Eva Mosaic Ideal Eyebrow: assortment, customer reviews

In recent years, women around the world are paying a huge amount of attention to the beauty of your eyebrows. Eyebrows can complement and enhance any image only in the event that care for them and choose the best decoration products. Cosmetics brand Eva Mosaic released a line of products that help to easily create the desired shape of your eyebrows.

The range of line

decorative line of products for eyebrows Ideal Eyebrow is very popular not only among ordinary women, but also among professional makeup artists. Products that are included in its range of products, fast and easy to create a beautiful shape eyebrows and are quite budget. Many girls can buy and taste means Eva Mosaic, enjoys great popularity.

Eva Mosaic Ideal Eyebrow: assortment, customer reviews

The range Ideal Eyebrow line includes the following products for the eyebrows:

  • eyebrow pencil;
  • reticulation of shadows;
  • mascara eyebrow.

These products are suitable for use either alone or in combination, perfectly complementing each other. Each of them on a daily basis helps to create the right brow shape.

Eyebrow Pencil

This product has in the beautician every girl and used almost daily. Pencil Eva Mosaic - wood, and requires constant undermining using sharpeners. This format is considered to be more convenient than the mechanical pencil, because you can always make a sharp tip.

Eva Mosaic Ideal Eyebrow: assortment, customer reviews

The pencil is equipped with a special brush for the eyebrows, which is carefully combing hair and pigment blend well. With its help, you can achieve a natural effect on the eyebrows and make the boundaries are not so clear. Brush densely packed and are made of high-quality fluff that does not remain in the balance and not fall. Eyebrow Pencil is available in several shades, which allows each girl to choose the most suitable for themselves. Customer reviews say that it has a solid lead, but breaks off during the staining of eyebrows and does not scratch the skin. After fixing of the same name in ink pencil Eva Mosaic held throughout the day, and not smeared by touch.

Reticulation shadows

Girls who choose every day to paint her eyebrows using shadows, argue that the reticulation of Eva Mosaic - an excellent option for permanent use. Staining of eyebrows shadows requires certain skills, but girls who have never used the shadows, can easily cope with this task.

Eva Mosaic Ideal Eyebrow: assortment, customer reviews

Texture shadows Eva Mosaic velvet, and they are easily distributed over the eyebrows. The kit includes two shades of brow - dark and light, highlighter to emphasize the outline and the brush, which, according to reviews, is excellent for use. Shadows have a grayish-brown hue and perfect for girls with any hair color. Pigmented shadows and fit well on the eyebrows.

Buyers in a review of Eva Mosaic say that after using this mosaic eyebrows look natural. Highlighter nicely emphasizes the area under the eyebrow and gives a light glow, as in its composition contains light-reflecting particles. Brushes that are in mosaic - for carding eyebrows and for the application of shadows - made of high quality material and suitable for permanent use.

Mascara Eyebrow

Quality fixing eyebrows - the key to their beautiful appearance all day long. For this cosmetic company has launched a mascara for the eyebrows, which is aimed at fixing and additional staining hairs. Mascara by Eva Mosaic is very popular and satisfy the requirements of buyers.

Eva Mosaic Ideal Eyebrow: assortment, customer reviews

Apply the product with a brush, which copes well with its task. It is able to be laid, carded, and further paint over the hairs. The consistency of the carcass allows it to rapidly solidify the eyebrows and keep them throughout the day. This product for the eyebrows Eva Mosaic contains a large amount of pigments that allow girls with thick eyebrows not use a pencil or shade.

Mascara gives the hair a natural look and remains on the eyebrows, even after touching them. Girls in a review of Eva Mosaic claim that the product is definitely worth a look. Remove makeup with eyebrows can be using micellar water or gel for washing.


for Ideal Eyebrow eyebrow line products are really very popular among girls and makeup artists around the world. They have a budget cost, and sold in all cosmetic stores. Pencil, eye shadow and mascara gained much popularity due to their high quality and natural effect on the eyebrows.