushups, and the benefits will be for the respiratory system, as it is in the process of exercise sends oxygen to all the organs and tissues. Lowering the body at the push-ups, breathe in fully opening the chest, allowing oxygen to fully fill the lungs. Lifting body simultaneously exhale carbon dioxide. It is impossible in any case to hold your breath, as so many young athletes. The lack of oxygen will cause dizziness and weakness. Only when calm, rhythmic breathing and slow movements in the process of push-ups will benefit.

Push-ups: the use and recommendation of the Implementation

Tips for beginners

Before starting an exercise on push-ups it is necessary to consult a doctor. That he will give permission and determine the extent of the load, taking into account your fitness and health. If there are no contraindications to perform, then you can begin to exercise push-ups, the use of the initial stage is at low loads. That is better to perform a smaller number of push-ups, but make more approaches.