Narrowed jeans for men: how to choose your ideal model

A few years ago, any man would have laughed at the fact that he offered to wear tight jeans that emphasize the shape. But now, many representatives of the strong half of humanity prefer such models of jeans because of the convenience and attractive appearance.

Narrowed jeans for men: how to choose your ideal model

Stylists say that the exemplary embodiment trendy trousers of this form should every self-respecting man. But what exactly are these narrowed jeans, as they choose and what to wear?

Historical perspective

The first jeans narrowed appeared in the 20 th year of the last century. Now this piece of clothing is very popular.

Narrowed jeans can often be seen on the male models participating in the fashion show. Design embodiments presented collection of standard shades with low-slung and waist.

defines the size of

Every man is firmly convinced that with the accuracy can determine your clothing size, but in practice it often does not work.

Any jeans are marked, which is denoted by two letters, L and W. Waist denoted the second letter, and the sleeve length - the first.

Narrowed jeans for men: how to choose your ideal model

The measurements of these two quantities are needed to determine the best model for you. In this case, the length must be measured from the groin to the floor, as measured by waist circumference at the navel. To select the ideal size model you need to subtract the volume of one-inch waist. Narrowed jeans get the size will fit snugly to the body, tight stomach, making a visually slimmer figure. In addition, the choice of this part of the wardrobe you need to consider its composition: spandex stretch and cotton fabric sits after washing.

Selection Rules

It is important to know that the jeans narrowed more suited slender people who have no excess weight. When lean physique it is not necessary to focus on too narrow models: the appearance is absurd. If there is a little overweight and have problems with the figure, a good option would be narrowed black jeans made of thick fabric. Classical length trousers - slightly covered heel, but it is not suitable for narrowed models. The ideal embodiment will jeans, reaching the top of the foot.

Narrowed jeans for men: how to choose your ideal model

Do not buy pants too long trousers. Now in vogue tapering jeans with a low-slung, but this model is not suitable for every man. If the legs are shorter than the body, it is best to choose the option with the average, rather than low-slung. This model is like for people with minor figure flaws.

Black jeans narrowed in this case are everything. Yet, if a man have any figure flaws, this style should be chosen with care. It is better to start to buy cheap pants to understand, they are for you or not. And then you can decide on a more expensive purchase.

In today's men's fashion jeans narrowed occupy the leading position, which is not surprising. After all, this thing perfectly emphasizes the dignity of all shapes and allows you to look original, can not be said about the classic version jeans. In addition, this item of men's clothing is suitable for any style: an office, an evening or a weekend. It is better to give preference to jeans made of high quality material, with low-slung and classic shades. And then the perfection of the image will not succumb to the criticism of others!

With what to combine?

Jeans narrowed look good with a big T-shirt, sneakers or running shoes. But this applies only to models with this form of the hips as jodhpurs. In cold weather, you can wear it over a shirt jacket. This is perfect sports image.

Narrowed jeans for men: how to choose your ideal model

Also, narrowed jeans are perfectly combined with a classic, and this jacket and shirt. Shoes should match the appearance. Excellent option will be moccasins and shoes.

A new model of old jeans

If your financial situation does not allow to buy new jeans narrowed, it is possible to produce them on their own. Of course, a tailor and a seamstress from studio to quickly deal with the problem, but it can do it to everyone. Enough to have the sewing machine and thread suitable color.

First, you need to try on jeans. Then, it should be noted for the line of stitching along the inner edge of the leg. To mark fit pins. Next jeans removed and sutured along the marked lines. In conclusion, it is necessary to cut an extra piece of leg inside. The finished product is tried.

Narrowed jeans can be decorated with a stripe or applique, which are sold in tissue sections or in any shop of materials for handicrafts. When you create a narrow model of old jeans is important to remember that when suturing should be left margin of 1 cm. Otherwise, regular washing to "put" this thing to the size at which you can not even wear it.

Now that you know all about men's jeans narrowed. Now this piece of clothing is available in the wardrobe of every woman not only, but also virtually every man, and especially young people.