Decoration eyebrows

Eyebrow Design - is an important part of our image. The task of the eyebrows is to enhance the beauty of the eye and correct accents on the face. Besides their regular outlines can hide certain flaws appearance. In the process of correction of the eyebrows to choose the most suitable for your exterior shape is the most responsible and difficult task.

Decoration eyebrows

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The decoration of the eyebrows - is a long and painstaking process. But if you approach it carefully, the result is stunning. After all, the best decoration of the eye is not cosmetics, and well-groomed brows beautifully shaped. Their smooth lines make the face more expressive and attractive. Without them, it will resemble a mask. In determining the intentions and feelings of the person physiognomists make emphasis on this trait face. For example, the triangular shape of the eyebrows shows overbearing and cruel, half-round - on the complaisance and softness. Almost straight arc over the eyes indicate extraordinary personality, which differs inconstancy. Experts assure that by changing the shape of eyebrows can affect a person's character.

What could be the brow

Eyebrows can be arched, kinked, straight, house - natural forms there are so many. But if you are not satisfied with what nature rewarded you, there are eyebrow shaping, arc adjustment, taking into account your type of person and your wishes.

Decoration eyebrows

Eyebrow using thread

In an effort to achieve the ideal eyebrow shape and keep them in this condition, women use a procedure such as eyebrow shaping thread. This method has come to us from the East, and now it is becoming increasingly popular. Its essence lies in the following steps: take a cotton thread a length of about fifty centimeters. The tips are connected, and in the middle it is necessary to twist in the loop. This loop, which is obtained as a result, and the hairs are trapped. Then thread the edges sharply and quickly pulled together. After carrying out this procedure, the result is stored for four weeks. Many female representatives who have already tested this method on yourself, believe that because of it manages to make the shape of eyebrows clearer.

Decoration eyebrows

to Eyebrow Design: training and the importance of the practice of

Make correction eyebrow shape in various ways. Most often for this purpose women use tweezers. But there is another, more effective method - correction of eyebrows thread. To master this method requires some experience and skill. To reach the top skill, you need to practice not only themselves, but also, for example, to his friends (but if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to entrust the implementation of this procedure, experts in the cabin). Also, as an illustrative example, we can see a video of how the eyebrow shaping. Ufa, as well as other major cities, offer special courses to learn the method. Education will accelerate, if you understand the essence of this method. It is worth noting that in the cosmetic centers use a special thread consisting of a thin nylon fibers twisted together. After contact with skin, she quickly grabs the hair and as a result of a sharp movement removes them.

Decoration eyebrows

Advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow correction procedures thread

Eyebrow shaping thread - ideal for women with sensitive skin around the eyes. With this method, the invented Asians can pluck hairs virtually painless. In addition, the thread removes even the shortest, or invisible ones. Also as a result of the proper conduct of this procedure, the eyebrows form goes perfect. Since the thread is easy to cope not only with the hair, but also with a barely noticeable fuzz, to overcome which is unlikely to succeed in using conventional tweezers. Benefits include the length and store the result: your eyebrows will look good for about a month. After this period, the hairs grow back, but their structure remains the same. And one more thing - the procedure is carried out very quickly.

Despite the striking effect and obvious advantages, eyebrow shaping thread has some disadvantages. Firstly, you need to accumulate a certain skill to independently remove hairs. To carry out the procedure with maximum effect, they should be about 5-6 mm long. And it is unacceptable for an impeccable appearance.

If we talk about the shortcomings of this procedure, the first thing worth mentioning her pain. Unpleasant sensations are significantly stronger than when plucking her eyebrows with tweezers. That the procedure was less painful, is necessary before its implementation to steam the face. It can also be used for pain relief in a piece of ice. Before the procedure, you need to wipe them treated skin area. Next you need to wipe off excess water with a napkin and then proceed to the most adjustment.

What is included in the registration service Eyebrow

In addition to making the perfect brow shape design procedure involves staining according to the shade of your hair. For brunettes and brown-haired women it is recommended to choose a color for a couple of shades lighter. A Light Brown girls and blondes, on the contrary, for a couple of shades darker hair color. Beautiful well-groomed eyebrows - an important detail of the image of any woman, because they emphasize the shape of the eyes, giving an expressive look. The correct form of arcs makes a person younger and hides signs of fatigue. It is impossible to achieve a perfect image without perfect eyebrows.