What is M-size?

Every day, the fashion industry is developing more and more rapidly. In contrast to the world-known brands and manufacturers to enter the market and other firms from around the world.

To properly understand the size designation systems and be able to choose exactly the thing that is right for you, it is first necessary to study carefully the information given on the label clothes. Unfortunately, the data given there, do not always provide complete information and sometimes even confusing, especially with regard to size.

Therefore we offer to find out what the letters indicate the sizes that are most often used by factories, and to determine what represents M-size?

What is M-size?

It should be noted that a single standard sized clothing grids do not exist, but there are generally accepted. Each brand can have its value, it is indicated for their products. Therefore, for non-compliance with the actual dimensions or at a remote purchase, when there is no opportunity to personally try the selected item, for example, when you order through online stores, be sure to contact us and ask for a table corresponding to the digital size of the firm.


M-size is so named not by chance: it is an abbreviation of the first letters of the English word commonly accepted "Medium", which means "middle".

Among the total size of the table, this parameter has the means and, depending on the country of origin, type of clothing, and of male or female it corresponds to the following values: 1. T-shirts:

  • Russia - 46
  • Germany - 38-40.
  • , France - 40-42.
  • Italy - 44-46.
  • United Kingdom - 10-12.
  • US - M

2. Shirts:

  • Russia - 48
  • Germany - 48-52.
  • France, Italy - 48-52.
  • United Kingdom - 39-41.
  • US - M

3. Shirts.

Size is determined by the shirt collar circumference. To do this, an elastic band to embrace the neck and add a few centimeters to the allowance.

M-size corresponds to the size of 48 mu shirt and collar number is 39-40.

Care should be taken when determining the knitwear and outerwear size, particularly men's and women's shirts, as most of it is for them, depending on the country of origin, size can be specified not only in centimeters, but in inches. To translate the digital definition in centimeters necessary size in inches multiplied by 2, 5.

What is M-size?

The sizes M, L, XL: transcript of

Sizes M, L and XL have the following designation:

  • M - medium, medium.
  • L - large, large.
  • XL - extra large, extra large.

For menswear data sizes respectively represent 48, 50, 52, and for the female - on the smaller sizes (46, 48, 50).

How to determine your size?

In order to pick up the clothes suitable for you, you first need to know your size. For its correct definition require pre-measure the circumference (girth), chest, waist and hips.

What is M-size?

Take a soft tape measure and firmly attach it to the body, a circle is drawn on the back of the blades at the side through the armpits and front through the outermost points. So you get the value of chest circumference.

To learn waist circumference, perform measuring tape on the natural waist line, relegating it below mid-thigh. So you learn and the length of their thighs.

M-size corresponds to the following values:

  • chest girth - 87-92 centimeters;
  • waist circumference - 67-72 centimeters;
  • hip ratio - 93-98 centimeters.


In this article you got the answer to the main question: M - what size? Now, knowing all the transcripts and the rules for determining the size, you can easily and, most importantly, will be able to choose the right clothing, not only themselves, but also their loved ones (even without their presence) and will always look attractive and irresistible!

Be careful when choosing clothes and always check with the seller certificate of quality and the appropriate size of goods sold, especially when things are not fitting.