Suitable for size L?

When buying shirts in a store is always a question of the size. It is very difficult to guess, without knowing exactly its size. And if everything is much easier to store, because you can try on the item, then shopping on the Internet is much more difficult. Although it is quite convenient (do not need to spend time on shopping trips), but many refuse such an opportunity, for fear of making a mistake. But all is not as difficult as it seems, you just need to understand the size designation.

Suitable for size L?

Look at the label

Each T-shirt with the inner side has a label, which shows the material manufacturer and size. Therefore, the easiest way - is to look at the size of T-shirts already available in the wardrobe. But it is still important to know a little bit the size designation. Often, on t-shirts, you can see international dimensions, presented in the form of Latin letters. For example, the size L (large), which means "large." Already on this we can conclude that the size - not the smallest.

Women's Sizes

Size L - this is some of the domestic standards? In fact, every size, represented by the letter, has a relevant domestic. Size L corresponds to such parameters: chest girth - 96-98 cm waist - 77-79 cm, hips - 104-106 cm (48th resolution). Therefore it is necessary to take off measurements using a tape measure. Do it best in his underwear or summer clothes, and then determine whether the T-shirt size suit of L, knowing your options. The measurements are more accurate, it is better to ask someone to help you take your measurements. Here it is necessary to measure it: 1. Bust - is removed by the very place of the speaker.

2. Waist - take off around the waist, but do not tighten the tape.

3. The circumference of the hips - is measured by the most convex places buttocks.

4. Sleeve length - measured from the shoulder to the wrist.

Suitable for size L?

If the settings correspond to those given above, then the size of L will be just right. But if all the same, this method will not work, then you can take advantage of special tables size-fits-placed in specialized magazines and the sites of online shops. With their help, you can easy to find the right size.

Men's sizes

Naturally, men's sizes are a little different from women's. But among them is the size L. "It's what?" - BUYERS REQUESTS the stronger sex. It corresponds to the 50th domestic size. This means that a man must have growth 173-179 cm and chest circumference 102 cm. Therefore, we must likewise take your measurements in order to determine whether you fit the size L. If it still does not fit, then we can again via tables of correspondence to find the appropriate size for yourself.

Children's clothing

Suitable for size L?

When buying baby clothes, you can also run into similar difficulties. Children's sizes are totally different from adults. If, for example, in men's sizes there is an indicator such as height, the children are divided by age. Naturally, it is also important to know the parameters of the child (waist, chest and sleeve length). What is the size corresponds to the size of T-shirts L? First of all, he averaged designed for children from 10 to 12 years. In this case, the chest girth should be 79 cm, waist - 63 cm, and sleeve length -. 79 cm If the child has such parameters, L size exactly fit. Using this information, you can easily pick out or close fitting t-shirts and other clothing.