How to pluck eyebrows thread correctly

Many women turn to beauty salons for the purpose of correction of eyebrows and trust this procedure experts. Often, watching the work of a professional, we can learn a lot, including how to make the eyebrow thread specially trained craftsmen.

How to pluck eyebrows thread correctly

Unfortunately, to reproduce what he saw at home is not that at all, but also the opportunity to get to unqualified is the place to be. Often creatively customized master can in their own way to see the image of the client and to disregard all its primordial requests. As a result, we are waiting for a little shocking result as the resulting extra thin or too angular shape of the eyebrows.

In order to avoid such cases carefully choose interior, pay attention to the work performed and the staff describes very clearly what you want to get in the end, taking into account all the nuances.

The newest method of eyebrow correction

To date, gaining increasing popularity correction thread eyebrows. Such a procedure to remove unwanted hair can be carried out as a specialist, as well as within your own apartment. The main demand - to learn how to fully own thread and understand the basic principles of modeling eyebrows.

Those who do not have time to carry out such manipulations and entry into the cabin, suitable tattoo method, which does not have problems with uneven plucked eyebrows for several months. But do not forget that the natural beauty of women is always appreciated more and looks more natural.

Before you pull out the thread eyebrows, should become familiar with all the ins and outs of this process.

The benefits of thread adjustment

How to pluck eyebrows thread correctly
  • The main advantages of this simulation method may include the speed to achieve a desired result. The main difference in the work with the thread of tweezers - this seizure of several hairs, which reduces the time spent on plucking. The result is a perfect line.
  • While the excess hair removed when correction is parallel renewal of the skin, since the thread exfoliates dead cells. The basic rule - learn to understand how to pluck eyebrows thread, and practice to try not to hurt the skin.
  • The effect is perfect eyebrows can last about one month, after which should re-arm the special thread and update the shape of eyebrows.

The main disadvantages of this procedure

  • On the downside of plucking eyebrows by using yarns include sharp pain, which is manifested in the capture of several hairs. It will have to tolerate less time than with forceps, since the procedure takes only a few minutes.
  • The difficulties in carrying out the procedure themselves. If you are not friends with the main instrument and could not figure out how to tweeze eyebrows thread, it is not necessary to torture yourself - it is better to seek salon.

simulation at home

How to pluck eyebrows thread correctly

If you have expressed a desire to try his own hand to create the perfect style and choose the desired shape brows, use the rule of the golden section. This formula will help to create perfect brow line just for your type and face shape. Stick in three stages:

  1. Define brows can start by applying pencil to the wing of the nose and the inside of the eye.
  2. to understand where to place the peak of bending, can draw a line from the nose to the wing through the pupil of the eye brows.
  3. By placing a pencil near the nose of the wing and the outer edge of the eye, you will see a place where there should be terminated your future eyebrow.

After studying the basic nuances in the simulation, you can figure out how to pluck eyebrows thread without the help of a specialist at home.

The rules of the correction

How to pluck eyebrows thread correctly

In order to make the correction of eyebrows with his own and get a good result, you should follow a few rules:

  1. In order to avoid redness and irritation should begin to pull out hairs exclusively on steamed or moistened skin.
  2. Prepare all necessary accessories: thread for the plucking, ice, cotton pads, alcohol or any antiseptic, face cream and a bowl of warm water.
  3. It should be clear damp and steamed out skin antiseptic, removing any excess cream with a cotton disc. You can also slightly reduce subsequent pain Ice application to the skin.
  4. The thread is chosen a certain size that it was convenient to operate. Associate at the ends of the thread in the bundle and is twisted in a loop - our main tool is ready.
  5. Let's modeling procedure itself. For this purpose, the upper part of the thread push the problem area, and eight lower portion is adjusted so that the upper catches and removes all excess hairs. If you do not understand how to pluck eyebrows thread, before starting, you need to be trained to fully understand the mechanism of action and movement of the twisted yarn.
  6. After the procedure, soothe inflamed skin with ice or antiseptic.

Fighting painful sensations

How to pluck eyebrows thread correctly

If you wish to reduce the pain during eyebrow correction, use the following methods:

  • In order to limit irritation from carrying out painful procedures to minimize the discomfort and get the desired result, it is not necessary to engage in eyebrow plucking during menstruation. During this period the female body is cleaned and is more susceptible to pain. Also increasing the risk of manifestations of irritations, infections and inflammations.
  • Do not engage in correction if you feel exhausted and tired after a busy working day. In order to achieve a positive result to start the procedure with the best sense of prosperity strength, lightness and objective view of your appearance.
  • Before plucked eyebrows thread, it is recommended to treat the necessary areas to soften fat cream, ice to reduce pain and an antiseptic for preventing irritation and allergies.
  • For best results, before you start you need to steam the skin, so the hair will come out much easier and faster.
  • proceeds to step eyebrows modeling costs only after they combed the special brush. Thus, the problem areas will be clearly visible, and straightened to pull out the hairs will be much easier and less painful.

Tips and cautions

How to pluck eyebrows thread correctly

Use basic tips to help make the procedure more pleasant and less dangerous:

  • Be sure to clean skin before you pull the thread eyebrows. Otherwise you risk the purity of the process, as there is a possibility of manifestation of allergic reactions and skin infections.
  • Upon completion of the procedure refreshes the skin and wipe the treated area with tonic or antiseptic.
  • Do not overdo it in the modeling process, do not try to make out his thick eyebrows thin thread, remember that the price is always golden middle!
  • Choose a high-quality yarn, intended for correction of eyebrows. Do not use regular sewing thread as well as the risk of getting curves, spoiled the mood and wasted time.
  • If you do not know how to pluck eyebrows thread, it is better to play it safe and go to the salon or use a pair of tweezers.
  • Choose a work area with a good and uniform lighting.
  • approach to the correction of creative inspiration and with the anticipation of good results, and most importantly - Be able to stop in time!

Good luck in modeling!