Eyebrows for round face: the shape, photo. Correct eyebrows for round face

Perfect eyebrows should be not only beautiful, but also quite thick, have a moderate length and tightly lying hairs. In addition, it is recommended that they are as well combined with the type of your face. Of course, the very nature creates a unique and individual eyebrow line, but with the help of correction can emphasize their beauty. If you try to give your eyebrows the correct form, then you must first of all pay attention to the oval of her face. Ideal for eyebrows round face should have a broken line, a high rise, and rather short tail.

Eyebrows for round face: the shape, photo. Correct eyebrows for round face

For a person is considered a round?

What eyebrows fit round face? You must first determine which person can be considered as such. It has long been known that it consists of three different parts: upper, middle, and bottom. Outer - a forehead and a lower edge of the eyebrow, the average - a portion between the eyebrow and the tip of the nose line, and the lower end is from nose to chin. If you are the owner of a round face, then the average of it will be much wider than in girls with oval. In addition, as a rule, these women have more pronounced cheekbones and chin soft enough. Sometimes round-faced beauty boast a snub nose.

Eyebrows for round face: the shape, photo. Correct eyebrows for round face

A round face and eyebrows

Of course, every day we were told that beauty - it is a subjective concept, because all the women in their own good. But, unfortunately, the ladies with a round face always feel that their image is too simple and the "village". This form is considered not as graceful and delicate as, for example, oval, and very cheerful. But if a good look closely, you will see around a lot of beauties with round faces, who do not even think that their way of something interferes. So what's their secret? All the matter in the correct adjustment. Of course, they do not correct the person itself, but only some of its parts. And that eyebrows are always in first place. But in order to become a real moon-faced beauty, you need to know exactly what form of eyebrows for round face is best suited.

Eyebrows for round face: the shape, photo. Correct eyebrows for round face

What form give?

Before you make the correction, you should find out what his eyebrows for round faces are considered classics. There are canons, which nevertheless do not forget ever. Eyebrows, firstly, must look neat. Second, the line they ideally clearly delineated, and density and color are harmoniously combined with the hair.

To determine the ideal length of the eyebrows, you should always keep in mind a rather simple rule. Its by heart memorize visagistes: begin eyebrow circular face must be on the line that could be drawn from the nose of the wing (in this case it passes the outer corner of the eye). fracture line conventionally has to pass through the pupil. Knowing this, you can always adjust the eyebrows alone. To make it more convenient, with a pencil put the point where the line will be important.

Eyebrows for round face: the shape, photo. Correct eyebrows for round face


Eyebrows for round faces should be an ascending form. Their tips can be upturned and located just above the temple. Also, you will approach a form of "gull wing", which is considered to be quite popular today. To find the right brow for a round face, it is not necessary to attend a makeup artist. You can view photos of moon-faced beauties of Hollywood and look for inspiration from them. It will not be superfluous and the rounded shape of the eyebrows, especially if you move away a little from the rules and make a point of bending closer to the outer edges of the eye.

Eyebrows for round face: the shape, photo. Correct eyebrows for round face

How to carry out correction of the house?

Even in today's world, the most popular and effective method of correction is plucking eyebrows. It is not only the most affordable, but also allows you to perform all the necessary manipulations in the home. Despite its simplicity, if you want the shape of the eyebrows for a round face is right for you is the best, you must first properly to practice. What you need to remember to make a perfect adjustment of the house? 1. First of all, the room should be enough light. Remember, the better the light, the easier it is to see all the errors in the form, length and density. Eyebrows for round face (photo can be seen in this article) should be created by natural light. If it is artificial, it should be as close to natural.

2. Prepare the necessary tools. To pluck her eyebrows, you will need quite a large mirror, and thou lotion against irritation, which can be purchased in a beauty shop, a set of tweezers, disinfectant solution (preferably an alcohol). First clean the place plucking lotion to prevent possible skin irritation. Tweezers carefully treated with a solution, not to carry infection.

2. Carefully prepare for the procedure object of immediate correction. Before plucking eyebrows, wash them well with soap and water. Then gently comb every hair. This way you can create the perfect curve and do not remove the desired hair.

Eyebrows for round face: the shape, photo. Correct eyebrows for round face

What to do to plucking was not painful? Current advice

1. Before starting the procedure, try several times to spend in the plucking zone a frozen piece of ice. You can advance to make a decoction of different herbs and freeze it. So you not only numb the cover, but also to improve their appearance.

2. You can go the other way: instead cryotherapeutic procedures use a warm compress. It will expand the pores, soften the skin and make it less sensitive.

3. Many makeup artists trying to pulling a little pull a hair under the skin, so the pain will be less.

4. If you do not believe that beauty can save, be sure to buy a special cream that helps to relieve pain during the correction.

The general rules for the establishment of the eyebrows for a round face

Many girls, who for the first time on their own trying to learn what eyebrow round face fit perfectly, make a mistake, when determining his face as round. Stand before a mirror and look closely at the main part of it. If they are the same as those that distinguish the moon-faced ladies can safely proceed to the correction.

Plucking only those hairs that are located on the bottom row, and do not touch the top. To remove hair, you need to firmly grab it with tweezers and pull sharply to the upside.

Take your time. To brow for a round face look carefully, you have to be patient enough.

It often happens that the natural density is not quite enough to create the perfect image. In this case, you can use a special pencil, with which you make the eyebrows thicker visually.