The hottest T-shirts: photo ideas

T-shirts - very versatile clothing that can be worn all year round, but in the summer they are particularly popular. The possibility to use them as the basis of the wardrobe, very large as modern fashionable T-shirts can be made in many different styles. They successfully can be taken as a basis for the festive image or choose a model that does not contradict even the strictest dress code, especially if you wear a T-shirt under a long jacket. Also, a t-shirt can be worn with a variety of skirts, jeans and shorts.

The hottest T-shirts: photo ideas

This season, the following trends in fashionable women's T-shirts.

Stylish T-shirt with large print

To create an interesting and bright image is enough to have in her wardrobe a bright T-shirt with large print and original, located at the center of the cloth. Such a thing can be combined with a long translucent skirt of guipure, pleated fabric or classic pencil skirt as well as jeans, combined with strict jacket.

Trendy T-shirts with fringe

Fringe has always been stylish clothing decoration. The use of this decoration to decorate knitted T-shirts, shirts, tunics and dresses even light a bold and unexpected decision of the winning designers. Clothing fringed looks organically in many of today's youth style, no less relevant it is and to create a bow in retro style or when you want to surround yourself with the romance of the Wild West.

Youth T-shirts

The inscription in the center of the shirt on his chest very well read and shows the position of the clothes owner of any matter, his sense of humor, and even interests. Manufacturers attract young people a variety of original things that meet the personal feelings and experiences of customers, reflects their inner world. However, sometimes the inscriptions on T-shirts contain quite provocative and controversial statements, so before you buy something with a print, and even more so wear it in public, it is necessary to get acquainted with the value of her jewelry carefully.

T-shirts with ruffles and Basque

Flounces give the image of softness, femininity and romance, and a Basque waistline makes visually thinner, forming it. Below is a photo of fashionable women's T-shirts with ruffles.

The hottest T-shirts: photo ideas


T-shirts and shirts with stripes

Striped fashion t-shirts are very versatile and suitable for almost any clothing, despite the fact that they do not look quite cheerfully. Currently, designers offer a combination of strips with different decor, bright prints and appliqués. Classic is also very popular.

Short crop tops

For girls who can boast of perfect slim figure and chiselled shapes are ideal crop tops that expose the stomach. Very good they look with skinny jeans.

T-shirts with musical groups

Distinctive accessory subcultures, and the classical one of youth style are t-shirts with various bands. Currently, these t-shirts are considered part of everyday style, the way they are able to add "spice".

T-shirts with lace

Cotton T-shirt with no additional finishing itself looks quite simple, but if you add lace on individual items of clothing (sleeves or hem), it will become quite a luxury thing. Now let designers T-lace trim part wherein lace graceful may be disposed only on an edge or represent a significant portion of the article (back rest, a side wall), and also be fully laced.

T-shirt with the brand logo of

Not so long ago toe clothes with inscriptions world-famous fashion brands was considered a sign of bad taste. But everything has changed, and at the moment things are considered trendy and logos adorn not only T-shirts and shirts, but also hoodies, track suits, hoodies, svitshoty dresses.

T-shirts oversayz

Very loved by all the girls are still T-shirt several sizes too big their core. Basic Shirt oversayz able to perfectly fit into any image and style as it is combined with different clothes: shorts and jeans, with short and long skirts, cardigans and knitwear.

The hottest T-shirts: photo ideas

T-shirts with sequins

Additional elements prints, embroidery or applications are now becoming sequins, glitter and crystals. Though this style looks a little immodest, but it is very popular among many girls, especially in adolescents and children.

Knitted T-shirts

For the early fall and late spring are perfect for t-shirt from a dense jersey. They will go well with long skirts in denim, as well as complement the various models of trousers and classic shorts.

T-shirts with animal prints

Besides leopard prints this season has become a very popular application on the T-shirt three-dimensional images of different predators, dogs, cats, monkeys, elephants and other animals. Such decoration looks very impressive and unusual.

