Eyebrows wide. To go wide eyebrows? Fashion for thick eyebrows

Fashion dictates its own rules, not only for clothing and footwear. It concerns a manicure, makeup, hairstyles, and everything else. Even her eyebrows were not ignored. For a long time the most relevant were thin lines, sometimes comparable with strings. Recently, the trend naturalness, so the fashion for wide eyebrows is understandable.

Eyebrows wide. To go wide eyebrows? Fashion for thick eyebrows

Topical fashion rules

By choosing the shape and thickness of the eyebrows, which will comply with the latest trends is to give unconditionally from very thin options. Some time ago, at the peak of popularity were completely shaved eyebrows drawn with pencil line. Today it is already irrelevant. Furthermore, such a choice can be a demonstration of bad taste.

Recent trends can not be considered as an unconditional and universal rules. And despite the fact that the broad eyebrows are not for everyone, it is necessary to strive for maximum naturalness.

It is very important to pay attention to the form. It should be abandoned in favor of sharp lines smooth and soft, while thick eyebrows will look more harmonious. Many opt for straight eyebrows with a slight roundness in the end. This form gives the person tenderness.

Of course, only to grow eyebrows will not be enough. For them to care. Too much regrown hair should be trimmed should be regularly tinker with their form, tweezers removing excess hair from underneath the arc.

Eyebrows wide. To go wide eyebrows? Fashion for thick eyebrows


Contrary to stereotypes broad black eyebrows are not the only possible option. Are permitted to experiment with color.

For example, very relevant will lighten hair. Moreover, the degree may be very different. You can make them slightly bleached, using a conventional powder. Eyebrows may have a tone identical to the skin color. But without a tattoo in this case it is no longer enough. Does not necessarily make her eyebrows blond, if this trend does not like. It is possible to try to bring them on top by means of tone color that is suitable to your skin.

Natural eyebrow tattoo and without the use of technologies to darken or lighten also be in the trend.

What should I do if my hair is quite rare

Not all women have the nature of the bushy eyebrows. This is no reason to despair, because you can resort to the help of cosmetics. To save time and less care for them, you should see a specialist, and do tattooing or capacity. This will free up a lot of time and will not doubt the ideal external type of eyebrows at any time. In contrast to the shadows and pencil, tattoo is not erased in any weather. Eyebrows will look perfect in the pool and on the beach, and in the sauna.

The procedure has its own characteristics. The result can seriously affect the appearance, transforming it or spoiling. To avoid any negative effects, it is worth taking the time to choose a worthy master. Moreover, tattooing has contraindications. This procedure is quite painful, and requires proper care during the healing period eyebrows.

Eyebrows wide. To go wide eyebrows? Fashion for thick eyebrows

If you do not want to resort to such services, it is possible to dispense with special pencils and shadows. With their help, you can touch up eyebrows, make them thicker line, give the necessary form. These cosmetic products can be easily priobrazhalas his appearance at any time. They are also easy to wash off, if the result is not like it, and continue to experiment.

To go wide eyebrows

Since the brow arch - a fairly prominent feature on any face, their expression does not fit all. They will look good in combination with a large and expressive eyes, a rather plump lips. And thick eyebrows look quite appropriate on the face with prominent cheekbones. At the same time they should not be too dark or low, so we can easily add individual notes of gloom and visually make the eyes smaller. It is important that they looked harmoniously, and were not the main accent in the image. When thin facial features should be little shortening hairs and eyebrows make less dense.

The process otraschivaniya

To hairs grew faster eyebrows require regular maintenance.

When shampooing is recommended to apply a couple of drops of balsam for the hair on his eyebrows. To enhance blood flow, should be to massage the area with the help of brushes.

Eyebrows wide. To go wide eyebrows? Fashion for thick eyebrows

It is necessary to watch your diet. Complete and balanced nutrition has a positive effect on the entire body. That hair, including in the area of ​​the eyebrows, grew better, it is necessary to present the menu products such as milk and eggs, buckwheat and spinach, bananas and fish, liver. But a diet with the refusal of some products may have a negative impact on the growth of desired hair.

It is important to monitor the level of calcium in the body, with its lack of standing to receive expert advice and start taking drugs.

Come to the aid of a variety of masks. For example, with natural oils: burdock, almond, castor. A beneficial effect on hair growth chamomile broth. For the density of the eyebrows can make regular carrot mask. Spoon juice is mixed with a few drops of vitamin A. Then, using a cotton discs mixture was applied to the brow for 20 minutes.


There are those who go wide eyebrows, but some of the fair sex, they just do not fit. In order to be a person, you must have a good clean skin. In the presence of inflammation, redness and other imperfections recommended to choose the average width of eyebrows. Their severity will attract unnecessary attention to the oily skin with large pores.

Eyebrows wide. To go wide eyebrows? Fashion for thick eyebrows

Eyebrows wide can visually add a few extra years. Therefore age ladies should refuse such a fashion trend.

A quick way to transfiguration

To eyebrows looked increasingly need quite a bit of time. First comb brush need them so that the hairs are directed vertically as possible. Then you need to give them a visual density with a pencil or shadow. To hairs retain their upright position, they need to secure the gel.

Such a method is relevant for owners eyebrows straight or raised shape. This should be quite thick eyebrows.

If the situation is more complicated ...

If the nature of the raised eyebrows and narrow, or if they were plucked strongly, and wait for them to grow back themselves for a long time, we can resort to some tricks.

First, they need to comb upwards. Then, draw a pencil hairs. At the bottom of the stripes should go to the eyebrows and slightly protrude beyond the natural hairs. By the edge of the dash are drawn longer. They must go beyond the existing hairs. To correct the shape, to remove the middle of the area and make the brow rounder hairs are drawn by the bending line.

Eyebrows wide. To go wide eyebrows? Fashion for thick eyebrows

After that, you need to comb your eyebrows in the opposite direction, so that it was easier to adjust the top line, which is released shadows. Then all it combed in the direction of hair growth. The lower part of the painted hair emphasizes shadows. At the end you will need a well-sharpened pencil draw the fine hairs.

Owners of large facial features are painted thick suit and thick eyebrows. The girls miniaturized they will look rude and inappropriate. But that is no reason to abandon them, just need to make adjustments. Instead of a complicated procedure with an underscore lines and drawing the hairs should be given a little more volume with the help of shadows. This will keep the proportionality.

Men's eyebrow

Meticulous care of appearance is no longer a woman's prerogative, men are also giving him more attention.

Well-groomed eyebrows make eyes open and his face - younger.

Drastic changes of fashion trends is almost no actual flat wide strip.

Eyebrows wide. To go wide eyebrows? Fashion for thick eyebrows

Wide eyebrows in men with the need to be corrected. First of all conjoined eyebrows on the bridge should be divided. You will need to pull out their tweezers, remove wax or shave. But it will have to trim quite often, so it's not the best way. Too long and thick eyebrows need a haircut. This can be done with small scissors or clippers. It should also be regularly brush them in the direction of hair growth.

By and large, this withdrawal ends. Perhaps the use of cosmetics, for example, clear gel.

For fans of something new to be relevant experiments with color and partial shaving.

Of course, you need to follow the fashion trends, but implicitly they do not need to follow. It is important to take into account individual features of appearance, the same applies to shape, thickness and color of eyebrows.