Size 6 - is what size: any size corresponds to the Russian American

Shopping on the Internet becomes more and more popular with each passing year. The number of users who have discovered the possibility of online shopping increases every year. Compared with purchasing in-store, purchase of goods over the Internet has a number of indisputable advantages.

Internet shopping - it is convenient and advantageous to

Buyers, primarily attracted by prices that are significantly lower than in retail stores. To save not only money but also time. You do not have to get dozens of shops to find the right thing. Just type in a search engine browser request, and at your disposal hundreds of online shops. On the store's website also provides a convenient form of finding the right product for a variety of parameters: color, size, manufacturer.

Vast range of goods, each species is represented in different colors and sizes. This compares favorably with Internet commerce from conventional stores, which often lack the right color or the right size. After all, they buy products, designed for the mass market, are most in demand.

At first glance, the web had a "pig in a poke." But it is enough to get acquainted with customer testimonials on the product selected to have an accurate idea of ​​its quality, advantages and disadvantages of.

Size 6 - is what size: any size corresponds to the Russian American

How to determine your size

Despite the many benefits of buying goods on the internet has its disadvantages. The most significant of them - it is difficult to determine the size of clothes. It is for this reason that many customers are hesitant to order a thing, for fear that it will not work, and the money will be thrown to the winds. How often, reading the product description, you are at a loss to ask themselves the question: "Size 6 - is what size?"

The first thing to do - find out your options and decide what size they correspond. If you use the services of the studio on tailoring and fitting clothes, you can take the help of a professional. Record measurements that charge you for the cutter, and keep them handy.

You can take your measurements to ask someone from the family or do it yourself. To measure the performance take a natural posture, not to get involved and do not strain your stomach, do not straighten your back. You need to take measurements in a thin linen.

You will need all three indicators:

  • chest girth - measured at the level of the armpits, holding the tape measure through the outermost points;
  • waist - metering performed slightly above the navel;
  • hip girth - centimeter should lie flat and go through the most prominent point of the buttocks.

To purchase a shirt, measure the circumference of the neck.

Tape measure at the time of removal of measures should not hang loosely or cut into the body. From time to time, repeat the measurement, as we do not always notice that gaining weight or losing weight.

In order to find out the size of 6 - it is a Russian dimension, you must know its parameters. They are different for male and female clothes.

Size 6 - is what size: any size corresponds to the Russian American

Women's Clothing

Different countries use their own standards of dress. apply alphanumeric codes to designate clothing sizes. Inexperienced buyer is easy to get confused and hard to figure out: Size 6 - What is the size?

But all is not so difficult if you know the marking of his clothes. You can look in the closet and read the symbols on the labels. Look at how the international, European or other markings they meet, compare your measurements taken from their performance in centimeters.

American size 6 - is what size women's clothing? Its parameters correspond to the girth:

  • chest - 88-90 cm;
  • at waist level - 70-74 cm;
  • thigh - 96-99 cm
  • .

Size 6 - is what size: any size corresponds to the Russian American

American size 6 women's clothing match:

  • International - M;
  • Russian (Ukrainian) - 42/44;
  • Europe - 38;
  • French - 02;
  • Italian - 42.

Men's Clothing

American size 6 - is what size of men's clothing? Its parameters correspond to the girth:

  • breast - 100-102 cm;
  • at waist level - 84-86 cm;
  • hips -98-100 cm;
  • neck (shirt collar) - 41-42 cm
  • .

Size 6 - is what size: any size corresponds to the Russian American

American size 6 clothing for men match:

  • International - L;
  • Russian (Ukrainian) - 48;
  • Europe - 40;
  • French - 42/44;
  • Italian - 46.

Internet buyer Tips

If you remove the indicator is the average between the two values, choose a high resolution. If you have a non-standard shape, then:

  • in the selection of blouses, dresses, coats, jackets guided by the rate of chest circumference;
  • when buying pants and skirts - on the waist and hips.

In order not to disappoint you shopping on the Internet, use the services of proven reputable sites. Do not make purchases at stores that do not guarantee the return of money for the wrong thing. A good indicator is the presence of customer reviews under the description of the goods.

Size 6 - is what size: any size corresponds to the Russian American

make purchases without leaving your home, at any time convenient for you, even at night or early in the morning. In this case, no one will take your time and to impose the purchase of unnecessary things. If you have no time, online purchase you just need! After all, the choice of the right things and take her order on the strength of 15-20 minutes.