The hottest T-shirts: photo ideas

Sports T-shirts

Personification of sports style, as a rule, are t-shirts and shirts because of their comfort and practicality. In recent years become very fashionable T-shirts with the logos of sports teams and contrasting stripes.

The most fashionable T-shirt: color solutions

This summer season is very relevant variety of bright, acid colors and neon clothing. But they have not lost their former popularity of pastel colors and classic t-shirt. Favorable decision in the selection of summer shirts 2017 are models with a bright print. The trend this season animalistic, vegetable and geometric ornaments. In addition, the most beautiful they will look in a pattern, the backup image in a kaleidoscope and other optical effects. Solid-color shirts without bright prints are considered the foundation of the summer wardrobe in this season. Very relevant T-shirts in white and gray, as they are combined with absolutely all things. But if you want to add a little color, it is necessary to look at the T-shirts are not very bright colors with understated prints. These models also combine well with all things, in addition, they look much more interesting tanned body.

What combination Women's T

Picking up his T-shirt, it is necessary to imagine what it will be wearing. For this purpose we advance to see photos of trendy T-shirts in 2017 and find out what to wear. blend T-shirt with light skirts or skinny jeans suitable for everyday image. In addition, fine them will look and Bermuda shorts. Currently very relevant such models of T-shirts that hide figure flaws and highlight its potential worth. T-shirts must be suitable for outdoor activities and do not constrain movements.

Under bright tight T-shirt or T-shirt can pick up a beautiful pleated skirt (this summer they are at the peak of popularity). The designers stress that daily image should always be eye-catching and striking, since it affects not only the appearance, but also the mood.

The hottest T-shirts: photo ideas


More than one consecutive season favorites are men's fashion polo-shirts, which differ little turn-down collar. They are very comfortable to wear and versatile, as they can be combined both with sportswear, and with classic jackets and blazers. Polo Shirt looks very simple and elegant, so it is in demand among men.

No less is considered fashionable model with a hood, which is freely located on the back. This t-shirt is a particularly stylish combined with any jumper. Also, in every man's wardrobe should be a sports shirt. When pumped up body should give preference to fitting models that will highlight the relief muscles in the back and chest. If a man does not go to the gym, then it will look harmonious free model. The larger size shirts helps to give the thin man missing volumes.


It is advisable to choose a T-shirt made of cotton, since they are practical and comfortable, this fabric is hygienic and is hygroscopic. Cotton things pleasing to the body and the air is passed well. In addition, they are perfectly all kinds of prints are printed. When purchasing such products should pay attention to the quality of the fabric, since the bad stuff can quickly stretch.

Also relevant high-quality materials for sewing shirts deemed viscose and linen. Linen things look reliable and trustworthy, and products made of viscose tactile. Addition of viscose fabric gives it elasticity, which can be used to emphasize the body relief.

The hottest T-shirts: photo ideas

Coloring men's T-shirts

The black color is the main, because he looks quite elegant and stylish. Black t-shirts can also be selected with the drawings, it will look fashionable and harmonious.

This season more than ever relevant different prints on men's shirts. They can be black-and-white and bright, in the form of a comic or funny drawings. Very popular in 2017 became figures with geographical maps, individual letters, inscriptions, ornaments different stylizations savage tribes. Such images may be located on the back and on the front portion of the article.

In addition, men's shirts relevant today dark color with metallic decoration or printed pattern of silver or gold ink.

The hottest T-shirts: photo ideas

Fashion Styles

Very topical at the moment is military style. Shirts beige, olive and khaki are especially popular. Such products may be harmonious look like with jeans on vacation, or in combination with work clothes at the office.

On a date very romantic shirt will look retro. It implies the image of actresses 50-60 years, well-known logos of the 20th century, prints with vintage cars.

Interesting and boldly looks boho style, which involves the use of a variety of parts for finishing garments - laces and fringe, as well as suede and leather inserts. The choice of this t-shirt is especially important to visit a rock concert.