The eternal question: how to determine the size of the bust?

It is said that good underwear for women - as the nuclear stock of the country: it is not known where will drop negotiations with the enemy, but to him, arms, somehow quieter or something. Let it not be seen, high-quality bra is not only visually correct the shortcomings, but also to emphasize the natural dignity of the female breast, but also keep it healthy and elastic. Unfortunately, many current models are cut without regard to the anatomical features of the female body, so sewn bones begin immediately press and straps - crashing into the shoulders. A feeling of comfort and tranquility can only provide high-quality underwear.

The eternal question: how to determine the size of the bust?

Determine the size of the breast

Choose the right model is not easy. To do this, you must first solve the perennial problem - how to determine the size of the bust? The girls lost in this matter. For most sizes grading consists of three variables - "flat" first size "dream man" - the fourth, and something in between. In fact, the size of a lot more. How to determine the size of the bust right? Confusion in the size of many confusing. It is related to the fact that there are several ways on how to determine the size of the breast. Determination of the amount is based on two numbers - the completeness of the cup and the girth of the chest. Wondering how to find your breast size, you must first perform a simple measurement. The first measurement - under the breast girth. The best thing to do measurement with a tape. In this case, the tape should fit snugly. If turned, e.g., 79 centimeters, the indicator may be rounded up to 80 centimeters, because the error in determining the volume under the breast is about 5 centimeters. The second dimension - the volume of the breast protruding points. Owners of large bust may be faced with the problem of how to determine the size of the bust as large breasts can sag. Because of this performance will be too low and, therefore, have a chance to make a mistake in the amount of. In this case, it may be advisable busty ladies to wear tight-fitting top that will support the breasts. Next, we determine the difference between two values, i.e. subtracted from the second first value. And look at the result.

The eternal question: how to determine the size of the bust?

Matching measuring dimensions and marking

zero: 0-11 cm - AA

First: 12-13 cm - A

second: 14-15 cm -

third: 16-17 cm - C

fourth: 18-19 cm - D

Five: 20-21 cm - DD

Six: 23-25 ​​cm - E

sixth: + 26-28 cm - F

The eternal question: how to determine the size of the bust?

When buying Italian or French lingerie, it is important to know how to determine the size of the breast on the European scale, which is common in these countries. In this case, the value of the underbust girth size must be subtracted from the breast girth of upper (or protruding) points. The resulting difference should be divided by 2. The result is a breast size by European standards.

What men?

Oddly enough, the question of how to determine the size of the bust and often tormented men. You can answer that woman's breasts should be placed in the palm of her men. Without a doubt, the answer is the right to life. But what if a man wants to give his girlfriend a beautiful set of clothes? Alas, about the effect of surprise will have to forget. Giving the clothes, which is not suitable woman, you risk offending her, if the laundry would be great. Therefore, it is best to muster the audacity to measure the parameters of the girl with her permission.