Correction and coloring eyebrows paint at home

In all ages, poets have sung feminine look - sly and simple-minded, full of mystery and seduction. And few people think that the expressiveness of the eyes gives not only the inner world of women, but also, paradoxically, the eyebrows!

Correction and coloring eyebrows paint at home

From the nature of perfect beauty eyebrows given not for everyone. But, as the great Chanel (and only she knew) if the age of thirty she did not beautiful, it's just silly. Armed with modern beauties - the latest achievements of cosmetology. But the girls are always somewhere in a hurry, and they do not have the time (or even desire) to go to the salon to the master. And because more and more damsels doing a home treatments such as coloring and eyebrow correction. All this - the problem is not very difficult, you need only know some important details that will be revealed in this article.


Correction and coloring eyebrows paint at home

It is held a few days prior to staining or a few days after the procedure. Since the skin under the eyebrows correction, of course, is injured, you must provide mikroranki heal so the paint does not cause inflammation.

For Eyebrow necessary things available in the arsenal of every fashionista:

  • tweezers;
  • mirror, which can see the entire shape of the face;
  • a long stick, in order to determine the ideal shape.

To determine the shape of eyebrows

To do this, you need to make a pencil to the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye. The dot over the corner of my eye and have the perfect start to our eyebrows. It is necessary to carry out a line passes through the wing of the nose and the pupil. Where it intersects the eyebrow, and it is bending. Next, attach a pencil to the wing nose and send to the outer corner of the eye. Where the pencil intersects the eyebrow and, - its end.

Correction and coloring eyebrows paint at home

Check the height of the eyebrows symmetrical

Pencil attach horizontally to the upper points of the two eyebrows. At a higher pull out too much. After that, once again using a pencil to check whether the level of the tips of the same. Remove excess hair. Now it is necessary to designate bending eyebrows. It should be very carefully pull out excess hair. It is necessary to continuously compare the eyebrows together in the course of correction.

We must remember that perfectly balanced individuals do not exist in nature, so a slight discrepancy between the levels of eyebrows bends perfectly normal.


It's no secret that the oval face is considered ideal. Therefore, it is the happy owner is not necessary to adjust the shape of the face and you can just draw a beautiful eyebrow arch. She did look open and emphasize the beauty of the ladies.

If we are talking about an oblong face, you need to tweeze eyebrows straight. This will allow it to expand excessively elongated oval visually.

For round type should create a small raised edge. If they are long, they will strengthen the sense of "circle".

For a square type of person you need to mitigate in the form of the eyebrows without sharp breaks. They should be long and highly elevated.

And finally, a triangular type of person, or, as it is romantically called "heart" requires rounded eyebrows. Doug should be lifted in order to emphasize the expressiveness of the face.

Correction and coloring eyebrows paint at home

A few days later you can safely proceed to a procedure such as painting of eyebrows.


The most popular way to rid yourself of some of the hassle of morning - paint eyebrows. Reviews fashionistas this simple delight! Any girl trying out this method will say how such a procedure is necessary: ​​so the eyebrows will be more bright and features - clear and finished. And lo and behold, the next month will not have to adjust them in the morning with a pencil, and in the evening to wash off makeup with enthusiasm!

But as in any fairy tale, is not so smooth. Painting home eyebrow means to perform some rules. The first thing to consider the contraindications to the following procedure:

  • paint eyebrows paint is prohibited in the case of individual intolerance of components included in its composition;
  • presence of inflammatory eye diseases (such as uveitis, keratitis, conjunctivitis);
  • pregnancy and while breastfeeding a child - as a reason to postpone the eyebrow color as the body's reaction to women and such periods are not investigated paints manufacturers.

If the list does not apply to the ladies, it can easily breathe and prepare everything necessary for painting.

Eyebrow dyeing procedure will require:

  1. Cotton sticks (you can use a narrow brush or washed with a brush of mascara).
  2. Special paint for the eyebrows. Possible to use a mixture of henna and Basma (need to know what color the eyebrows for hair dye is unacceptable, except in cases where the manufacturer so permits, ie. A. Most of their composition is not intended for use in the sensitive area around the eyes).
  3. A small container (not iron) and a wand.

A good and harmless way - painting henna eyebrows. Reviews of this method say that Henna - the best natural dye.

Correction and coloring eyebrows paint at home

The first phase of the staining. How not to paint the skin?

You need to remove hair from the face (you can fix them hairpins). Tonic to wipe the eyebrows and the skin around them apply oil or any fat cream. This ensures that the paint that gets on the skin, is absorbed in it.

The second stage staining. Checking reaction

It is necessary to dilute the paint tool, which is available in the kit, in strict accordance with the instructions. To test for sensitivity - apply a little paint on the area behind the ear and leave for 30 minutes. If all goes well, the paint can be used without fear - it does not have allergies!

When the henna and Basma is used, it should act. Mix one teaspoon of henna with same amount basma. Pour the mixture of hot water and stir until a thick creamy mass.

An important secret

Painting of eyebrows with a mixture of henna and Basma can produce different shades. The matter of proportion. When using a 1: 1 will turn a dark brown color. If you add more Basma, you get a shade closer to black. For lighter eyebrows need to add more henna.

If immediately after application it becomes apparent that the color is not entirely yours, it can be easy to adjust. If it is too dark - once again put on henna 40 minutes, if it is too bright - basmu diluted with water and apply it for 40 minutes.

The third step staining. The application of paint

You must wear gloves on your hands and begin to apply paint (or a mixture of henna and Basma) directly on the brow, using a cotton swab. The paint should be distributed on an eyebrow hairs during their growth, that is, from the nose to the temples. It should be possible to apply a thick layer.

Correction and coloring eyebrows paint at home

The fourth stage of coloring. Wait and wash off with

Note the time (after the first coloring eyebrows). Keep in mind that the paint remains on the eyebrows dyeing for 5-15 minutes, and the mixture of henna and Basma - 40 minutes.

After this period you need to remove paint from the eyebrows using a dampened cotton swab.

If ink gets on your skin you need to wipe it with an alcohol solution.

The fifth stage of coloring. Color correction

If the colors are too intense, you must lather thick eyebrows soap and remove it with water.

The result of the proper conduct of a procedure such as painting and eyebrow shaping at home, will be the same as in the cabin. Eyebrows become bright and expressive. This effect lasts 3 to 4 weeks. If we are talking about Basma and henna mix, the result is much more durable - from several months to six months.