Brand LTB: shops in Moscow

It's no secret that the chain stores and mega LTB are in high demand among the residents of Moscow and the region. What is special about the store offers customers and where in the city can be a good and profitable at the same time to dress thanks to this brand?

Brand LTB: shops in Moscow

What is the LTB?

Perhaps many people think that it is an independent brand. However, the history of the LTB bit different. In 1994, the European holding Cak Group, qualifies for the manufacture of clothing, decided to allocate a separate line of youth and original things in casual style. The main part of things was made of denim, both the spindle and versatile material. In addition to denim products could pick up and other clothing (skirts, trousers, svitshoty, blouses), which was convenient and appropriate in everyday life.

After a time, this line has won the trust of customers, and has significantly expanded the area of ​​production and marketing. Due to the increase in sales trading brand point began to appear in various countries and cities. In Moscow alone, more than a dozen stores LTB.

The brand offers collections for men, women and children. The main age group range is designed for people from 18 to 35 years, that is youth.

LTB Jeans rightfully occupy first place in demand in stores in Moscow and beyond. This is due to high quality materials and fittings, which are used for sewing things. Perhaps that is why in most cases, such a brand is associated only with jeans.

Brand LTB: shops in Moscow

Locations in Moscow stores the LTB

The capital of Russia - a major city, and therefore the shops here can be found in different areas, indicating that the company's loyalty to its customers. LTB network of stores in Moscow is represented at the following addresses:

  1. Str. Right Bank, d. 1B.
  2. Str. Vavilova,. 3.
  3. Str. Ordzhonikidze, d. 11, building 1.
  4. Manezhnaya Square, d. 1, Building 2
  5. Leningrad highway, p.1.
  6. Novoryazanskoye Shosse. 8, the structure of 55/56.
  7. Dmitrov Shosse. 163A, Enclosure1.
  8. Enthusiasts Highway, d. 15/16.
  9. Dmitrov Shosse. 89.
  10. Ring Road, 24 km, d. 1.
  11. Ring Road, 41 km, d. 18, building 1.
  12. Ring Road, 14 km, d. 1A / Pokrovsky 1.
  13. Prospect Mira, d. 211.
  14. Leningrad Highway, d. 16A, building 4.
  15. Sheremetyevo street, d. 20.
  16. Sebastopol Ave.,. 11E.
  17. Khamovniki Val, d. 34 A.
  18. Suschevsky Val, d. 5/1. Brand LTB: shops in Moscow

Promotions store

Very often branded stores LTB hold shares and sales. For example, a price reduction on an old collection or the discount on your next purchase, under certain conditions: purchase of 2 units at full price, and the third unit of the goods - a discount of 50% or 70% on the purchase of a second unit of the commodity. You need to watch out for announcements on the Web at the official website and then purchases will be more enjoyable.

In addition, it provides a discount for regular customers. Get a discount card you can, by making a purchase for 5000 rubles. There is another convenient service - the purchase of goods by installments.

For those who do not like to go shopping, a great alternative - an online store LTB. In Moscow and in other cities and countries, you can choose a model to know the price and check availability at your local store or order home delivery. In this case, delivery to Russia free of charge.

Brand LTB: shops in Moscow

Customer Reviews

At each customer their demands and expectations of any product. If we follow the statistics reviews of LTB jeans stores in Moscow (at the addresses separately and as a whole), it is possible to conclude that the company held the global work on the improvement of quality of service, arrangement of dots across the trading network.

Since the reviews for 2012-2014 year were filled with negativity concerning boorish behavior of employees and untidiness stores. The picture is very different today. Almost all the reviews are positive. This applies not only to the quality of products, their assortment and fashion line, but also the purity of shops, a friendly attitude and behavior of employees.

Brand LTB: shops in Moscow

In particular, customers have noted that there is a discount system, special branded bags in LTB store chain in Moscow, and sellers to help choose the appropriate model, which sits on a figure, and size. Everyone who has ever acquired a thing of this brand, confirmed that the quality at the highest level, while the price remains affordable.

If you want to buy quality jeans, the LTB addresses of shops in Moscow can be found above in the article. This will help you choose the one that is closest. That's all, you can go for shopping.