Eyebrow correction. Before and after the correction (photo)

If men are mainly satisfied with the way they are created by nature, the majority of women, even having an attractive appearance, painful sigh, looking in the mirror. Fix it, remove here, and here to add - Places to correct nagging feminine look will abound. Sometimes a person goes too addicting to perfection, bringing his image to the total unnaturalness.

Do I need to adjust the eyebrows?

Correction, made skilful hand, and indeed may improve the "original version". Eyebrows - one of those places that are rarely perfect from birth. In this article we will talk about such an important step, as the correction of eyebrows. Before and after the correction of the face will look completely different. As a result, you can soften the facial features and overall appearance. How can I fix the original shape of the eyebrows? And a separate issue - how to mitigate the effects of dyeing with henna, permanent makeup and mikrobleydinga.

Eyebrow correction. Before and after the correction (photo)

is a delicate matter

Whether to be solved on a procedure such as eyebrow shaping? Before & After pictures of girls of the same facial features will make it clear whether the appropriate intervention. Brow in 9 cases out of 10 did require correction, a more or less global. From the seventies and the beginning of two thousandth were fashionable thin edge-strings, resulting in the girl brought almost no vegetation at all superciliary arches. Unfortunately, if often pull out his eyebrows, they grow worse. As a result, when it came to fashion naturalness, with eyebrows at tridtsatilenih ladies and older generation it was literally sparsely.

Yes and naturalness, fashionable nowadays, it is not such a natural - a little one eyebrow in themselves sufficient thickness and the right direction of the line of growth. So, even if you have enough, and hairs in terms of density, you still need to send them in the right direction, lift, round ... Plenty of work.

Eyebrow correction. Before and after the correction (photo)

What is eyebrow shaping

Before and after the correction of the face will look completely different. The result should be obvious, otherwise there is no point in intervention. With eyebrows in terms of changes need to be very careful. Eyes attract attention in the first place, and if eyebrow correction performed poorly or fail, it is possible instead of beauty become a laughingstock.

In vain many people think that the correction of eyebrows - is a tribute to modern times. If we take the history of any ancient civilization, the surviving evidence suggests that women are not only stained brow, but even used the tattoo in order to extend the duration of the color and make-up.

Today eyebrows can be corrected by a conventional makeup longer staining henna or paint, as well as by permanent make-up or a tattoo. The most successful in terms of the duration will be the last among these eyebrow correction. Before and after the correction of one and the same person will look completely different as tattoo can not only make an indelible makeup effect, but also to give eyebrows any form and degree of density.

Eyebrow correction. Before and after the correction (photo)

Correction and coloring eyebrows before and after

The most simple, painless and safe way to change the eyebrows - is to pull out unwanted hair with tweezers and eyebrow dye in the color you want. The effect of the coloring lasts 2-3 weeks, at this time there is no need to tint eyebrows additional decorative cosmetics. The most popular today is the agent for coloring henna. This natural color, not only provides the desired color, but also takes care of the hair, making them thicker. Naturally, the natural density, beautiful curve - that's what gives henna eyebrow correction. Photos before and after dyeing are shown below.

Eyebrow correction. Before and after the correction (photo)

Please note this method before moving on to a more serious intervention. Unsuccessful staining when correctly matched color or unsuccessfully selected density can be corrected immediately by means of special rinse solutions. In addition, this method of correction is good in that you can do yourself, at home. So, this way - the most inexpensive, painless and easily corrected eyebrow correction. Before and after the correction of eyebrows will be different, but in the case of failure, you can quickly return to its original state.

Permanent makeup

If you are too lazy to paint every day, or else you've been dreaming of a clear-cut and tuned by hand lines wizard, you should consider permanent makeup as a way eyebrow correction. In essence it's the same tattoo, but the paint is introduced shallowly at 0, 8-1, 5 mm.

What's wrong with this method? If the tattoo is done poorly, then you get rid of it can only be by means of laser removal, but it is a long, expensive and painful process.

Eyebrow correction. Before and after the correction (photo)

Secondly, if the paint is badly chosen, or the pigment is of poor quality, then over time the color may change. Surely you've seen girls with green or blue eyebrows.

Third, you can seriously damage health, if the resulting savings to turn to "garage" specialist who does not change the consumables from client to client.

But the benefits of a successful tattoo enough to decide on such a step. Your eyebrows will have a perfect view no matter the time of day, there is no longer need to tint them, and in addition, the competent Master can change for the better perception of those around your face, adjust the shape of eyebrows.

After the tattoo

Do I need a correction of eyebrows after permanent makeup? Certainly. Since the needle and color pigment does not penetrate deeply, then after 2-3 years the paint as a result of exposure to sunlight is more bleak. In addition, if after the first application of the tattoo you are unhappy with the result, it can not do without correction. Most artists do permanent make correction only after the laser removal of the coloring pigment, or select a new form of eyebrows just will not succeed.

Eyebrow correction. Before and after the correction (photo)

Mikrobleyding Eyebrow

Mikrobleyding became fashionable procedure a few years ago. This method of correcting the shape and thickness of the eyebrows came to us from Asia. Whether this method is good? Initially, after the wizard, eyebrows will look very nice - thick, beautiful, most natural. However, this is the only advantage of the masses mikrobleydinga shortcomings. Since this adjustment was borrowed from Asian women, we need to take into account that a tattoo we do not quite fit. Inherently mikrobleyding - is the application of tiny scratches or cuts the skin in order to create the effect of the painted hair. Asian women skin is thicker than that of Europe, and a tattoo of them are really suitable.

The second point, which makes the procedure controversial mikrobleyding is the technique itself. Imagine that you draw eyebrows on paper. To draw it, you will draw lots and lots of hair or a shadow? The illusion of thickness and shape of the given name shading, which is achieved by tattooing.

When using the equipment at the site mikrobleydinga eyebrow laceration created. That is why the web does not have a photo healed works. Those photos, what you see - a fresh illustration of the newly made tattoo.

Eyebrow correction. Before and after the correction (photo)

Eyebrow after mikrobleydinga

About correction of a special subject. Of course, it will be necessary - when the pigment becomes colorless after a couple of years, or if the form cease to please his eyebrows.

How does the eyebrow correction after mikrobleydinga? Very problematic, if it happens at all. Since mikrobleyding appeared recently, the corrected many of those who passed the procedure has not yet been encountered.

What is the difficulty? The fact that close the tattoo scar - not an easy task even for an experienced master. And what if the scar - it healed laceration? It will be such an eyebrow after mikrobleydinga. Most artists do not just take up eyebrow correction after mikrobleydinga as work to be complex, the result will be unpredictable.