Spring image. 15 fashion trends

The spring sun in this year is not very warm spoils. But, in spite of the cold, designers continue their work. And now, ready to spring latest fashion images. Presenting your attention the their main direction.


Spring models have a fairly succinct stylistic direction. Classic - at the height of spring. Tired of gravity and bulky winter attire most women try to dress in the spring coat. Silhouettes often feminine, but the colors are sometimes able to anticipate the expectations. Bright blue-black cells compete with the dark turquoise and rich burgundy.

Of course, the black coat is always fashionable. However, this season it needs a little "diluted" finish a contrasting color palette. A win-win combination - black coat, which has red cuffs and lining. Designers are not left unattended and romantic lovers coat. For them, created a model in a very delicate and light caramel shades.

All in pink

This is how you can describe the return direction in the color scheme. The pink color of stylish image will have a bias towards the "flashy" fuchsia. This spring image for girls was one of the preferred. Girls love pink palette represented in the rich manifestations. Powdery pink for its popularity is not inferior place fuchsia. More suitable for gentle and humble lady.


Spring image. 15 fashion trends

Raincoats this season are quite interesting. In addition to classic cut, becomes unusually popular models: cape inside out, capes, cloaks with plastic transparent inserts. their colors are not limited to - there is a place of fantasy. However, at the very peak of fashion went red cloak. Stylish Spring image based on a scarlet cloak - a way to not go unnoticed. Materials for this item of clothing may also surprise with their uniqueness.


Article of clothing, which you can pick up to any figure - a skirt. Long and short, loose and not very ... Skirts not much happens. In the fashion now retromodeli, knee-length and below, and mini and more strict, restrained pencil skirts. For the romantic natures - skirts with lots of ruffles, skirt with a print around the hem or a band.

Spring image. 15 fashion trends



Ruffles, flounces and fringes often adorn dresses, skirts, and even elements of outerwear. Long patches of fringing make the image slightly liberated and rebellious. The girl in this dress will not be deprived of the attention of others.

Season leopards

Print, reminiscent of leopard spots, zebra stripes or spots of the cheetah - and more confident steps on the podium. So sure he did not feel with most of the eighties of the last century. Now it is not considered vulgar, but wear it, can still only a very brave woman, having excellent shape and understand how they fit the image of the spring.


Boiled denim keeps up with leopard print and also wins the podium. I wonder - who will be more "tenacious"? Bright "Varenkov" is now available not only pants and jackets. Sundresses, skirts and dresses also become a favorite in the spring image of this season. Not surprisingly, "jeans", is very practical and versatile. Edge of models still remain untreated denim and slightly disheveled.

The green neon

Fashion designers offer to dress up the girls in green. This color is associated with leaves and grass. However, its shades can be not only the color of malachite or young leaves. Designers stepped much further and proposed a neon-green spring images. Photos of this model you can see below in this article. Color, of course, interesting and cheerful, but the outfits in such a scheme should be chosen very carefully.

Spring image. 15 fashion trends

rich color Gray

If the previous version is not quite right for you, then we suggest to pay attention to the slate-gray model clothes. Gray looks very presentable. Gray today can be anything: dresses, jackets, skirts and outerwear.


Spring image. 15 fashion trends

The blue bows look noble and never cease to fascinate designers and fashionistas themselves. Spring image in shades of blue is no less bold than the red coat and leopard print. It is no less visible than red cloak, but it's still a fairly calm color.

Modest lavender

It is the color that is both fashionable and modest. Very feminine shade of purple wonderfully suited for romantic dreamer. Lavender spring image will make you desirable and feminine.

Feathers in outfits

Decorated with feathers for evening dresses look elegant, gentle and even - fantastically. A lover of the decor should not forget that the feathers are appropriate only in evening out. Day of "feathered" outfit will look too shocking.

Flowers in spring image

The woman and the spring can not be imagined without flowers. Floral print on every outfit looks bright, juicy, and most importantly - true. Therefore, we continue to enjoy the bouquets in all their best.


Spring image. 15 fashion trends

This piece of clothing is one of the most versatile. Print on t-shirt for the spring image of this season can be floral or have a pattern in place of pop art. Sequins are with us this spring and solemnly with glitter come in the summer. Shirt can be combined in a single bow with a skirt, shorts jeans and any length.

Blazers, jackets

Jackets became longer and acquired certain formlessness. But it became more versatile and comfortable to wear. For women who prefer to jackets, emphasizing their shape, nothing has changed: they continue to be fashionable and wear such models. Now at the top of the expanded jacket sleeves appeared stand-up collar.

This concludes our blitsobzor new fashion preferences.